5 Texting Signs He’s Not Actually Interested

I’ve seen too many women fall into the trap of thinking that a guy is chasing simply because he sends a few Whatsapp messages.

The truth is, if you know the signs to look for, it’s pretty clear if he’s just messing around, or if he’s serious about pursuing you.

Use these red flags as your guide and you’ll instantly know what he really wants…

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  1. Xaheenat says:

    Thanks for the research Matt, why is it that i always break up with my fiance

  2. Joyce says:

    We are in a relationship and he said we would get married in one year. His dad gave him this advice,. Well I’m 64 and he is 55 we are adults not teens and I won’t wait what should I do?

  3. Irma LaPato says:

    I always make it in the friend zone and nothing more. We end up great friends for years but I’m still single. What do I do?

  4. Maggy says:

    Hey may I got a very complicated question but I don’t know how to ask it , where can I ask u in private?

  5. Pauline says:

    What happen if we keep texting talking about how much he loves me but we have not met up yet as is distance relationship and we have not seen each other in the video call. What’s is this relationship.

  6. Min says:

    Thanks the great research and work. It has benefite me a lot. I willl like to learn about and master the art.

  7. Min says:

    Thanks the great research and work. It has benefite me a lot.

  8. Jessica says:

    Yes! More videos like this please!! Love low investment examples, red flag examples, and what an uninterested guy looks like. Sometimes I am unsure if he is stringing me along or if he is low investment because I don’t have anything black and white to compare him to. This helped!

  9. Martina says:

    Hmm funny, because watching this video made me realize that Matt is talking about me. I behave like that “guy” in that video (not that girl). I do all of these things to boys accept the “blue thing” – I do text longer messages. But if they are chasing me a lot, I would make my messages shorter.. I am thinking why I behave like this and I realize I want things to go slow, I want to feel safe, I wanna feel there is no rush. Actually I dont like that feeling when a guy is chasing me a lot, is hanging on me etc when we have never met in reality yet – it makes me feel stressed.

  10. elh.integra@gmail.com says:

    This video Was really usefull, thanks you Matt !!

  11. Susan Lock says:

    Very good! “In the Blue”…! LOL

  12. Ally says:

    this video was so entertaining haha

  13. lori kelly says:

    This was hysterical and quiet educational.

  14. AARA says:

    Hahahah I love you!!!

  15. Miranda says:

    You should make a video with @SonyaInFur! Both of your accents and advice save me from making bad decisions with men! LOVE YOU both! Thank you.

  16. Ngozi says:

    Wait hold on a second… Matthew, you gave us ladies advice in one of your books to message a guy and invite him out when we are out already having a good time with friends as a way to show a guy that we are having a good time without him. Double standard?? It’s ok for us to do it because our intentions are to lure a guy in by showing him we can be social without him, but it’s not ok when a guy does it? Hmmmm…

  17. Joy says:

    Thanks That’s an eye opener

  18. Shelbi says:

    This was practical, truthful, funny, and lovely. Thank you

  19. Lorena Lorena says:

    Thanks for the video and for the texting advices

  20. Michelle Tramblie says:

    Thank You! I needed to hear this today! “Bloody Brilliant!” No more in the blue zone for me!

  21. Rafaela Furlan says:

    If he takes hours to respond, but still ask me questions at the end, should I not respond at all? Should I stop texting him and block him on social media?

  22. Marva Olfonse says:

    Thanks Matt. You really opened my eyes.

  23. Diane Mullenberg says:

    Right now I am just friends with this man how can I get him to ask me to be in his girlfriend? I really do like this man very much and we have so many things in common

  24. Karen S Lassen says:

    Oh goodness. After watching this video I checked to see if I was “in the blue”. Ratio was 72 (me) him 57. Funny video

  25. Laura Crosby says:

    OMG, Laughing my ass off!……..That was brilliant!

    Practice the art of silence and moving on to the amazing men who actually do exist.

  26. Surovi says:

    I don’t trust male. I am afyer male. Males are after me. I do respect them but I don’t expect anything from them. I believe if they really fall in true love they will automatically peep through my life and holdxme tight.


  27. Siq says:

    Hi Matthew, I love your new video and it helps a lot! I have this situation here and I’m so confused what’s going on:
    We got to know each other from Instagram and we study in the same University. He doesn’t have any problems with the first four signs. But the problem is the fifth: he always starts chatting with me everyday for A MONTH, but we still haven’t met yet. He sent this kind of blur invitations a lot, like “we should hang out”, “you should come to my place to see my cat”, without a specific date.
    So I’m not sure if he just wanna fool around or sth else? Should I simply stop the chat?
    Thanks~All of your videos are amazing!

