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5 Unspoken Ways Men Show Love

couple holding hands

It’s often the case that a woman will come to our seminars and say: “I just don’t know how this guy feels about me”.

Now, this could mean that she’s dealing with a guy who really doesn’t care about her at all, who is putting in less-than-acceptable effort into the relationship, and whom she should simply walk away from.

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The Most Dangerous Myths About Relationships

As a culture we are pretty obsessed with relationships. Especially romantic ones.

Which makes sense, given that humans are social creatures.

But we have a specific, exaggerated way of fetishizing what it means to be in a “committed relationship”.

Women are taught to find a partner as soon as possible. Single people are assumed to be deficient in some way. And being coupled up, no matter who it’s with, is seen as some kind of symbol that you’re #winning at life.

Plus, it’s even more confusing when we go into relationships with unrealistic expectations. So in this post, it’s time to get really honest, and blow apart some of the biggest relationship myths that hold people back:

Myth #1 – Relationships will solve your deeper problems

woman hiding under pillow

You got in a relationship.

You did it. Congrats!

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How To Get Over A Guy Who Doesn’t Like You

woman holding paper heart

There’s no shame in waking up and realising one day that you’re into a guy who doesn’t return your feelings. 

Maybe he’s already your friend. Maybe you go to parties together. Maybe you’ve already flirted a lot but now he’s told you he doesn’t see you in a romantic way.

Unrequited love has inspired many a sonnet, a daring gesture, and occasionally an inappropriate text message.

But while it’s totally normal to feel longing for someone you can’t have, there’s no need for you to indulge in this pain. It can be cured, if you take the right medicine. 

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5 Body Language Signs That He Loves You

Men aren’t always known for being the most easy creatures to read. Especially in the first few months of dating.

But there are certain body language signs of falling in love that are uniquely different compared to when a guy is on-the-fence about you. At the very least, these will tell you if he feels a strong emotional connection, rather than just a passing interest.

Here are 5 simple signs to look for that tell you where you stand:

1. He makes A LOT of eye contact during sex

man and woman in bed looking in each other's eyes

Men tend to express a lot about their emotions through sex, so it makes sense that male body language is very telling when you’re both between the sheets.

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Are You Causing Your Partner To Fall Out Of Love With You?

torn photo of couple

It’s crazy how you can see people mess up their relationships…over and over again…often in the same ways.

I’ve seen so many men and women bewildered as to why they aren’t able to keep someone long-term – they wonder if it’s something about human nature, or about love, or about the failure of monogamy in general.

But often it’s a case of toxic behaviours that drive people away.

These behaviours lead to classic signs of falling out of love: emotional withdrawal, petty arguments, insensitive comments, and passive-aggressive moves that show that someone has truly given up on the relationship…

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Online Dating Mistakes You’re Making

man and woman texting at the table

Online dating has come a long way.

It’s now practically expected that most single people will eventually create up a quick Tinder profile, or stroll onto Bumble, or, if they really want to make an effort, launch a profile on Match.com

But does it work? Can you find love through a dating app?

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5 Qualities Guys Look For

Whenever people talk about what men want in a woman, they like to resort to the obvious:

Men only care about looks. 

Men want sex, food, and a woman who will bends to their will. 

Blah blah blah.

Most of these people are either talking from bitterness, denial, or who have no clue about what drives human behaviour at a deep level.

Yes, short-term qualities can get attention. But deep connection and lasting attraction? For a man with any kind of soul at all, it demands a lot more.[click here to continue…]

Questions You Should Always Ask Yourself After 3 Months Of Dating

man kissing girlfriend on forehead

It’s the last thing you want to think about after 3 months of dating.

Chances are, you’re 100% in the love-struck honeymoon phase.

You call each other every day, you spend your weekends together, and you can’t wipe the smile from your face when your friends ask you about the new guy you’re seeing.

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How To Not Get Attached To Someone In An Almost Relationship

man and woman holding each other

You both lie in bed after sex, feeling like you’re in a French film. You’re almost tempted to smoke a cigarette, if it wasn’t so gross and probably against the building’s fire code.

He isn’t your boyfriend. That’s clear. He’s not after anything serious, and maybe neither are you. Screw it, you’re having fun.

But what if you fall for him? What if it all goes further than just a casual “almost relationship”?

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5 Signs You’re Ready To Date Again


woman on mountain peak

You’ve finally emerged. Like a phoenix from the ashes (or a sloth from the duvet). You’ve crawled out from a haze of Netflix-binging and takeaway food and you’re ready to get back into the world like a normal person.

But you ask yourself: “Am I ready to date again? Or should I stay away from new men right now?”

When dating after a breakup, it’s tough to know whether you’re actually over someone, or if you’re just trying to cover up your feelings by jumping into bed with someone new.

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