5 Surprising Love Lessons From Disney’s Frozen

Jameson and I have cooked up something a little different for you this Sunday…

We’ve decided to start a new concept, giving you our take on a movie, and covering the lessons on life and love that it teaches us.

Being Disney fans, we thought where better to start than with the recent hit Frozen.

If you haven’t seen the film, now’s your chance to. If you have, this might give you a very different take on it…

Question Of The Day:

What film do you think would be make for a good second episode of ‘Sexy Potatoes’? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. SW says:

    Great observations! I remember asking this one guy that I really liked after going out several times and talking to (he appeared to enjoy my company as well) for a ride to the airport as I was having a really hard time finding a way there. And he was really put out by it! Sometimes these movies open our eyes and reality sinks in if indeed we pay attention! Thanks for your pointing out a few things here Matt! p.s. I still wish that they would’ve tied the knot – guess it was more of a true reality… perhaps a part 2 movie is coming up and he swipes her off of her feet!

  2. Lalenthra Naidoo says:

    funniest upload yet :) love your passion

  3. SnowStorm says:

    so this was the first:) i agree on every level…the guy i am with right now is really investing :) (the comp.analyst) it just that, i am still connected to the one i shared my ordinary stuffs and a promise…(the psychologist),lol. but he could turn the tide if he will just invest time a little more :) ” i want him as him and not his winning strategies” lol… i followed his instructions not to focus much on him:) and then i eventually lost that loving feeling,the desire to be with him…somewhat redirected it to the other…if he wants me back, he probably know the right steps- he is soo good at it anyway ;) but it just that he has to wait until i become single again or if ever i will…right now, i am committed to the guy who offers love not just in the safe zone…but is willing to go up with me in the mountains ;) though i am not sure if where this climbing will take us…i am enjoying the growing moment♥ this present guy could be the real thing or just a preparation for the next :) who knows?! #lovethejourney

  4. Amruta says:

    Great video!

    I would love your analysis of the fantastical ideas that romcom movies give us, such as love at first sight, hate first then love, THE ONE, manic pixie dream girl – etc.

    Could you please review about my favourite romcom, You’ve Got Mail?



  5. charlotte summers says:

    Amazing video, very funny and very insightful.

    I’m going to be really random and say you need to do a sexy potatoes on Mrs Doubtfire

    Bring Jameson to the UK tour! I have this odd need to see who he is

  6. Margot says:

    It’s not a marshmallow monster, Matt. It’s a snow monster.

    Next episode: 12 Years A Slave!

  7. Charlotte says:

    Can you do a ‘Sexy Potatoes’ on Scarlett Johansons character in Jon Don?

  8. mari says:

    please please, go on “her” – one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever watched that teaches so many lessons in love !

  9. Mich says:

    Love the video… I suggest “only you”, sometimes I think like Faith… In love only about the idea, an illusion, a fantasy

  10. Kim says:

    You guys nailed it with this video! (And you also explained why guys who think like Olaf are the sexiest ones around!) THANKS! :) Kim

  11. Cathy says:

    I absolutely LOVE this video, Matt! Frozen did break the mold, and I loved hearing about it through your eyes. The best part of your title, “Sexy Potatoes,” is the endearing way you say, “potato” :)

  12. Colleen says:

    TERRIFIC! This is one of your best. Thank you. More, please.

  13. Mitze says:

    Matt is like a mentor, a coach, a best friend , a brother, a father to us his pupils.
    Full of wisdom and life-experience

  14. Linda says:

    One of your best videos for sure! I’m not planning on watching this movie but if I were to watch it I now know I’d actually make it through the movie and potentially even like it. Plus, all your five points make so much sense. I’m excited to see the next episode of sexy potato.
    A German potato

  15. Dora says:

    The fifth lesson which was actually a line from Frozen is saved as my desktop. I should take a screenshot and send it to you soon.
    I love Walt Disney too. I think I learned quite a few lessons from Shrek too. I learned a lot about loyalty and friendship from “Donkey”. There is this one line from the movie where Shrek asks Donkey why he came back. And Donkey’s retort was so instantaneous and direct. He says “Because that’s what friends do; they forgive each other”


  16. Kiara says:

    The Wolf of Wall Street.

