#1 Weird Way to Get Him Back

Heartbreak is one of the top 3 most painful things you can experience (along with health problems and losing family).

If you’re still feeling this loss, and don’t know what to do next, I have a crucial strategy that you need to apply before you do anything else.

In 5 minutes, you’re going to learn exactly what to do next so that you can attract back your ex, or get over him for good…

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  1. Tammy says:

    Dear Matt, My ex dumped me in June last year and things have gone downhill since then. I have tried to fix things and only made it worse ever since. He recently blocked me on Facebook,Whatsapp &SMS/Call as he didn’t want to be mean to me anymore and felt I made him a worse person when I push with my questions on a certain subject and he doesn’t like that he is mean. He said he tried to be nice but he can’t anymore. I forgave him when he said those mean things because I know it was said in anger and frustration when I kept pushing and asking questions and he kept changing the topic. Its been 2 days since the block and and he hasn’t seen or responded to my msgs on other platforms. His last words were “I can’t be nice anymore, and I don’t want to be mean so I will be nothing to you”. I know I went too far and pushed too much on Sunday and that I should give him space but this block feels like he won’t unblock me ever. Previously he has blocked me 3 times before the last being in August and he stopped after knowing it hurt me alot. But this feels different. It feels like a doorslam for good. What do I do? He is very stubborn hard to convince without logic and change and I don’t think even that will do it. He is dating someone new too.

  2. Tyler says:

    I really need more help with my situation. Any guidance would mean the world to me. I’ve read amd and researched a ton at this point.

    My situation is unique. We met online during covid in late March. We had an intense month long relationship during (meaning dates were at his house and each was at least 12 hours). He broke it off 1 month ago after about 5 weeks of bliss.
    In addition to the pandemic he has a lot right now and did not feel prepared for a relationship – (dad recently passing, broken engagement 2 months prior, mom with breast cancer and job change).
    He initially ghosted me until I confronted him for an explanation. I didn’t Express what I should have, I should have been understanding and communicated that I would like to connect later when things for him are better. Instead I acted hurt, accepted his decision and just went no contact.

    How can I work to regain attraction and have him approach me again?
    I did initially get hurt by the break up, but quickly let it go and went total no contact.

    My first outreach was fathers day sending a brief nice note that I realize it was a tough day. He responded with “Thank you Tyler” nothing more.
    Before the break up he wasn’t responding at all though…
    what do I do? I know I found someone special – he expressed the same – but I feel he got spooked and just couldn’t handle another responsibility at this time.
    He isn’t approaching me and its been over 30 days since I initiated no contact. I’m in this for the long haul, but I’m confused

    My guy friends tell me I need to tell him I care and that our timing was off and I’d like to reconnect when things change. But all advise says I should either just wait for him to come around or that I should lure him back in with infrequent kind texts.

    I need some help as times aren’t normal and this man is important to me.

  3. Lissa says:

    I’ve been dating a man who is older than myself and because it’s also long-distance, we only spend an average of a week per month together. Everything was going great…in fact, we spent the week of Christmas together just recently.
    Most importantly, the last night we were together, he told me that he loved me and that he hadn’t said that to anyone in the past since he was married to his wife. (about 17 years ago), and also told me that he really wants things to work out between us and i told him i did as well. WELL, the next day he left to Florida for a 3 week vacation. We exchanged messages over the next 2 days and then suddenly…NOTHING! NO messages and NO calls nor is he answering any of mine. I am devastated because I love him too but I am completely LOST and have no clue to what is going on with him or him and I for that matter. We never even talked about taking a break or anything, I mean The Man Just Told Me He Loved Me and that was a big thing for him after all those years. IS THERE ANYONE WHO HAS ANY IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON?

  4. Lauri Ascha says:

    I really love how you actually TELL US the information you are titling and not leading us through this maze of words to a…”If you purchase this 300.00 dollar packet of video tapes” ending to the topic. It very refreshing and MUCH appreciated!

