The Secret to Irresistible Charisma In 3 Words…

I was a guest on a radio show in New York, doing my normal thing, when all of a sudden the host blurts out: “Three. Legged. Dog!”

… What??

My mind scrambled. I was live on air, fumbling for something to say as I tried to make sense of those three words.

What dog? Why does it have three legs? What is he talking about??

This is the story of how I learnt the most important 3 secrets to charisma in one life-changing conversation.


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15 Replies to “The Secret to Irresistible Charisma In 3 Words…”

  1. Absolute loved it! Want more to learn how to interact and impact with people!!!
    Although link is not working Argh… where can I find that document?

  2. It is a funny “metaphor” but you have been talking about the issue how to overcome the loss of an important person…

    So you changed the issue to a “communication” issue, which is interesting but you lost the original issue.

    To get to the issue which are the women actually waiting for an solution please consider THAT A DOG NO MATTER HOW MANY LEGS IT HAS EVEN GOES TO DIE WHEN IT LOSES AN IMPORTANT PERSON IN ITS LIFE !!!

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