  17. Clara says:

    …and you love Disney? Matthew, you’re perfect.

  18. Carla says:

    whoa….Jameson has glasses!?! Revelation.

  19. Anna from Poland says:

    “About Time” (2013, UK) <- please make your next episode of Sexy potatoes about this film :)

    Why this one? Because it is a great movie about life and love. Main character Tim has abillity to travel back in time and change what happens and has happened in his own life.

  20. Amy Beth says:

    I beg you…rant about Love Actually. I’m a screenwriter and that movie makes me crazy.

  21. Faith says:

    Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King

    Why do you think that Sam Gamgee had to wait to ask for his future bride’s hand later in the film? What if Sam died and never had a chance to tell the girl he likes what he feels?
    Fortunately he was alive, got married (with the girl he likes) and had kids with her too. I am trying to see what improved there… is it because of Sam’s newfound sense of courage? For us women, is it likewise finding our sense of meaning and courage that will make us get hitched? Not necessarily hitched but at least happier with someone we care about deeply… if not today then at least someday… just thinking…

    Stay well Matt! And to the other folks, keep love around! :)

  22. Rebecca says:

    Love it one of the best ones you done!

  23. Susanne says:

    May I add some honey:

    When I read your blogs ♥&♥ watch your videos I see the true LOVE ♥&♥ beauty in you :) ♥&♥ sing hallelujah God is the best artist :)

    After all, he created a man : Matthew Hussey :)
    …who is incredibly amazingly handsome!
    Amen :)

    I believe we are made of true LOVE: God’s looooooooooooooovely creation :)
    If we LOVE with all heart: we truly LIVE :)
    After all, who truly loooooooooooooves truly liiiiiiiiiiiiives
    true LOVE+ true LIFE= beauty :)

    Thank God for creating masculinity :)
    ♥&♥ all beauty on planet earth :)

    Discovering beauty in God’s creation :)


  24. Julia says:

    :0) Wow, Genius.
    Lol – “Sexy Potato’s” I love the name!
    Dating advice from movies is very common but most of us don’t really notice. There are a few that are my favorites and have dating advice of its theme, sub-theme or plot. “He’s just not that in to you”, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, “Frozen” (of course) and on the darker side, “V for Vendetta” I feel that movie is about love and self-empowerment. Even though for Vendetta” has a political theme, based off the comic book series.

    • Carla says:

      Awesome movie choices, btw! V for Vendetta is one of my favorite films…and Diane Lane realizes the same idea of “family over man” that Ana does in “Frozen.”

  25. April says:

    Just like Vronsky in Anna Karenina.

  26. Kalee says:

    Why are you Sooo funny? Haha I love everything about every single one of your videos. Wonderful advice and you are hilarious.

    And I must say, as much as I come to you for advice, I almost look forward to the bloopers on these videos as much as the advice! Lol


    SO adorable i want to meet someone thats worth “melting for” not that i haven’t but he’s quite unreachable seeing he’s a celeb (yes its you matthew) and OMG IVE MISSED JAMERSON!!!!!! stupid spending problem didn’t allow me to $$$ave togo to LA OC or SD. i wish i had a good movie suggestion but my ultimate favorite is GONE WITH THE WIND! man rhett bulter was a MAN!

    and omg matt have you seen mixology its hilarious and i think you’d quite enjoy it
    its about strangers going above in beyond to find love although i suspect you might have contributed seeing its a ryan seacreast production maybe you had some input maybe?

    love you matt like always

    BTW yes you’re adorable but my celeb crush is a mexican singer thats in LA too known as “el dasa” you can play real life cupid and connect us lol

  28. Lara says:

    Amazing video, I enjoyed every minute of it. :)
    Please do “He’s just not that into you”.

