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Your advice is so powerful. You really distinguish yourself from other experts in the quality of the things you say. It’s so great to finally have an expert who doesn’t just fluff talk, but gives real, down to earth advice that works.”

Vanessa Feltz, The Vanessa Show

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Eamonn Holmes, This Morning on ITV

I was seriously cynical about what any so-called expert could teach the modern woman about men. But then I attended the seminar, and, five minutes in, I realise I have to write a different article entirely… Matthew is a revelation: no crazy gimmicks, no pretending to be something you’re not. Just intelligent, empowering advice.”

Nikki Bayley, Glamour Magazine

I would give away some of the secrets, but
thanks to Matthew, I’m far too busy making rock stars fall in love with me now, and quite frankly, I could do without the competition.”

Alison Tay, NOW Magazine sex and style editor