3 Ways to Sneak Past His Defenses & Into His Heart 💕 (+ FREE Guide)

There’s a secret test every guy is waiting to see if a woman passes in the early dating stage. And the answer to this question will 100% determine if he sees you as someone he can be with long-term.

Make sure you have the right answer…

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"9 Texts No Man Can Resist"

13 Replies to “3 Ways to Sneak Past His Defenses & Into His Heart 💕 (+ FREE Guide)”

  • How if he expects much from me, like for example, he is working i a troubled place n no way to send remittance to his kidz for their expenses. NOw, he expects me to provide the needs of his kidz by borrowing money from friends in which I dont have the capability to pay for what am supposed to borrow. As I understood, his love for me is measured on money cause I was not able to raise the said amount needed by his kidz, So he refused to reply to my txt Because of this I broke up with him. Is this a sound decision??

  • I am in a new relationship and we are living together. We we’re roommates and fwb. Since we decided to get into a relationship the sex has stopped. And it’s created anxiety in me to the point where I am pushing so hard I feel like I might be blowing it with him. What can I do?

  • A while ago in a video about insecurity you said that happiness is also falling in love with yourself. I would like to see you talking more about this. I guess you could speak for many different areas and I’m dying to have more of your videos, or maybe books (?), in wich I could learn more about improvement in my personal and even professional life.
    I mean, I’m not in search for love right now, but your perspective on this matter makes me think that your perspective in life in general is beautiful (and helpfull) for me and others.
    Dying to see this material
    Best regards,

  • please can you send me your free guide 3 ways to sneak past his Defenses and into his heart thank you Patricia

  • Would be more than greatful if you enlighten me on how to sneak past his defenses and into his heart. 3 ways free guide would greatly appricated…. By kereen kelly

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