  29. Kristine says:

    Silver Linings Playbook

    This is 40

  30. Leah says:

    You always make me laugh!! Never stop! Lol :D

  31. Roselle says:

    Hello! Saw you and Jameson in L.A. Good timing! I just saw Frozen a few days before receiving this Sexy Potato video. Yes, Disney is slowly moving away from the traditional girl “heroine” figure where her only way to a happy ending was to be rescued by a handsome guy and get married. Yeah, I still hold on to that fantasy just as tightly as if I stuck my tongue on a frozen pipe. LOL. At least, Disney’s female characters are beginning to be shown as intelligent, brave and capable problem solvers. Well done on using the movie Frozen for your first sexy potatoes commentary. That movie certainly broke the mold on what was the typical fairy tale story. More please!…from Disney and Sexy Potatoes. BTW, loved the outtakes. Never liked The Little Mermaid especially the original, non-Disneyfied version. I still don’t understand why the original version is touted as “the much loved children’s story”. As for your comment that women are always cold…Correction: the women you men are attracted to appear cold. I have friends who look like models. They get hit up all the time despite the fact they appear cold and aloof. They developed that cold facade just because they’re sick and tired of being approached by men all the time. And, appearing cold is their way of discouraging them. Friendly-faced Slugs like me with the “nice smile”, good teeth, good hygiene sorta get ignored. I’m not putting myself down. It’s just I’m resigned to the fact that men are attracted to beauty–cold or otherwise. So, the best defense is to be the best I can be, live my life and maybe along the way, I’ll Get the Guy. ;)

  32. Rowan says:

    @ 8:45 – Ariel went on to have a daughter named Melody and quite the successful marriage with Prince Eric. As seen in the Little Mermaid 2. Pocahontas went to England and married some other guy and fixed the historical inaccuracies of the first Disney film while raising many, many more. Cinderella and Aurora had to fight for their love at least 2 more times in their subsequent films. Belle and Adam had a more realistic relationship since Adam was a fixer upper to begin with. Mulan spent half of her second movie believing that she was a widow only to discover that Shang was okay. Jasmine and Aladdin worked everything out in movies 2-3 (and a cartoon show). Only Snow, Tiana, Mereidah, and the Amy Adams princess have not had any discernible follow up.

  33. Rowan says:

    the original power rangers movie

  34. Elsa says:

    Around 6:49: “In my experience, women are always cold.”

    I heard you pulling an Elsa eyebrow there, singing how the cold never bothered you anyway ;-)

  35. Corinne says:

    Great lesson, made me laugh, you sexy potato!

    Next Movie – He’s just not that into you.

    Saw you in Orange County, loved the seminar and I got to see Jameson.

  36. Nela says:

    You are absolutely right about “a prince”, the only thing that drives me crazy is that heart is sick sometimes, can’t rationally realize who is worth it and blindly continues falling in love with the wrong person.
    Maybe some of us would need a video about how to control our heart :-)

    • Sophie says:

      You are right, but evan when you know it you can’t control it. I have the same problem now. A nice guy tries to give me attention, but even if he looks o.k, I am not attracted.But I am attracted to his friend who is heartless and manipulative.I can’t help it.

  37. France says:

    When harry met sally would be a nice one… I’m still analyzing the evolution of their friendship. It’s like Harry always knew they would hook up & Sally was Always sceptical…

  38. fatemeh says:

    I’d say next one should be about “brave” . Surprisingly , the plot is about a princess who doesn’t want to get married to a prince , and she starts a journey on her own to save her family . I remember watching it in the theatre with my girlfriend , and we left the cinema happy because Disney had done something for women who seek independence .

