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110 Replies to “The 4 Keys To Success In Your Love Life…”

  • I unfortunently didn’t have time to get through the whole video. What I did get through sounds great. If I get to see it later I’m hoping that it’ll help with my Andy whom I’ve loved forever. That it’ll help me turn around my friendship to relationship once and for all. He has been dealt a very sucky hand at love. I just would like him to know love again. He’s been so hurt already. No matter what happens my heart and soul not only go out to him always but will always be with him. Thank you to you also for doing this. I love your stuff, understand it the best and I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped me. I look forward to your future stuff.

  • Hi Matt!

    I just wanted to know if this is a one-time special offer, or if we still can order it two weeks/one month from now? :D

    1. Hey Rocio! Can’t say for sure how long it will be up, but the offer for the first 200 people to work with me in an exclusive group as a bonus is going to go pretty quickly!

    1. Hey Fang, it should have redirected you to the programme page, but we’ll check your order now and get back to you. We’ll send you the access details now via email just in case!

  • Hi Mattew, I love to learn about male thinking from you and understand that it’s ALL ABOUT PLAYING game! Exciting but when it’s not your nature at all playing it get’s frustrated….. I live in Vienna, Austria, I don’t have opportuntiy to attend your seminars or coaching in person, is there any possibility to have online coaching??? Through webcamera or any other technolkogy involved coaching is possible??? I would appreciate your response! Regards, Jenn!

  • Ohhhh!!! So afraid I’m not going to make it into the 200!!! Urging the bus (in my min of course) to drive faster home. I can’t wait to see what exactly it’s about!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew, I have just signed up for your programme and i gotta tell you that it is one of the most craziest things I’ve ever done. However i have faith in you and I’m a curious human being – see on the other side
    Love, Wave~

  • Thank you Matthew. I wonder if my comments are appearing on this page and my previous comments as you reply to others and I dont see any on mine.

    It is not an issue but I really want to thank you and for sure I am ordering your video. I have got to your link and truly want to go to the next level.



    1. Hey Lenni,

      So busy replying to emails i have no idea how many are on the programme already! I’ll check back in later today!

      My fingers hurt from typing! It’s crazy.


      1. im putting all my details down and when i want to process the payment is not letting me to do that :(

  • Hi Mathew . I am in line and Cancelled every appointment to be clue to this event.
    Please let us know of any difficulties or Web issues.
    Try to get the link , but something is blocking me from getting in.
    I loved the Name of the Programme. Hope to be able to see it.
    Best regards, Sonia Tamo Fort Lauderdale, Florida Usa. I

  • Problems with my PayPal account :’C have to wait PayPal code like 24hrs or more, the video will be available for 24hr more? at least? :( :( please?

  • I have tried but failed to find a video on the page, I can access link (Click Here To Change Your Love Life Forever) but nothing happens, even access the payment method but can only pay by means of PayPal “great” oh well just my luck : /…. Hope all goes well xx

  • yay – i just purchased the man myth + free trial to fast track to mr.right :D – wish i could’ve gotten the other one too – but i don’t have the money right now :( – if there was a payment plan for like $20 or $30 a month i could’ve but there wasn’t – oh well i’m still learning more than i could of before :D Thanks again for this awesome program!!

  • Thanks Matthew! I got it now! How will I be able to access the program are there going to be emails and link sent to my email address?

    1. hey Kimberly, We will send you your access details asap, we’re working on it for you right now as we speak! Congrats for making it onto the programme! x

  • Hey Matt!
    When i got to the pay pal page ,i didn’t find my country wich is Lebanon what to do?

    1. I saw that you are having problems with paypal. We use
      paypal is because it is the safest payment method out there. If you
      cannot find your country we have another option.

      You can send us your phone number at and you will receive a call from a
      member of the team and they can take payment over the phone.

      So if you would like to go through that route to gain access just send us an
      email with your phone number.


      GTG Team

  • Hi Matthew,

    I seem to be having issues with my computer this morning. Anyway, I clicked on the link at the end of the video and paid the fee. I am just wondering what the next stage is, I’m a bit confused

    1. Hey Lucy,

      You should have been immediately directed to the member’s login
      where you would have put your personal username and password
      that you received.

      Now if you did not receive those and were not redirected send us an email
      at and we’ll get that sorted for you.


      GTG Team

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