  5. Lisa Bohannon says:

    You have changed my dating life. I followed your advice… no contact… and he sought me, fought for me and respects me.
    Thank you for giving me the tools to be grounded in love
    Lisa B

  6. Wendy says:

    God bless you, Matt.

  7. Teress hacha says:

    He left me for someone else, and cut me out of his world completely blocked my calls even moved( in with her)

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  9. Sam says:

    Matthew, what about this situation: the guy treated you badly (more out of immaturity and used to not being in a relationship), so you break it off. Months pass with bare minimum to no contact, and then you discover he has blocked YOU on Facebook like you’re the one who broke his heart. Completely being cut off for no reason. What would you do in this situation if you want the guy to know you cared and didn’t want to hurt him? I didn’t want a messy break but suddenly it is…

  10. Debra says:

    My ex saying he needs time to himself right now. But he still loves me. Im not feeling the love.

  11. melinda says:

    My boyfriend left me saying he can’t do relationships right now which I believe because he wasn’t ready for a relationship when we started dating but he was the one who said he was expecting more from me. I wasn’t ready too but I figured some way out to make it work somehow because I like him and I was so afraid of losing him. He had some things going on, he stopped using antideps and started a new job which is so stresfull for him but I think that he made a quick and wrong choice for leaving me. Everything was normal two days before he left me. And I believe that if he liked me enough which he always say that he does and he wants to be in a relationship with me everytime I ask him when we were together, he wouldn’t break up with me. Do you think that I can get him back?

  12. ashamed says:

    Hello everybody,

    I want solutions from men or women who past through the same hardship.
    I need your help please.
    How to recover from falling hard in self esteem and gain respect for myself and from others ?

    I am 26 years old girl and I had a perfect reputation (i wasn’t aware of that before it was gone) : never had boyfriends, never dated never went to a party, never did anything bad actually not even smoking or even saying curse words. I work with disabled children and i am shy.

    I felt extremely lonely and sad to not have anybody with me while all the girls around already had babies etc… I thought it was because i wasn’t attractive (which is not the case but i didn’t realize it), people thought i was strange because i was never with a boyfriend so i started to become self concious about that, they treated me like a freak.

    So i made the biggest mistake of my life : my sister forced me to date one of her friend who just broke up with his girlfriend of 8 years which was not very nice from her she lied to me telling me he loved me etc… and me out of desperation i believed her. i never went to a date and was lost.

    And i basically sold myself to him before even he showed a sign of wanting to be with me i was so desperate i tried all the bad ways to impress HIM (i feel so bad) i didn’t know how to be with him as i didn’t have any experience with men and it never happened to me. I tried to read on internet what to do and that was a BIG mistake !! i dressed slutty, i even sent nudes pics i talked about sex i even invented past relationships i never had because i was afraid he will mock my inexperience. And believe me or not i even forced him to take my virginity in his car (i want to kill myself) because i thought he will see i am a good girl since he then knew i was virgin(!) but interested in sex so promising him a good time if he marries me (i’m crying while writing), i was afraid he would think i am frigid. He took it and dumped me the next day.

    I feel so bad i didn’t want him to think i was inexperience i was afraid he would laugh at me, so i wanted to act as if i was experimented to not feel ashamed of my virginity.

    Now he said about it to everybody in the city even my family, everybody laugh at me i walk with shame and want to kill myself everyday

    I wasn’t aware of my very good reputation before i thought everybody mocked my inexperience, but then they said why did you do that ? you could have married anybody ! now they just think i am a whore it makes me suicidal.
    I even quit my job because of shame.

    How to recover from that and make them see that i am not like that and will i find a husband even if he knows that ? NOBODY respect me even my own family and talk very bad in a harsh tone to me.
    I am bullied badly I don’t know how to face my bullies and how to face him.