  28. Adriana says:

    Matt, you are hilarious! Keep doing what you are doing, you are so good at it!. So many women can’t handle the truth because they don’t know who they are, they don’t have an identity. So they become whatever next guy who comes along wants them to be. So when things don’t work out and the huy leaves, they feel lost. But in my opinion you have to know who God created you to be, and know your value in His eyes. Because if you set your value low, for sure the world will not raise it.Do not set your value based on the world, but based on what God says:You are my beloved son (or daughter) and you are precious in my sight”. God bless you , and thank you for speaking the truth in so many lives

  29. Rids says:


  30. Melly says:

    This is amazing hahahaha

  31. Donna says:

    Me and this guy are texting…how long should I wait to meet up with him?
    A week…2 weeks?

  32. Florence says:

    I just received my ex’s text this morning via WhatsApp telling me I didn’t contact him on his birthday Friday. (12/10) . Ha- why should I? He is the one who cheated me and used all sorts of reasons to call off his marriage proposal in March. I copied his message and replied “ huh?” And that’s it! Move on is the only way to make him realize what he truly missed !
    I th

  33. Julia says:

    Also hard for me to tell if a guy is interested

  34. Janice says:

    ROTFLMAO! This was hysterical! And of course, helpful :).

  35. Shila says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Matt!!! I’m constantly struggling with knowing when a guy is interested, while texting. This video was sooo helpful! All too often, I see the same red flags you mentioned. I’ll be honest…I don’t cut them off as fast as I should, because I sometimes think I should be reasonable because I know he’s busy or traveling, etc. But I think this video will help me decide if the guy is really interested or not much faster! Thanks again, Matt!! :)

  36. Millicent akoth says:

    Hi matt
    Great .just learning not in a relationship.

  37. Claire Wynder says:


  38. Angelina says:

    Great clip & info, we need to be reminded of this, unfortunately, even though most of us do know, we tend to ignore it.
    It’s time women get stronger, have healthy boundaries so we get some respect. Last night talking to some guys in their 30s in the pub… One of them had forgotten a girl he was supposed to go see and f*** (their words verbatim, how respectful, not!!). He didn’t care he’d forgotten cos “she’ll take him back cos he’s a great f***.”
    I’m like, WHAT?!!?
    Looks like women in general are still a far cry from being empowered and High-Value when it comes to love… or sex for that matter.

  39. Agnès says:

    Here’s the Dr Jekyll that we know and love! Bloody brilliant video and so spot on!
    Now please stop with the mister Hyde email spams for your retreats (I get it’s your business but 1 – condescending I might add – email is enough), I don’t want to block you and miss gems like this video!

  40. Sara Smith says:

    Brilliant. Very funny.

  41. Susan Kopecky says:

    WHAT are the five???

  42. Gibot says:

    Oh My God, you made a video of what i’ve been going through these days, it just i have no friend who dare to break my phone down hehe. Well, i decide to stop texting him after a sarcasm texting by him that i read that day. Shocking me off, but its a good words to finally make me stop texting him first. He texted me after the sarcasm texting happened, asking whether im ok of an earthquake happened in my country, i texted him back and just read it without any texting back. Its sad like huge sad because he is really a smart and cool guy that i really want to be with but i need to take action of what he did. He said that i like him but he dont. The things are different lately than before, he always texted me’ like you babe’ many times, it changed now. Is there any girls or women who got this damn lovely words of texting that just feel like’ oh its ordinary thing?’ After several months texting and he showed you how he admire you eventhough we both never meet each other yet. Well….this video made me laughing so loud. It supports me a lot of what i wanna do. Thank you Matt. Its a reminder for me.

  43. Pauline says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am so confuse still with guys instead I think I should have a date with you first. Haha cheers I am still learning from you.

  44. marsha says:

    We began with him very interested but only for a short time. Then….. I knew in my heart he had lost interest but didn’t want to accept it. He responded quickly and his texts were warm and suddenly they got a cold feel, like we were fb friends and would never be anything more. At least that’s the feeling I got. I was (am) very attracted to him; really like him. Guess I just needed someone to shake me. ok! I’m done. He just doesnt care.

  45. Lanie says:

    Just fanstastic! ‘-D

  46. Selene Cordero says:

    Why I didn’t noticed like 10 years ago! My great team mate was a buzzard!
    “Help me on this, help me on that!” *hook*

    I Had enough and did what “limbo zone” video girl did:
    *Guy flaking on me*
    “Look, I never felt you were serius with me, call me if you have work for me.”

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