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5 Signs You’re Ready To Date Again


woman on mountain peak

You’ve finally emerged. Like a phoenix from the ashes (or a sloth from the duvet). You’ve crawled out from a haze of Netflix-binging and takeaway food and you’re ready to get back into the world like a normal person.

But you ask yourself: “Am I ready to date again? Or should I stay away from new men right now?”

When dating after a breakup, it’s tough to know whether you’re actually over someone, or if you’re just trying to cover up your feelings by jumping into bed with someone new.

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The Signs: Is He A Player Or A Keeper

man looking at phone

He looks down at his phone and walk into the kitchen. Is he texting someone else?, she asks herself.

Now she’s suspicious.

They’ve only been dating a few weeks, but now she wonders: is he a player?

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Does Money Matter In Relationships?

couple working at table

Money and relationships.

Unfortunately, one tends to affect the other: a relationship can change your financial situation, and the money in your bank account can change your relationship.

But this shouldn’t be a surprise: money is just another factor into all of our decisions, and it pays to go into a long-term relationship with some idea of how you want to live financially.

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Four BIG Flirting Mistakes That Are Holding You Back With Men…

Stephen Hussey

It sounds so simple: “Just go over and flirt with him”.

You’ve seen the movies.

An elegant sip of a cocktail. Sassy hand on hip. Hair falling seductively over one half of your face.

“Sooo…” you say, legs crossed over a bar stool, your eyes meeting his, “What brings you here?”

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5 Texting Mistakes You’re Probably Making

woman looking at her phone

Budding relationships aren’t won by text messages. But they can be lost.

Many women don’t realise how much guys can be turned off by nasty texting habits that make him hold up his phone to his friends and ask “What’s her deal??”

So here are the 5 big texting mistakes that women make, and why they are so important to avoid:

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Setting Boundaries In A Relationship

stop sign on pavement

Ever seen one of those relationships where both people just 100% totally understand what the other person needs all the time, and both partners just effortlessly read minds and live in perfect harmony?

Me neither.

It’s hard to know what the healthy boundaries in relationships are.

Which is why here I’m going to discuss: (a) why boundaries matter, (b) how to practice setting boundaries in relationships, and (c) the best way to communicate them.

Why Boundaries?

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5 Tips For A Drama Free Relationship

woman annoyed with man

You’re losing sleep again.

Why does he always do this?!

You use TV to distract yourself. But dammit you’re mad. You can’t resist any longer. You call him and another argument ensues.

It just keeps happening: relationship drama.

All the usual questions flood your mind: Is this normal? Do all my friends fight like this? Why do we always fall into these stupid conflicts?

So allow me to share my essential, top 5 tips to avoiding drama with a guy you’re dating. These won’t all be easy to hear, but they’ll change your relationships forever.

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How To Get Over Someone You Never Dated

woman looking sad

It all started with that guy from your office.

The one you go out with for drinks after work. You both share all the same interests – that art podcast you both geek out over, that movie you both can’t wait to see. Hell, you both even have a subscription to The Economist.

You go home at night thinking about him – sometimes you end up texting or having phone conversations. It makes you smile when you imagine a perfect future together.

Except for one teeny problem…

You’re not actually dating! 

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Why You STAY In Love With The Wrong People (+ How To Finally Get Your Confidence Back…)

Stephen Hussey

Should I accept it when he belittles me and makes me doubt myself?

Am I going to make him angry if I call him out for canceling on our date last minute?

Will I be able to find anyone else if I lose this guy? 

Is it too late for me to even have a romantic life? Will a guy truly want me as I am?

So many women have the same emotional response to these questions: FEAR.

They let fear be in charge of their relationships. They let fear be in charge of the career they choose. They let fear be in charge of their emotions every single day.

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3 Ways To Challenge A Guy Without Turning Him Off

This is article #37 to be published on the Get The Guy blog from my brother Stephen. Steve helped co-write the Get The Guy book and is a wealth of knowledge on dating and relationships.

(Photo: Stuart Mudie)

Enter Stephen

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