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“I Pushed Love Away Because I Didn’t Think I Deserved It…”

Today, I’m sharing the powerful story of a woman who spent far too long pushing love away because she didn’t think she deserved it.

Then, after spending 5 years healing from the loss of her divorce, suddenly turned her life around in just 6 days

This video is proof that change can come quickly if you’re willing to stand up and meet the opportunity.

Pain Is Inevitable. Suffering Isn’t.
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☢️ 5 Warning Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic ☢️

Today, I’m giving you 5 signs to know if the guy you’re dating is toxic…

Because look… while no one is perfect, the guy you give your time to should be a team player.

Someone who consistently cheers you on.

Someone who is invested in your happiness and your success.

You deserve nothing less.

What’s 1 Toxic Behavior You Won’t Tolerate?
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The 1 Video You Must Watch If You Want a Relationship

This is an important message…

I need you to know that the journey you and I are on together in 2020 (and beyond) is about so much more than finding love. 

Because while a good portion of my content is about what to say and do in relationships…

At its core, what we’re really doing together is much deeper…

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🚨Are You “Moving Too Fast” for Him?

Flakey… Armed with excuses… And guilty of the high crime of wasting your time…

MPI’s are some of the smoothest criminals…

Watch the video below for this critical bulletin…

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Say THIS to Him, Then Watch Him Melt 😉

In this video, I tell you EXACTLY what to say so that he’ll ask you out again (and again, and again)…

It’s genuinely crazy to me how obvious the phrase in this video is… and yet, they still aren’t doing it. I’m excited to read your thoughts in the comments.

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How to Love After Being Hurt

The pain that can come from heartbreak is unlike anything else. It’s sickening. But, there is something even more heartbreaking than heartbreak itself: Allowing the ghosts of the past to trick you into giving up on your next great love story.

If you’re finding it hard to open yourself up to love again…

This new video is for you.

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Sick of Family Asking “Why Are You Single?” Here’s Your Answer

The holidays can be a magical time with those we love. They can also be a time when those we love ask us intensely awkward and annoying questions. Questions like… “So, why are you still single?”

Well, as always, I want to equip you with a powerful response to this question. So in preparation for all of the family gatherings and holiday parties you might be going to, I shot this week’s video for you.

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Afraid to Take Action? Do This Simple Thing and Change Your Life

As you look over 2019, do you feel like you’ve accomplished your goals? Or, do you look at the past year and see that there are still hopes and dreams that are unfinished or even untouched?

In this video I tell you EXACTLY how to go after your goals, without letting fear stop you…

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🚩Stop Ignoring His Red Flags and Get the Respect You Deserve

Falling in “like” with someone can happen in a flash.

And while liking someone is an electric feeling that signals the potential for something exciting… it can also trick us into looking past bad behaviors that we wouldn’t normally tolerate…

In the video below, I explain WHY we sometimes let red flags slide and the simple mindset shift that will help protect your heart while you’re looking for your ultimate partner.

What’s Your #1 Non-Negotiable in a Relationship?
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Want a Commitment With Him? Do These 2 Things FIRST [+ Free Gift]

Do you crave a deep, lasting commitment, but wonder if what you have with him will ever progress into something REAL?

OK, then this video is for you…

PLUS: Stay until the end of the video to get the EXACT script you can use with him TODAY to end the casual phase for good and get the commitment you want.

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