    I don’t understand why a lot of girls did far worse with far more people but people think it’s worse for me than for them :(

    i still can’t forgive myself and cry everyday.

    i deeply regret and feel i don’t deserve to have any man in the future, i feel worthless. I am scared if i find a husband he will think i am trash and not marry me.

    Help me please.

    • Su says:

      I am so sorry you are surrounded by such unkind people. I do not have any great ideas about how to make things better but want you to know that your post is not being ignored.

      • Flower says:

        Hello Ashamed i m really sorry for you and as Su said your post is certainly not being ignored. I think every woman in the western world has done mistakes in this area. Some learned maybe earlier on in their lives and you learn now. What doesn t kill us makes us stronger. You may not feel like this is true right now. But it is true. You will see. I wish you could have had the perfect mr frog turning into a prince as a first sexual partner. But i don t think any woman ever has that. Hold your head up high little princess and never allow for this again. Show your family that they hurt you with their behavior. You might have made a mistake but now they are making a mistake by not showing you unconditional love. Telling someone they made a mistake is ok, hurting them is a different thing. I wish you wouldn t have left your job. Chin up, start running (if you are in the forest alone scream or yell out your feelings) or swimming, do push ups and get strong. Maybe start boxing like Matt who knows maybe it helps. Be strong on your own you don’t need anyone else. And look for another job asap. Will keep your thoughts occupied. And if it s only to save enough money to go to a big city and make your own life come true. For you seem to come from a smaller place where people know everyone close knit and are judgemental. Get out of there if you can. Find friends who are supportive and let you develop and don t judge you for every little mistake you make. Life is full of mistakes. We do a mistake, we learn, and we move on. For every door that closes a better one opens. Your guardian angels will pull you through. I think Matt has this saying that you should not invest more into a guy as him investing into you. I d translate this into you having to quickly and absolutely forget about this ass as he is not worth a single thought from you. He must be very immature and stupid he should be ashamed for what he did to you not the other way around. Much love to you!!!

    • TT says:

      my name is TT . my first guy was same your story but I was lucky to get out of his rude after a year. this is my email( thuy.vt204@gmail.com) i want to share my motivation to you, because we have same age, and same story. you are deserved more than that my sweet heart.
      My first guy told me to quit school and live with him and he will take care everything. i didnot agree it, even no sex in his car. we stopped talking for 2 months. after that, he sent the video of him with the new girl who younger than him 10 years (she studied in my same school). I saw the video and i cried for my one year to trust him. He texted me: the one fuck up everything is you not me. you are fucking stupid girl. if you don’t let me take your virginity, other guy will take it soon. if you don’t care your boy and you don’t use it, you will lose it. that’s my straight life. I’m done for wasting time to talk to you and make you believe. i’m free now, i will do whatever i want. forgiev me if i start to talk to another girl. you losed me TT”
      He continued to send me his girl in bar with friends and insisted on everything was my faults. I was keeping being nicely to answer him back but the more i keep calm, the more he get upsets and keep being rude.
      I realize i cried more than I Smiled for 1 year. why do I keep respect to a person even not do the same to me?

  13. Ha says:

    Well, for the first time I don’t know if I agree.. You see l always do that, the no contact period, automatically. and still, it didn’t make him come back for good, maybe just for a couple of times because he felt he missed me, and also it didn’t make it easy for me to move on, it still took a lotttt of time. But in the end I agree that staying in touch is worse.

  14. Galia says:

    One of your best videos – ever.
    I’m pretty sure I watched them ALL multiple times

  15. pamela says:

    That’s so true because when i used to feed his addiction he used to uses the good in me to stay so that he never loses someone who loves him that mich .. but when i took this break with a clear breakup and i moved on without any contact he came back wondering where i’ve been and if i took a step to be with someone else .. but i want to ask you how i’m gonna trust that this time it’s the one and only time to be together

  16. Jayne says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for all the videos you put up :)

    What do you recommend if that person is your boss?

    I’m looking for a new job (although he doesn’t want me to leave and he found a new more interesting role for me so that I would stay…) but until then, what do I do? I have started going on dates but actually I’d like to enjoy my single life a little more + I have no need/want to be in another relationship right now.

