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This Counter-Intuitive Text Reveals His True Intentions for You

I was recently coaching a woman who was frustrated with the texts she was getting from a guy who she’d met on a dating app.

So we looked at the texts together, and today I’m taking you behind the scenes of what she did right and what I would have changed to get her better results…

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He’s “Not Sure” He Can Commit to You? These Words Put YOU in Control

“I’m not sure if I’m ready for a relationship with you right now…”

Nobody wants to hear these words, especially when it’s coming from a guy you genuinely like.

If that sounds familiar, then I have the simple solution right here:

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7 Useful Mindsets That Will Keep You Happy When You Date

Stephen Hussey

Dating in 2019 can feel like a chore…if you do it wrong.

People are cynical about relationships, frustrated with online dating, and the antipathy between men and women seems to have grown over the last decade.

But that’s only because we tend to hear the loudest voices. Many of which are negative, angry or frustrated.

The truth is, if you approach your love life with the right mindset, it doesn’t need to feel like work, nor should it make you feel despair.

That’s right. Going out, dating, finding a meaningful connection – this can be a rewarding part of your life, regardless of whether or not you’re currently looking for a committed relationship.  

So if you need a refresh for your brain right now, here are 10 mindsets that will make dating feel easier:

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Why It’s WORTH IT to Do Hard S#!T

There’s a myth about confidence that it’s something you can just magically think yourself into

But there are also ways to boost your confidence and get started right now, without any therapy, books, or spiritual mantras.

Use this strategy, and you’ll begin to feel like you can move mountains…

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Are You Afraid “The Conversation” Will Scare Him Away?

Ever avoided having a conversation with a guy because you’re afraid of the answer?

Too many women choose to carry on and just go with their feelings. And I get it. It’s fun. It’s romantic. But it can also leave you with a nasty surprise later when you realize you’re both not on the same page.

Let’s take power back, and stop allowing decisions to be made for us…


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When He Says “I Need Time,” You Say This…

Ever had a guy who swings between making you feel like he wants no one else in the world and suddenly pulling away and freaking out?

It’s easy to assume that you somehow have to figure out what’s going on his head and convince him of the right choice.

Instead, I want you to do this…

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4 Easy Ways To Get A Hot Guy’s Number

You’ve just met the coolest guy.

He’s cute. He’s funny.

The two of you just had a great conversation and you can feel the tingle of excitement from that initial first moment of chemistry. You want to get to know him better, but your friends are telling you it’s time to leave.

How do you get his number?? Quick! He’s leaving!

This is an all-too-common situation, and I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned it’s one of those little daily tragedies that people are constantly losing potentially amazing partners simply because they don’t know the best technique for getting a guy’s phone number. Use these simple, easy-to-follow techniques and you’ll never have to worry that when you meet a great guy you won’t know how to take it to a first date.

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Embracing The Moment… [Love The Journey – Part 5]

Barbecue, Beer, and Bluegrass music…

Flying into Dallas I knew that it was time to really let loose.

I’ve found that lately when I travel I tend to just exist in and out of hotel rooms and barely get to know the city I’ve just visited.

Not this time…

We never have as much time as we think to get out and enjoy the world in front of us.

When I think about this it always reminds me that although having your eyes on the goal is important, only a fool doesn’t stop to have fun along the way.

This episode is all about how to REALLY live while you can and get the most out of your traveling (even when it’s supposed to be a work trip).

Benjamin Franklin Didn’t Have A Life Plan ­– Neither Do I…

Stephen Hussey

I handed in my PhD two weeks ago. I’ve just now arrived back from my victory-lap vacation in Cyprus. Now I have to figure out my future.

Or do I?

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15 Things He Secretly Loves About You That He Doesn’t Tell You

Stephen Hussey

Men are in love with things you never think about.

Although men are frequently advertised as the gender that suffers from being serial runner-up in the Communicate-Your-Goddamn-Feelings-Awards, men have a volcano of passion and emotion in boiling away in their little Grinch hearts, no matter how much they pretend it’s not the case.

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