The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)

My good friend and highly talented director Ryan Turner has made an incredible, multi-award-nominated short film that shows how you could be dating by 2025.

I hope you love it as much as I do…

►►  What do you LOVE or HATE about dating today? Leave a comment below…

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272 Replies to “The Future of Dating? (A Date In 2025)”

  • I love this movie! Fantastic!

    Regarding the bigger implications – I honestly don’t think the isolation is going to be the biggest issue. I don’t know about you, but so far technology has only made my world bigger and more connected with others.

  • This scared me because it is so close to my reality now!!!! I want to be around other cells!!! It is how to meet like minded people in my city!!

  • Cute video. I think a lot of what was in this video is already here. I already feel there are a good amount of men pretty much there, in replacing a real live women. I don’t know if it’s caused by nerves, or if they just don’t want to put out the effort. It seems to me a lot of men would prefer this situation. The mentality now seems to be let’s chat and then have sex, and then that’s it. If you are not in to doing that/they don’t want to meet. Like someone else was saying they don’t ask you out on a date-but would ask you to their house. Nuts. But eventually I hope it would turn back around like the man in the video. But we are already well on our way to this in the future. The only thing that is missing is the more advanced artificial intelligence and a little more advancement in virtual reality.

  • I absolutely loved it. It was so entertaining, but very scary as well. All I could think of was make the most of the time I have left in the real world, and enjoy every moment. I’m 61 and still looking for love. But haven’t given up hope.

  • Been going on dates but no one clicks like that and if I had a computer crutch I’d probably not take as long to do things in general…but I don’t have either so…on walks the turtle

  • Great video. It’s not only relevant to datimg. I fear it’s the future for all mankind. It’s actually relevant to the thing I hate most about dating…No one wants to invest any time in actual dating someone. People feel that they can determine whether they like someone on just a 5 minute meet for coffee. Obviously if there is attraction, the next step is investing in getting to know someone. It’s a lost art!

    1. You’re absolutely correct Michele, investing IS a lost art and it makes dating for those of us willing to invest very difficult.
      I sadly fear this is only going to get worse over time just like in the video. How do we get people to stay connected rather than worrying about finding the next best thing? Unfortunately technology has become a blessing and a curse. Hopefully us single ladies can and will find a connection very soon!!

  • I loved this video. There is a lot of fear about relationships these days….it is so much easier to interact online, because there is low risk for rejection. And that is what I dislike about dating these days. People lie so easily because they can. If you try to have a face to face meeting, most disappear… except the narcissists and slightly psychos. They will meet with you.
    Why do people lie? Insecurity, of course. But if they would just get out and do things, real things, they would discover that they are fine.
    So I don’t date or go looking online at dating sites. I just go do things I like to do. And I meet people. I get asked out. And I have an fun interesting life.

  • I think dating is hard nowadays with texting and phones having literally every thing on them. Text makes communication hard to get a true idea of how the person is feeling, tired, happy, etc. I’ve been in a relationship for a year and a half and it’s all over the place. Sometimes I wish I had a technology that could be connected to him and act in a way that feels the voids. When I wish I knew what he needed…. Sometimes you really need something or someone that could just read the facts to better you. Thank you for the video.

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