    I tried to distance myself by having a chat to him, which resulted in both of us really opening up to each other on a much deeper level and actually becoming closer – the opposite of what I was trying to do…

    He invests a lot of time and effort in with me but I feel he is conflicted (partly due to his blue print + a little past hurt). His actions don’t match his words.

    He has been checking in with me daily. If I start a no contact period now doesn’t that send the wrong message? especially if his blue print is shifting and he is opening up to me?


  17. Cindy clayton says:

    You say thete are 2 types of women who wont order ur $97 Get Him Back series. No. There are 3. #3 are the women who must decide whether to pay their lite bill or get their love back and seriously? What man wants a woman who is living in the dark and doesnt kno how to manage her affairs?

  18. Wendy says:

    You don’t have links to what to do to get over him. In the ten months that he’s been dating somebody else (which started when we were together over 2 years, living together most of that time), there have only been about 4 weeks that we haven’t had sex. Even after he proposed to her. I’m done. I’m done competing with that manipulative skanky bunny-boiler. Done being the side-booty. She can have him – even though he tells me she doesn’t satisfy his sexual needs like I did. I think I’ve been hanging on for a while just because I didn’t want her to “win”.

    I want to remember all the narcissistic, unhealthy, stupid things he’s done, the times he let me down, and get over him. You start with “get him back or get over him.” Where’s that part of the story?

    • Flower says:

      I think in the no contact period you work on yorself, try to understand your own patterns but also needs. Do lots of sport and build up a healthy social circle. Date other guys. Get rid of your addiction to him. And than decide what you want: really wanna get him back or wanna get (and by than probably already are at least in part) over him :-)

  19. P.B says:

    How to make my ex miss me? And the problem is he blocked my number. I just want him to talk with me again

  20. Estefania says:

    Matthew, what do you do when you live in the same house? How do I achieve this? If he knocs my room door for small talks, to joke around, etc? Not an option to move just right now, don’t have the money yet, will have in a few months. Could you recommend me something? An strategy? Thank you.

  21. Marissa says:

    Matt so how do i do the no contact if he works with me? We see each other every day, arrive here the same time, leave the same time,make coffee together, see each other a lot in the passages.I cant completely avoid him. How should I do this without losing him as my friend while doing the no contact? We are still good friends now.

    And also will this work if we were not officially in a relationship but we were in love for quit a long time and really loved each other?

    And the other thing is he is back with his ex? Will it still work or should i not even try?

    I really want him back!

    Please advise

  22. lisa cummings says:

    my ex and i ended over a year ago and we have twin boys together i watched the intro video of trying to over come heart break / get him back you said that there needs to be a no contact period. is there another way because i see him 4 -6 times a week and have to talk to him. how can one get over heart break when they are continuously in contact with their ex

  23. Debbie says:

    Great words of wisdom.. keep them coming!!! :-)

  24. Lynda says:

    Hi Matt:
    I took your first series, great information. This video is spot on, there is an addiction that happens when you sleep with a man. But I believe it is more than emotional, it is chemical, especially for the woman. Nature is saying BOND with this man, (you might get pregnant) and biochemistry takes over once there is intercourse –but no where do I see this information? Does it have to be discovered still? Thank-you for this video, you cut to the chase, it is so true and you are helping so many women. Thank-you!

  25. Alex says:

    I was just talking with my best friend, about how sad I feel about my break up, and saw this video,
    He broke up with my a month ago and it was his idea to not have contact at all, I have tried to not write him but its hard, and I wanna stop feeling sad all the time and thinking that we may get back together. we are not even connected through social media, but its hard to not know how to move on how to forget him, we were together for four years and a half, lived together and we had plans to move to another country and get married, and now Im just without future plans, and feeling like he move on so quickly because he hasnt tried to contact me or state that he is in fact sad! heeelp

  26. Girl says:

    What about the part where he is the one who broke up and it’s no contact from him ever since? You don’t even get to initiate any no contact period.