  39. MariaElena says:


  40. Mary-jane says:

    I found this completely entertaining. You just made me want to watch Frozen for the first time even after months of being sick of hearing the annoying songs everywhere. I also wanted to point out, I learned from someone wise to allow men to feel they rescued you. It makes them feel manly even though I know I can do things for myself. Besides, why pay for an oil change if your guy wants to do it for free. Lol

  41. kathy bickford says:

    I ii think the next movie should be Sense and Sensibility…..it has such good life lessons in it. The two sisters are so different. I’m more like the younger….but aspire to be like the older one.

  42. Kendra says:

    Best video you’ve done ;)

  43. Kathryn Green says:

    I saw the film a couple of times recently and me and my son loved it. I was then on the phone to a guy one day and put down the receiver with such a pained look of ‘oh my goodness, how he bores the c..p out of me’! My son who is so cute immediately puts on the trolls accent and says, ‘what’s the issue dear, why do you hold back from such a man’. It’s surprising what they pick up on and how funny at such a young age. It’s great news for that little girl in your video, it’s a huge film.

  44. Jacqueline says:

    It’s always a delight to receive a weekly video from you, Matthew. No matter what the genre; you always provide wisdom, insight, foresight and humor!!!

  45. Lourdes says:

    Great video Matt…I love the new idea about making videos that will be analyzing movies and what lessons we can get from them! You should make a video about Love Actually….please please explain why it is just a dumb movie like you did in the LA seminar last week ;) Also…500 Days of Summmer and The Holiday are amazing movies that you may want to consider analyzing and picking out lessons from them :D

    One comment though regarding this video…women are not all cold, and by the way, lots of men are too!! I’m not sure what you specifically meant by that comment…however, if you were trying to indicate how women are in general when meeting new men, I think both men and women equally can be “cold” and should be to an extent….they should have their guards up when meeting a potential significant other… so that when they realize that person is for them, then they can BOTH melt for each other….;)

    • Jacqueline says:

      I believe he meant ‘cold’ as in they get chilly from the temperature vs. men who don’t.

      • Luly says:

        Ohhh haha he meant women always are prone to getting cold, literally. Got it. Thank you! I guess the effects of the mimosas I had at Easter brunch are still lingering, lol ;)

  46. Mel says:

    Ha-ha, they say never meet your heroes, ergo I won’t be going any time soon.

  47. Bernadettka says:

    I’ve always been curious how Jameson looks like…just sayyyinnn….:)

  48. Ann says:

    Never commented on anything of your videos but following you for a while now. I love love love Frozen and the first time i watched it i found some similarities to my own life. Not that i ever fell for someone so quickly that i wanted to marry him and he me, but first is the fact that there is a guy i have a crush on and he is like in the movie described a bit of a fixer upper, but i do just like him anyway. Second, it’s crazy but even our names are similar to Anna and Kristoff. ALso one of my best friends is called a similar name to Elsa. I hope my situation is going into the direction of how Anna and Kristoff ended. Also, i have told him how much i like him and he does like me too but he is not sure if he wants to date me just yet.
    In so much new Disney films these days are values much better bought over than before. It even helps me as a 30 year old single ;)

  49. M says:

    Hey Matt! This is something completely differnt…but what does men in general think about women with little experience? I’m 25 so I’m not that young anymore….

  50. Ruth McAuley says:

    .. so you got my email then?! Glad you liked it! heart warming or rather heart melting..

  51. Rivka says:

    You reminded me of how sexy my male best friend looks in glasses.

  52. A says:

    “Jameson: The Man, The Myth, The Legend.” Yes, plz! We need a documentary about a day in the life of following Matthew Hussey around!

    Other than that, I’d like to hear your thoughts on Love, Actually.

    Cute video!

  53. Goldberry says:

    HAH! Too, too funny with the “sexy potatoes”. Tho I must disagree, women are not always cold.

  54. Angela says:

    Sexy Potatoes – the Beatles, Rolling Stones – just goes to show that the name is not the end all and be all. It’s the product, or in this case, the content, that counts.

    That was pithy, Matthew. Short, substantial & meaningful.

