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How To Get Your Ex Back – 3 Honest Truths

Why are you thinking about getting your ex back?

I know why.

It’s because you’re heartbroken. Devastated. You can only see your future right now as being miserable so long as this guy is out of your life.

So let me start by reassuring you: these feelings are completely normal and we all have had them.

In this short article, I want to explain how you should come to the decision of trying to get your ex back, because it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly.

How to Get your Ex Back

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5 Reasons To Love Being Single (With Special Guest Lewis Howes!)

Why don’t you have a man yet?!

Oh…you’re still single? But why?

Uh-oh. Better find a relationship while you still have time!

Any of these sound familiar? If you’re single, I’m sure they will.

Whether it’s in Hollywood romcoms, glossy magazines, or even just your mother’s nagging, there seems to be a constant assumption in the world that being single is the WORST THING EVER.

Maybe you even secretly feel this way yourself.

But you shouldn’t. Being single is totally underrated. In fact, it can be so much fun that you wonder why anyone would ever want a relationship to begin with. In this week’s blog video, I’m joined by a very special guest, my friend Lewis Howes, former pro-athlete and host of the School of Greatness podcast.

I’ve followed Lewis’s work for a while now, and I’m thrilled he agreed to come and share his top 5 reasons why being single can be the opportunity of a lifetime, and why you should savour every second of being free and unattached while you can. It’s a really fun and insightful video, with some genius practical tips for making your life extraordinary so that you can truly appreciate yourself and have a world that bring you happiness and fulfillment.  

As you know, I don’t have guests in my video blogs very often, so you can trust me when I say that Lewis provides incredible value.

Click Here to Purchase Lewis’ Book, The School of Greatness

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The Introvert’s Guide To Charisma, Surviving Awkward First-Dates, And Career-Defining Moments

Stephen Hussey

No matter what your career, no matter what your relationship status, if you want to move forward in this world, moments of pressure will always be a part of your life.

You’ll have to deal with difficult questions, speak in public, think on your feet, sell ideas, and even win people over to your point of view.

“But I’m an introvert!”

I know. So am I.

Unfortunately, the world is full of people who need to see you in the flesh, talk to you in person, people whom you need to impress in real time and in-the-flesh.

That’s not something you can do hunched over a desk insisting on living a remote life cocooned behind a warm laptop.

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She Turns The Tables On Me…Watch My Reaction!

Oh God. I made a huge mistake…And now a woman is punishing me for it…on stage!

In the video you’re about to see, I’m caught in a scenario which, back when I first started as a coach, would have left me absolutely TERRIFIED and frozen with fear! After a rookie error on my part, a woman at my San Diego seminar decided to totally turn the tables and call me out, potentially leaving me completely embarrassed and lost for words in front my own audience.

For a tiny split second, my brain said what it always said in these awkward moments “Oh crap…”

Crap. Crap. Double Crap.

Luckily for me, I’ve been in this situation dozens of times before. A career of standing on stage in front of hundreds of people every week has enabled me to learn more than my fair share of Jedi-mind tricks and powerful techniques for dealing with crisis scenarios like this. In this week’s video, I’ve decided it’s finally time to open up the kimono and share some of my most carefully guarded secrets to maintaining your power in these difficult moments.

See, in life, things don’t always go the way you plan.

To Download My Secrets of “The First 5” Click Here

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Will Your Guy Grow Up To Be Like His Dad?

They say that in order to find out who a woman will become in the future, look at her mother.  But is that true? If it is, then it must be true of men and their fathers too, right?  It’s a weird moment when you first spend time with your new boyfriend’s parents. You size them up, and after a while you probably start to observe moments of resemblance between your guy and his Dad.

Often this is harmless.

But what if his Dad has certain behaviours or beliefs that make you uneasy? Should you now be scared that it’s only a matter of time until your guy turns into a version of his father?

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I speak to a caller who has this exact fear, which I answer by telling a story that reveals why we should always be careful separate the parents from the child, and why we should refrain from predicting people’s behaviour based on other members of their family. I also reveal how you use one simple question to find out how likely your guy is to grow into his father.

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“Does He Like Me?” – 8 Obvious Signs He Does…

Sometimes a guy is being nice to you, but you’re still left wondering, “Does he like me?” or is this going to be a friendly-buddy thing.

He’ll be talking and connecting with you on your common interests, but you’re not sure whether he’s attracted, and you don’t want to risk rejection if you’ve read the signs wrong.

There is a big difference between a guy being a ‘nice’ guy and a guy being attracted to you.

It’s often the case that a nice guy will talk to you, but have no intention of making a move or getting your phone number. 

So if you find yourself always struggling with how to tell if he likes you (in a “I-cant-wait-to-kiss-her” kind fo way), here are some easy ways to know if he’s serious or if he sees you as a friend.

Does he like me - Attracted to you

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We All Say We Should “Listen More” In Conversation – Here’s How To Actually Do It

Stephen Hussey

Many of us nod along when others extol the virtues of being a great listener, yet few of us find ways to actually do it.

Yet just about everyone we meet has a piece of wisdom, a skill, or an idea that they want to share.

Part of our trouble with listening I imagine is that we just think that our own opinions are more interesting or more urgent, or we feel like we just want to be heard first.

I’ve found a useful game for getting over this mindset.

Whenever you’re talking to someone new, just ask yourself: What golden nugget do they have to offer?

When you keep this mission in mind, it makes doing small talk with someone at a party or social gathering so much easier. You just dig around with intriguing questions until you hit a vein and open up the rich well that few people will ever have the patience to get to.

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4 Easy Ways To Get A Hot Guy’s Number

You’ve just met the coolest guy.

He’s cute. He’s funny.

The two of you just had a great conversation and you can feel the tingle of excitement from that initial first moment of chemistry. You want to get to know him better, but your friends are telling you it’s time to leave.

How do you get his number?? Quick! He’s leaving!

This is an all-too-common situation, and I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned it’s one of those little daily tragedies that people are constantly losing potentially amazing partners simply because they don’t know the best technique for getting a guy’s phone number. Use these simple, easy-to-follow techniques and you’ll never have to worry that when you meet a great guy you won’t know how to take it to a first date.

Want to Learn How To Talk To Men in any Situation? Click Here…


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3 Secrets That Reveal Why Men Won’t Commit

Many women suffer from the problem of not knowing what gets a man to commit, and it usually stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of how guys think.

In this short piece, I’m going to give you some simple secrets of male psychology that explain why men can be so difficult in deciding whether they want a long-term relationship.

There is an important disclaimer to this article, and it’s a biggie, but it’s crucial to understand: not all men are the same.

Matthew Hussey - How to get the guy - why he won't commit - relationships - commitment - Love - dating

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Here’s The REAL Reason Why Your Love Life Is In A Funk…

Sometimes your love life just doesn’t budge no matter what you do.

You go on dates, meet men, get phone numbers, but everything fizzles out. What’s the deal? You know you are doing ok – you have friends, a career, things to be grateful for, but you know things are not as great as they should be in ANY area of your life, especially considering how hard you’ve worked. You think about giving up. You want to pull the sheets over your head and stay in bed because you feel so disheartened. You just feel overwhelmed, like you have no more effort to give at this point.

In this episode of LOVELife I talk to a caller who desperately needs out of this situation. I talk step-by-step about WHY we get impatient in our love lives and how you can turn a bad situation around and feel positive about where you are right now, so that you can keep going even when the results aren’t coming (yet)!