Are You Moving Too Fast With Him? (iHeartRadio)

In this week’s episode of LOVELife I talk about the most dangerous phase of a relationship, and how to pace things in such a way you never have a guy freak out on you.

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14 Replies to “Are You Moving Too Fast With Him? (iHeartRadio)”

  • I appreciate this helpful episode. I was a few steps too late. I screwed up. Knowing this in advanced would have saved a potential relationship. =(

  • This is to the point.
    Women are likely to act in a simular way. Most likely independent women, women who are used to being in charge of their own life, decissions and way of living.
    Therefore I think, and as you nicely said, it’s about finding the right balance in a relationship that suits both.
    Loved it!
    Keep it up!

  • I’m not even 2 mins in and I’m feeling smothered =( Anyhoo, I definitely remember going through phases like that but for some reason as I’ve gotten older I’ve become o.k. with just letting things happen naturally. I don’t sit around and over think things I just go with it. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but I will say I’ve learned so much about a guy by just taking a step back and watching how he handles the fact that I don’t want to rush.

  • ☆♥♥:)PEACE :)♥♥☆

    May I say:

    Matthew Hussey reminds me of Robin Hood :)
    You always protect us ladies :)

    Looooooooooooooooove all your heart-touching ♥&♥ life-saving blogs ♥&♥ videos :)

    + I loooooooooooooooooooove everything you said yesterday :)

    So may I sing a song by Dido:

    “I want to thank you for giving the beautiful ladies ♥&♥ me the best days of our lives.” :)

    :) PEACE :)


      1. “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you down with difficulties it means it is gonna launch you to something great. So just focus and keep aiming.”

        This is what you said in your video “Do you let your problems paralyze or empower you.”

        This quote reminded me of Robin Hood :)
        What Robin Hood did with arrows,
        Matthew Hussey does with heart-touching ♥&♥ life-saving words ::: SAVING US LADIES :)

        Have an amazing day wonderful life-coach :)

  • Thank you so much for that video I just came back from a vacation with the guy I’m dating and that helps me put things in perspective!. I feel like you have been sent to me from heaven to show me how to behave in this new relationship. Thank you so much and if you don’t have a girlfriend or if this relationship doesn’t work will you marry me???? (I bet you get that all the time haha)

  • I love this video and I definitely needed that advice. I totally agree with everything you said. Thank you Matt!!! Watching your videos is so important to me and they help me a lot in my daily life. The end was the best part, when you said “Whenever you’re spending time together, make sure it makes you WANT to spend more time together.” I can relate to that. And will definitely take your advice. Thanks again!!!


  • Good advice. Last relationship was weird b/c both the guy and I were leery of going too fast; I was panicked but he was really phobic! And we were only seeing each other once a week… Hahhahaha…! Obviously it didn’t last too long.

  • This is sooo true!

    I ALWAYS tend to scare away guys as they feel Im too much.
    I am a very ambitious and impatient woman and can get obsessive about things. Especially about guys.
    I do get a lot of attention from guys and at the beginning they are very interested in me. But I tend to fall for them too quickly and get overly attached. I try to control it and not be too much.
    Usually I make guys interested into me or unfortunately sometimes even chase them. Then we have the best time ever together, I try to not move too quickly and at the end I always hear again and again the same: You are amazing in all ways, but I just could not fall in love with you.

    I have a great life, amazing friends, I couldnt ask for a more perfect life except the love side. I had two boyfriends when I was young who fell for me completely but since 4 years I end up liking guys who like me at the beginning and then always stop out of the blue.

    For example the last guy who I dated was amazing. He saw me and wanted me from the start. (Usually I am after the boy first) He liked me more than I did him and he called me all the time, we went on vacation after 3 months and I let it happen because I thought if it feels right, its fine. Everything was perfect, he did everything for me, travelled hours to see me, wanted to call me all the time. planned next vacations. until one day he told me out of now where its over, hes not in love. Hes so sorry but he doesnt know why. he wished it would be different. He tried and wishes he could change it. but he wants to be with a woman he is 100% sure about he wants to marry. Im sure he got freaked out as I was ready to move in the same city with him and he wasnt ready I guess.

    I am already starting to think I am not worth it, no guy wants me for something serious. I know I shouldnt, but when you get constantly laid off, its not easy to think otherwise. And I ask myself, how do all the others do it? Everybody in my surrounding tells me Im awesome and pretty and great but when it comes to men Im starting to believe Im just not enough.

    So, how do we know when its going too fast??
    When we are giving too much of ourselves too soon?
    How to avoid the: Your amazing and perfect and the time with you couldnt have been better. BUT i didnt fall in love with you??

  • I needed to hear this!
    I am at this point with the guy I’m dating now where he’s starting to “break rules” and our communication has decreased significantly. We both have had very busy schedules recently that tend to be opposite and have had to cancel a few dates (for legitimate reasons). With the cancelled dates and decreased communication, it’s making me a bit anxious and I’m doing my best to not freak out (or at least not let him see that I’m freaking out).
    The thing is, I don’t feel like things have been going too fast or could be slowed down much more than they already are. We’re a little over 2 months in, we typically see each other 1-2 times a week, we’ve met a handful of each other’s friends, we haven’t been physically intimate yet, and we haven’t yet discussed where this is going.
    I can handle not seeing him for long periods (I mean, he’s in the military so I would have to get used to that anyway if this works out), but its the lack of communication that is peaking my anxiety. We’ve made loose plans for our next date after our schedules open back up, so my anxiety has ebbed a bit. Hopefully when I see him I’ll be able to air my concerns about our lack of communication without coming off as desperate or clingy, and after we resolve that issue, we can figure out where this is going!

  • How do you know if he’s commitment phobic or if he’s just turned off by something you did ???
    Since they don’t communicate, how do you know?

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