  55. Narisa says:

    Thumbs up to no.5…lol…good you get it! Haha

  56. Natasha says:

    Oh…my….gawd……I can’t stop giggling….

    Hey Matthew It’s your sexy Idaho potato Natasha!!!

    I love that you were struggling for content. High fives to you and Jameson for pulling this shit off with a straight face.

    Some of my fave flicks up for nomination on next sexy potatoes include Bridget Jones’ Diary, Willy Wonka (original), crazy Stupid Love, Cold Mountain

  57. Pam says:

    Love the glasses.

  58. Susanne says:

    :)♥:)Dear wonderful LOVELIFE hero Matthew Hussey :)♥:)

    With all my heart I thank you ♥&♥ fantastic creative amazing Jameson for the looooooooooooooooovely Sunday meal :)

    May I say:

    Yummy yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummy yummy :)
    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove everything you created with HEART :)
    ♥&♥ I truly enjoyed the meal of true LOVE :)


    Human beings I looooooooooove created it :)
    You have chosen one of the best ingredients on this planet: True LOVE :)
    How incredibly heart-touching :)

    True LOVE is a meal that truly touches my heart :) ♥&♥ always tastes incredibly amazingly good :)

    So thank you for adding the best ingredients to the Sunday meal ♥&♥ making it one of the most healthy ♥&♥ tasty meals I ever had :)

    A meal you can enjoy deep in your heart is always a very good meal :)
    I believe true LOVE is a meal we human beings can enjoy deep in our hearts :)
    That’s why I believe it’s one of the best meals on this planet :)

    May we always enjoy meals of true LOVE deep in our hearts in the best way: with HEART :)
    May true LOVE always be the ingridient we add to all meals of our LIFE :)
    May we always enjoy true LOVE & longevity & everything beautiful :)
    All beautiful Matthew Hussey live-events, videos, blogs ♥&♥ …..God knows :)

    Moving & creating with HEART & singing ♥♥♥♥♥♥ :)



    • Susanne says:

      May I say:

      I looooooooooooooooove FROZEN :)
      It’s a very heart-touching movie indeed :)


      I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
      Look straight into his heart ♥&♥ you’ll know if he is Mr. Right :)

      After all, true LOVE connects HEARTS in the best way :)

  59. marlene says:

    I think the next episode of Sexy potato should be Kung Fu Panda, my favorite kids movie.

  60. Lynn says:

    I second the “Penelope” movie recommendation from another commenter here.


    The fact you would assume most married couples are unhappy is simply a reflection of a negative attitude you are carrying about marriage. While I objectively agree that not all relationships should end in marriage (especially for anyone under age 25, or people with very dysfunctional family backgrounds), I also think a man who says things like “marriage is not the destination” is probably anti-marriage, not relationship material, and in a dating scenario I would probably “next” him…

    As far as themes in “Frozen”, I thought it was really anti-introvert. The extroverted, happy, outgoing sister goes off to force her introverted sister out of her shell because being introverted is simply “wrong”? What? Hmm… It made me think a lot about the deeply-held cultural bias we have against introversion in our culture.

    • Rivka says:

      I don;t think Matthew meant that most marriages are unhappy. He just mean that some are, and that most Disney movies don’t give enough information to leave it clear that their couples will be in the happy group.

  61. Stacie says:

    very good. and I loved that line too.

  62. Izabella says:

    lol. I really love this movie coz mainly of the ice graphics. The song was great too ^_^ It’s true that action speaks louder than words. A question has been on my mind lately. A guy whom I got to know last year, well, we went out once. And after that, we met up again and other times it was him joining me and my friends on outings. The recent one he offered me a lift home(which he did too on other occasion),though this time he decided to spend more time with me by taking me to this eatry, when he heard I wanted to do take-out for my family.We had better conversation then we did on the first outing(and he was actually having a cold that day but he came for the outing with me and my friends. And it was raining heavily). I kinda feel bad after that night so I texted him asking how he was. He said the cold was getting worse. and I said it was my fault, to which he said no worries and not my fault. I said I was also feeling unwell(We were slightly drenched by the rain even though we shared an umbrella). He didn’t reply. I was recovering from stomach flu & a cold before this recent outing, and he called to ask how I was. I mentioned it was sweet of him to have called. I was thinking, did he freak out of something when I mentioned he was sweet?

