What He’s Thinking When He Approaches You at a Bar

I’m curious. How do you feel as a woman when a guy you’ve never met offers to buy you a drink?

Is it flattering? Or does it make you feel awkward and a little unsure of whether to accept?

Let’s face it, even when guys make the brave step of approaching a woman, they aren’t always exactly subtle or graceful about it.

It’s hard for guys to make that difficult step of putting themselves up for rejection, but there are elegant ways to do it and there are embarrassing ways.

In this week’s episode of LOVELife, I talk to a guy for a change who wants to know the best way to approach a woman at a bar without doing the tired-old “buy you a drink?” line. I give some  quick, easy ways for guys to start a low-pressure conversation while still making a woman feel comfortable.

Check it out!


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