Are Dating Sites Worth The Hassle?

Matthew was invited by BBC radio 5 live late last night to discuss why dating sites may not be the best route when it comes to meeting and attracting guys, the points raised were very interesting, so we decided to post it.

It’s no question that online dating has exploded over the past few years, but can it really help you find the guy you want?

I mean you need to avoid the crazies, the fake photos, the stretching of truth and maybe just maybe, you may find a legitimate guy.

Listen to the online dating discussion:


So to wrap up the conversation we have some good and bad points.

The good things about dating sites

  • You don’t need to spend too much time on meeting guys
  • You can pre-screen guys based on a bunch of profile features
  • Men are more likely to contact you

The bad things about dating sites

  • Profiles may not be up to date
  • It’s easy to manipulate a profile and add fake photos, bios etc
  • May not be safe
  • You will get hounded by guys NOT looking for a relationship
  • Doesn’t help you attract men in your every day life
  • Getting a date doesn’t equal getting the guy

What are your views on internet dating? Have you tried it? If so, did it go well? Have your say below… we at Get The Guy, don’t dismiss internet dating, we encourage you to try it, but just don’t use it as your sole form of meeting men. We would suggest giving a try.

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