    • Rivka says:

      Why do you think he freaked out when you said he was sweet? He probably liked hearing it. Don’t be afraid to give guys compliments; they usually like hearing them.
      (If you can get in a little flirtatiousness, that would be good too. He will like it.)

      • Izabella says:

        He didn’t reply so came that conclusion :P I texted him again in the morning to ask how he was, he replied. I also said I would be giving him a call when free. I do agree with Matt’s statement about a guy investing time and effort when he’s into someone. Would a guy be also doing the same to other women, not just one?

      • Izabella says:

        Thank U Rivka for your reply ! ^_^

  63. Rach says:

    Hey Matt, have you seen ‘Penelope’ with Christina Ricci/ Reese Witherspoon? That’s a better movie to analyse!!

  64. Clarissa says:

    Harry Potter series!! this video is amazing!!

  65. Betty says:

    If all women you meet are cold then perhaps YOU’RE doing something wrong.
    Ever considered that possibility?

  66. stephanie says:

    I love this…when I went with my kids to see this movie, I was so pleased to notice these very things! It seems like culturally we may FINALLY be ready to start looking at how we treat ourselves and each other as the foundation for love. Yay Disney! Yay Matt!

  67. kikolja says:

    Hey there Matt!

    Really muchos enjoyed this new category of videos :))

    My suggestion would be to analyze “Match Point”. A film by Woody Allen always has much to offer ;) Especially because this one covers big topics as cheating, passion or compatibility, money matters and I’m sure you’ll find more patches, packed nicely into a one 2 hours film.


  68. Jasmine Che says:

    Matthew, you’re such a romantic. I love your views on this! Keep bringing more sexy potatoes hahaha xx

  69. Agostinha Jacinto says:

    big marsmallow monster…hhahhahaahaa!!! SO FUNNY!!!! :)

  70. Una says:

    Brilliant Matt!

    Finally, advice that’s delivered in a fun and fresh way!

    As your advice was based on a complete story it was easier to see the whole picture & actually relate to it ( I never thought I’d be saying that about a Disney animation!). Sometimes the advice can seem unattainable or impractical when it’s given without context or practical examples. For once I didn’t feel like I was doing everything wrong !

    Well done guys!

  71. Daria says:

    This is an awesome idea!..I think it would be great if the next sexy potato would be based on Gone with the wind- I`m sure everybody is curious to hear your point of view on such a popular story.

  72. sapphire says:

    I love this, looking forward to the next sexy potato x

  73. Emily says:

    Rotten tomatoes. Lol!

  74. jen says:

    I don’t like Disney movies, but i think i might like this one… Am away to get a copy now :)

  75. John V Denley says:

    LOVE this Matt, brilliant concept. Well done! :D

  76. Janet G. says:

    After hearing your take on Love Actually at your live tour in San Diego, I would love to hear your take on Austenland. I can just picture you rolling your eyes over the stereotypes and the fantasy, “Mr. Darcy.”

  77. Teresa says:

    Matt you picked up on things that even I noticed in Frozen … all the life and love life tips that were in the movie and they were so true too… the guy might look perfect at first sight but you learn that he’s not what you thought and what’s even worse is when you have a guyfriend that can treat you the way you should be treated and you don’t realize it until it’s too late… Thank you Matt!

  78. JJ says:

    Yes Kristoff was a bit scruffy and a good guy but I just can’t handle guys who have caveman tendencies. Its like they are still boys not men.