  27. Annie says:

    If a guy leaves you, he left you… You´re not his dream girl or the woman he really wants to marry. It´s The Rules 101. Finally, Matt is understanding that there is no way to convince a man to like you or love you.

    Matt has some good advice, but ultimately he always fails on the most basic – That´s why his clients always end up heartbroken. I recommend reading THE RULES BOOK and following it with your heart. It´s the only true advice that always works – forever.

  28. Cell says:

    That’s good, I make it already, and I don’t want that guy in my life anymore. I even left my Dungeons and dragons sessions just to don’t see him again.

  29. Rose Waters says:

    How long should the no contact period last? And should he be ignored if he reaches out? Bit more info please :)

  30. Amy says:

    Hey Matt!

    I’m currently in the no contact period, but his birthday is coming up. What do I do? I’m thinking of dropping him a casual “happy birthday” text..

  31. asal says:

    that is the first video that I don’t like from you Matt

    leaving the one you love is the most stupid way to get him back

    it’s true but your video is really incomplete.the one you love may decide to leave you forever if you leave him

    I don’t agree with this video.when you leave someone you love, he may think that he was not enough for you or you may never forgive his past etc.so “he may decide to leave you forever”

    moreover, when you leave the one you love it’s very awkward to initiate contact after a long time

    I think this way you mentioned in your video is for timid people

    people need to know the reality if there is something wrong in their relationship.they have to be able to take their heart when they leave the one they love.they must say goodbye to eachother

    so why should they leave him,wondering what happened?!!!!!!!!is it over ?should I be with this new guy I recently like?!!

    ofcourse all people have this right to be independent and the time to be on themselves.we should leave them to enjoy their loneliness and problems they like to think about and solve

    but this is very stupid:
    “leave your ex in order to experience addiction to his feelings.so he may come to you”

    tell me MATTHEW:
    how do you assure me that this guy is not filling his addiction somewhere else,from other girls,or he is internalizing his feelings and is depressed??????????!!!

    • Deanna says:

      All he’s saying is if the guy left you don’t continue to feedbacks ego by taking his calls and texts and meet I g up with him randomly. If he dumped you but you still give into his whims you devalue yourself and he will still look for another girl who has more self esteem.
      If he comes with a genuine offer to mend your relationship and not just chit chat to validate himself this might be different.

      • Veronica says:

        I agree with Deanna, if you leave and he comes back with some valid contribution to the relationship rather than just idle chit chat, that’s good, otherwise let it go!

    • Rue says:

      I’m going to have to agree with Asal.

      My ex of 7 years broke up with me, we spoke for a bit, but then I stopped communicating. He never looked back. It’s almost a year since we broke up.

      It’s been a painful journey, I won’t lie. He never even gave me closure.

  32. Cecilia green says:

    My husband argue wuth me,when he wants more sex. after alone day at work drive him crazy. he more addictive to me and love cuddle. We even had a son together he 7 months he can’t take his hands off me he really enjoy our marriage but sometime we have ours good day and bad bit ot start get better anyway. Spin time for kids take them out sbow them how to cook nutritionist meals to boost energy. Not to rush to grow up to fast enjoy being a kids and teenage. I have family who want to destroy our marriage because they’re not happy with their lives so they’re do anything for me to come back to town to see my 7 months son

  33. Tara says:

    Matthew, after the guy I was seeing for four months told me that due to our busy schedules he didn’t think it was ‘fair to commit to seeing each other’, I didn’t text. I haven’t contacted him at all and unfollowed him on all social media but Facebook. He hasn’t contacted me either. It’s been three weeks. What now? I’m not even sure I want him back but my pride is hurt and I want to get over him for good of nothing else. The pain is still there.

  34. Laura says:

    Didn’t work. He used the “We were on a break” excuse and slept with other girls before he ever called.

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