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110 Replies to “The 4 Keys To Success In Your Love Life…”

  • THANK GOD! This is exactly what I need. I never can get a man to commit no matter how much I love him. My heart is completely full of scars. I am tired of being played. Where I live everyone is coupled-up but me. Then of course I hear the, “You’re so pretty and so nice. I don’t understand why you’re not married.” Always hearing that makes me want to stab people

  • I guess I’m finally going to create my paypal account.. And I don’t even want to be in relationship right now, I’m having a great time being single! :) But you’ll never know when the Mr. Right will be in front of me, so I better prepare myself.. ;)
    Can’t wait to buy and see this! And the price is amazing!

    I was at my tennis class when all of these was released – so maybe can I pay double price, to be 201..? ;)

    Thank you Matthew and GTG team! :)

  • Mathew
    I wrote you a comment above , but you might be crazy with all questions.
    Let you know that I was able to purchased the program and here in Florida, Usa everything seems to work fine now.

    Sorry,I couldn’t get the programme “Keep the Guy”. It was out my reach now, but please looked into it for the special ladies that follow you with all our commitment to change if you can offer that programme in the future in easy payments or in other way.. Love to do it too. :)
    Thanks for all yr hard work and to making a difference in women life.
    SoniaTamo -Saianna Fort Lauderdale, Florida Usa

  • Hi Mathew, I’ve just returned from your workshop in London tonight and booked myself on the weekend workshop in September. Hooray! I’m just checking whether this online programme contains the same information that I’ll find on the weekend or whether it’s something different. I don’t want to miss out or double up. Thank you for everything you’ve done so far, it’s so helpful to have guidance that works. By the way, the guys/girls did a great job without you tonight but I must admit to being disappointed that the July weekend is not until June : ( you never know, if I put everything I learnt tonight into action I may not even need it! Fingers crossed! Many thanks Lesley : )

  • THIS IS GREAT!!! I have always wanted to come to one of your live events, but with work and other things it’s a bit on the difficult side.
    Thank you so much for doing this for all of us!!!
    I’m so excited!!!
    My order is in…

  • in your video you said that the woman you were in a relationship with was a goddess! that totally made my heart melt, damn you sure do have a way with words! there should be more guys like you! now if only human cloning was possible. :) …. well one can dream lol

  • I feel scared. I just ordered it. Didn’t think I would but I did and I feel scared.

    I’m in a new country for 6 weeks (on my 2nd week) and thought… maybe this could be a way for me to… not necessarily be a different me, but to nurture a me that I know I have (I suppose…).

    Mathew, I feel scared. I’m giving it a go.

  • wow, this is what i’ve been waiting for! couldnt afford the weekends but made it to one of the secrets of attraction day events and was blown away. I just need the guts to get on and do it!

    this program would be made even better by having somewhere ladies could get together and maybe organise our own meet up so we are not getting stuck with all those nice, well meaning friends in relationships! But can create our own support system with ladies going through the same thing who can support each other close to home.

    Thanks for this chance to help us change our lives. i missed the 200 i’m sure by miles BUT the program will still help!
    Alex xx

  • Hi Matthew,
    I purchased the GTG program today! I’m excited to start the online membership. After confirming my purchase on PayPal, I didn’t receive any additional information on how to access GTG. I emailed to receive the login information but haven’t received a response. Is there any other way to get access to this program?

    Thank you in advance!

      1. I have the same problem. I haven’t received any of the login information, nor have I received a response from ‘Contact’ support

  • Same problem as Denise below. I have checked my Spam folder. It’s been more than 24 hours and still no “instant access”. Also have emailed customer service to no response. I am beginning to worry the way in which I signed up is a scam?

  • Hello, just ordered Get Him Running Back To You last night. I’ve only been granted access to the Fast Track members only. I haven’t received any of the additional things as promised. Emailed The support team and haven’t heard back on how to get my access to my programs and videos. Searched all my mail and nothing and no replies. Help?

  • I have been on the mailing list for a bit now when I was considering starting the trial program and was a little unsure and cash poor. I want to make the investment in the Keep the Guy program now which is a little steep for me due to a medical thing, not working but I am wondering if I do that how do I get access to all the programs before as well like the attract any guy and fast track or will Keep the guy have all the former information as well. I am ready to make the investment but wish there was a way to have access to all the programs if am paying for a higher one that seems to not cover what the starters do. Although I am in a relationship, I think I would still benefit from the prior information plus you never know about things and I’d like to know the basics as well if is assumed you’ve seen them..So not sure if I need to pay for both the starter, keep the guy and monthly fast track..or is there a way to get keep the guy and get the others as well as I feel that’s the one I need right now but also want to have seen the foundationals….

  • Hi Matthew, I think I’m a kind of that.
    I just made it 3 nights ago and almost made him sad.
    Jus because of stupid reason ( why he didn’t mention me in a post on FB .
    But I made an apology early after.
    I know it’s my problem and don’t know how could I face with it.
    What I know is that moment my heart beats as crazy fast, and I feel like ignorant person.

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