    I’ve dated a “Kristoff” before and at first it was “oh I can tolerate his unpolished manners… he’s a nice guy” but after awhile he got on my nerves. The guy couldn’t wear a button down shirt or tuck it in or even wear anything but jeans and tshirts. Did not know how to behave in social situations. I think this scruffy guy mentality is also a reflection of the maturity of a guy’s mind and after awhile it shows more than his outward appearance but also his lack of being a fully developed man in all areas.

    I just can’t take men with lack of propriety. I prefer more proper men like Hans. I would take a little insensitivity of a guy who was a matured man over a sloppy guy like Kristoff. I’ll wait for my prince. I had a nice frog but it became a turn off after awhile.

    Now if Hans didn’t turn out to be the villain, I’d pick him over Kristoff. Until the end Hans showed to be very protective of Anna, he wanted to please her, showed maturity by helping those in the kingdom during the winter freeze while Anna was gone. I even believe Hans really liked Anna in the beginning before he even knew she was a princess. I don’t think Hans was a villain but more of an opportunist and when Elsa when ice shit crazy, he took advantage of the situation.


    • Jill says:

      Everyone likes different things just don’t let yourself get caught up with a Hans just because he seems to act like a decent human being.

  79. Mirela says:

    Guys watch porn and girls watch romances- which I think explains the failed expectations on both sides haha I think it’s great that you guys are doing this movie thing… Honestly, pretty much every girl I know went through a “romance-movie” period where that was all they ever watched (myself included :P) and because of that we all ended up having a totally false understanding about love and guys. Seriously, I wish I never watched any of it. It was emotional porn and at the end of the day gave it just gave us unrealistic guidelines on how to act and what to expect from guys. It was like, “Oh, you’re not willing to chase me to the airport even though I clearly let you know that I never want to see you again? Well then you clearly don’t love me!” Movies give terrible, misleading advice! But that’s why we have the Hussey boys, right? :P

    • JJ says:

      I feel if guys really wants to get a woman he should watch these romantic movies that women love and learn why we love them so much. Give a woman what she wants and you will get what you want in return. Men give. Women give back. Men call. Women call back.

      Twilight movies were so popular not because of great acting, it was because women craved the way Edward and Jacob cherished Bella. They would die for her, they would do anything to make her happy, they protected her and made her feel safe.
      Most men today don’t cherish women, would not die for her because he puts his needs first, won’t do anything to make a woman happy until he gets what he wants first from her. Most men today are selfish. A real man puts women, children, animals and the planet before himself. Today men put all those things after himself first.

      • Mirela says:

        Even so… this whole idea of dying in the name of love is overrated. I think that’s an unhealthy mentality and films really keep pushing it. Taking a bullet for a loved one/protecting them is totally different from not being able to live without them. And I’m not going to agree with your statement that most men today are selfish. Humans are never more or less greedy, spiteful, selfish, loving, kind, and gracious over time. We’re always the same. It’s just our social conditions that are always changing so how we react to it changes, too. And all those qualities you listed that a “real” man should have is what a decent human being should have regardless of their sex.

        Also, seriously, Twilight? The whole Edward-Bella-Jacob dynamic is once of the WORST examples of love I’ve ever seen. Not even getting into the whole controlling/stalker complex of Edward and Jacob, but, what the heck, Bella gives up all her friends and family for this one guy and then has a mental breakdown when he leaves? No thank you. I would not want that in my life.

        • JJ says:

          it sounds like you have never experienced a kind of love that would break you. A love that is so complete, so connected you can’t go back to knowing life without it. Not many people find that kind of love. It is rare and if one ever finds it they are truly blessed. But in order to experience a deep love one must also know deep pain to appreciate the bliss of ecstasy when with a person fills all void in your heart. Its hard to put into words but I have loved many times but only one true and deep, one that I would travel oceans of time to have again. He has since died and although I am open to love and have loved, I have not been able to find it as deep as I had with him. I know I will most likely not find it again after having met hundreds of guys who can’t hold a match to him. Until you experience it, you can never understand Bella’s pain. Its not just a movie. Its a reflection of real life to a few blessed and cursed, blessed with a rare love and cursed by the pain of it. Too tired to continue as its 2am but I think you are smart and get my point.

