5 Unspoken Ways Men Show Love

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It’s often the case that a woman will come to our seminars and say: “I just don’t know how this guy feels about me”.

Now, this could mean that she’s dealing with a guy who really doesn’t care about her at all, who is putting in less-than-acceptable effort into the relationship, and whom she should simply walk away from.

However, it can also be a sign of the fact that guys just aren’t great at always saying how they feel. It’s well-known that how men show love can be totally different to how women give affection, so it pays to understand people’s different styles of communication in this area.

Next time you’re dating a guy and it’s getting serious, look for these 5 signs of how men show love:

1. He does things you didn’t ask for

Buying small gifts sent straight to your house? Or booking that restaurant you said you’re dying to try?

If he’s taking things into his own hands, it means he wants to delight and surprise you. This is a guy’s way of trying to make you see he truly knows you and that he LISTENS to what you say (and it means he wants to spend more time with you, also a good thing).

2. He tries to make life easier for you

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Similarly, a guy has truly crossed the threshold from “like” to “love” when he’s taking pains to make sure you can go about your day as easily as possible.

Does he sort out your cleaning for you? Tidy up and make the place look great when you’re gone? Help you move house and pay for the delivery van?

Any gesture he does, big or small, to try to help you get through the day is a sign he’s going above and beyond what he would do for anyone else. Men live to impress you, so the more he loves you, the more he’ll want to feel he’s succeeding at making you happy.

3. He brings you around his friends

When a man is unsure about the woman he’s dating, the philosophy is simple: keep romance and social life separate.

But when he’s decided he’s fallen for her, suddenly he can’t wait to bring her around the people he’s closest to. If a guy is regularly mixing you with his friends and family, it’s a sign that he wants everyone to know you’re together/

4. He gives you real hugs

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What does his hug reveal? Actually, quite a lot.

How men show love may differ depending on the guy, but many men give themselves away through their level of physical affection.

Whether he can’t stop putting his arms around you in public, or he’s constantly kissing you when he gets a private moment, it’s a good sign that his heart is crying out for you.

There’s also a change in romantic body language when a man falls in love. He may be more protective towards you, or try to help you with little tasks so that he appears like a strong man able to take charge around you, so look out for those too.

5. He takes care of himself

This might seem counter-intuitive, but when a guy is in real love, and planning a future, he may make more efforts to take care of his life (because he wants to keep you around!).

Maybe he’ll work a little harder to get that promotion, or go for a nightly run to keep himself in good shape, or he’ll take care of personal grooming to look his best for you.

True, he may also get more relaxed around you, but if he’s still crazy about winning you over, he’ll also start to up his game in small ways to make you take notice.

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