How To Attract A Guy At The Gym Without The Social Pressure

Discover how to attract a guy at the gym without risking the social pressure or rejection that can happen sometimes. When most people go to the gym, they get into the standard routine of sticking in their headphones, getting in the zone and running on the treadmill – without even thinking of attracting the opposite sex. So it’s no wonder you’re not meeting anyone there.

So here’s what we will do, I’m going to give you 4 tips on how to attract men in the gym that you can use immediately to get the guy you want:

1. Find something situational

The first step is to find something situational you can comment on, maybe you can ask about a particular routine you want to know more on or maybe you can talk about the music they are playing in the gym and how it’s not very motivational. So find something in that moment you can talk and expand on.

2. Ask him for his help

Make sure you ask him for a helping hand, guys love this… especially in the gym. It’s a testosterone filled environment so you’ll find plenty of guys willing to offer their help, it puts them in a strong position to show off to you. This is the easiest way to grab their attention and get a guy to like you.

3. Join a class WITH MEN

Don’t join a class that is likely to be legs, bums and tums… because you’re more often than not going to find women and gay guys in there, not men that you can build attraction with. Try something new like a kick boxing class or Muay Thai these are were you will find the guys.

4. Become friends with the trainers

Lastly, it’s important to become friends with the trainers at the gym. Why is this? Simple, trainers know everyone at the gym! They know all the clients, it’s their job to know all the clients. So if the trainer knows you’re a sociable fun person, they are likely to introduce you to other guys.

I promise you that if you use just one of the above tips, you will easily attract a guy into your life.

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