          • kikolja says:

            Perfect analysis of the whole book Twilight. For bright people, yes this is just one video of many from the book’s analysis.


            And this guy points out great advice like stealing a car for the girl and have the keys stuck in the ignition is not a good tactic. That’s just creepy.

      • NinaNina says:


        Yes. I truly agree with you. That is what the nature is; men chase women. Not women chase men. Men asked women out and women either accept or decline. Women has less to do. Women only do based on the investment of the men. But these days, men, for some reason, probably because of the behaviour of the women too, men do not cherish women as they are supposed to, as in those days. I would say women should ‘behave’ themselves first in order to ‘tell’ or ‘teach’ the men to cherish them. Otherwise, women will forever be the crumbs lover.

  80. Celeda Rein says:

    I think it’s AWEsome you admitting you love Disney Movies or are a Disney Kid at heart !! Btw I loved you in glasses as most men don’t like girls in glasses yet I find guys in glasses who are humble and down to earth sexy as hell . You should look into an old Disney movie starring Bruce Willis called disney’s the kid for dating tips for us as a priceless movie you’ll laugh a lot . Thanks for helping those of us through your video’s that can’t afford to see you at a book signing !!
    Happy Easter
    Sincerely Celeda rein

  81. JJ says:

    Why sexy potatoes?…. What does it mean? Am I missing something? I don’t get it.

  82. NinaNina says:

    Yes. Women need more Disney movies like Frozen. Frozen is light-hearted but at the same time it’s really deep in meaning of what a true love is. The song by Demi Levato also simply great. Frozen nails it. Amazing.

  83. Marina says:

    Hi Matt,
    I haven’t seen the movie Frozen yet but listening to you has not stopped me from still going to see it, sweet commentary, especially the sexy potatoes lol! My recommendation for a movie is Sessions with Helen Hunt its actually one of my favourites, Are you game to speak about it? :) Marina

    • Faith says:

      Hi Marina,

      That is a very interesting movie to talk about from a relationship standpoint. Nice suggestion! Helen Hunt’s relationship with the main character and her husband is very interesting.

  84. Solana says:


    And funny.


    How about entangled?

  85. Andrea says:

    Hey Matt, this is unrelated to your really awesome video but I just had a question.
    My words made me seem over invested in a guy so he didn’t text me at all today.
    “Give back what he invests” ? Or “put other priorities before him and be super affectionate/flirty in person”?
    Or do u have any other advice if he’s starting to back off?.

  86. Wendy Ponson says:


    You always use examples of how a woman makes an overture to you and how things progress…my question, how does a woman make that overture via online…hint hint :)

  87. Esmeralda says:

    Hi Matt & Jamie! (Jameson lol)

    I swear I was going to ask you to make a video about your opinion in terms of love/relationships in certain movies. I especially wanted your opinion about the movie: Austenland (which by the way was not great for some of Jane Austen’s fans apparently).

    I really liked this video and the concept of having a weekly or a periodically video about movies. YAY!!

    Jamie, I swear I tried to but it just did not work so forgive me (full-screened the youtube video to watch if your reflection was clear when Matt wore those glasses, instead I was fascinated by how good Matt’s eyes looked behind them lol and still couldn’t see your reflection).

    This is my first comment ever here but I’ve been following you Matt for quite a long time. Thank you and thanks to your team for everything.


  88. Jill says:

    Dude, did you just post that?

  89. Jill says:

    Hey Matt, Do you wanna build a snowman……It doesn’t have to be a snowman. I have to admit when Olaf said some people are worth melting for I thought sounds a little familiar.
    I think you should call it Stinky Potatoes…just sayin

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