BBC London Radio Interview – The Late Show With Joanne Good

Matthew was again invited back to talk over at the BBC, this time on BBC London Radio about why women just aren’t getting the guys they want. It seems women are falling into the same patterns and traps that have crippled their success with men and dating.

What you shouldn’t do is settle for less, not only does this prevent you from meeting guys that you ACTUALLY want, it pushes you into “fake relationship” that can only end one way.

Here’s some of what’s covered in the interview:

  • Why the internet is harming our social lives
  • The things your friends SHOULD be telling you but don’t
  • Why men are not calling you back after the first date
  • Why our seminars work
  • How to be a “high value” woman

Listen to it now:


We’d love to hear your views on the interview and any questions you may have, so make sure you comment below…

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  1. Clara says:

    I cannot access these audios – please post on YouTube Thanks for always awesome work;)

  2. Feebee says:

    I agree with everything Matt has said about guys wanting younger women because of the associations of being youthful, vibrant etc..that is all true. He’s mentioned everything except one big thing. Men wants women that are younger looking. An older woman cannot compete in that category, e.g. say an older woman with wrinkles compared to a younger girl who is fresh faced and has tight taut skin.

  3. Gogo says:

    I cannot access these audios – please post on YouTube.

  4. Angela says:

    Awesome interview, I need the “what am I doing wrong” coaching because I can not seem to get past the first date or meet and great

  5. rose says:

    Great interview. I love the consistent answers you give.

  6. kelly duffy says:

    Cant get..ado.flash.player

  7. crocodile meat says:

    Thank you for another excellent article. Where else may anyone get that type of information in such an ideal manner of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I am on the look for such info.

  8. Amanda Nonye says:

    I love what you people are doing. Keep it up. It’s good.

  9. Sheila says:

    Would have liked to hear more of what you had to say, unfortunately, the interviewer was a bit full of herself (went a full minute without even hearing your voice). Although it’s encouraging to know younger men appreciate vivacious older women, my experiences with them left me sort of jaded. Even younger women complain about them for the same reason: they’re only looking for “fun” and not serious about commitment. I’d date men my own age, but I’ve found they’re either spoken for, not the kind of man you’d want to be with, unattractive or looking for younger women.

    I do plan to socialize more with my coworker. We’re both single moms in our early 40’s. We’ve had our share of disappointments but that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to seize the day! Keep up the great work and I always look forward to your next video or blog.

  10. Sapphire says:

    great interview, would love you to come up north, I live in Staffordshire, the show ticket is a good price but stopping over night in London can make it an expensive trip x

  11. Pam says:

    I’m not sure what’s happening but theres no way i can listen to this….I have Adobe Flash Player but still can’t view or listen to this on my Android Phone.

  12. Vanessa says:

    Hoo Matt, you’re smart as ever, but slow down about the part with the 20-years-old – we too are doing our very best each day (;
    Your work is brilliant, keep it up – the only thing that surprised and kind of annoyed me was the big deal about the “Keep the guy” secret the last few days… I think it is sub-dividing your supporters where we’re all in the same boat afterall.
    Nevertheless, keep floating! Best wishes from Germany, VS

  13. Shelley says:

    To ad to my last comment. I’d like to thank the team as well of “How to get the guy” too.


  14. Shelley says:

    What a great audio clip. I’m in my forties and from my unfortunate experiences with men have found myself in the past, synical. But now that is in the past since I’ve been reading, listening to your weekly emails and I’m doing the “Secrets of Attraction” programme too.

    Thank you so much Matthew. I feel a sense of emotional intelligence now and that there’s a future of a loving relationship ahead for me.


  15. Angela says:

    I’ll try on my Mac instead of my iPhone.

  16. Angela says:

    Sorry to sound so clueless, but what am I supposed to tap to play the clip?

  17. Evelyn says:

    Great blog Matt. Age is an interesting topic. I am 19 years old and I am attracted to older men because guys my age are just not mature. However it is difficult for me to even approach an older guy because I am worried that age will be important to them and so I don’t even bother.

  18. Jayne says:

    I think older men (more often than not divorced) go out with younger women because that’s who they meet in bars and pubs. Women their own age aren’t there. So if that’s who’s on the menu – that’s who they’ll choose. I’m divorced and 50 and only have married friends. How can I go into a pub/bar by myself? A man can – nothing strange about that. But a woman of my age going in by herself? You can imagine the signals that sends.

    • Tj says:

      You don’t need to meet people in bars. Meet them at the Library, or a book club, or an art gallery or at any place that is of interest to you. That way you’ll be meeting people with common interests rather than meeting people with an interest in booze/pulling. Best of luck.

  19. Agostinha Jacinto says:

    I dont think age matters….my mom is older than my father…about seven years! I think its genetic…LOL! because im attracted to younger guys, or like my friends calls: “she like the guys “like backstreetboys..”! ^_^ but im not that person that attracts people….all my friends are always asking me…why are u single? u are so funny, cute and friendly..! and im like….yeah, why am i single? ^_^ but i think its bcause im not a hot girl…thats why…! then….matty will say, where is ur confidence….? :P

  20. Nola says:

    One of the happiest couples I know have a 15 year age difference. She’s now 60 and he’s 45. They met when she was 36 and he was 21. Needless to say, she strongly recommends I should find myself a younger man – hahaha!!

  21. Jacqueline says:

    “How many times have you been let down by a guy or you think that
    the only reason he’s not calling you back is because of your age?
    An even better question to ask yourself would be… do you think
    age really matters? I mean REALLY means that much to guys?”

    Honestly, I haven’t been in that situation and I don’t see myself in that type of situation…not even in my 80’s ;). However, I can see how age can be a factor that men take into consideration when choosing a mate and wanting to start a family etc…for obvious biological reasons. I truly believe though that it all has to due with the energy one transmits to others, especially to men. Men are not as complicated as we think. They want someone who makes them feel young and who makes them get the most out of life. And who doesn’t want that?! We want that, too! Law of attraction. Enough said.

    I’m 27 and I’ve never felt better. I’ve attracted both younger and older men more than I ever have before. I know this has nothing to do with my age or my looks, it has to do with my outlook on life and how I share that. It really is about waking up in the morning with a smile on your face and pure gratitude for a brand new day and for all the amazing people in your life and the amazing people that have yet to be a part of your life.

    And on those crappy days, it’s about surrounding yourself with positive messages whether on your mirror or on your desk as friendly reminders…when you see them…BOOM…you feel different. You internalize these messages and thus transmit that. I don’t want to get cliché-ish, but I will anyways lol…it really is all about LOVE. Waking up full of love, doing what you love, sharing your love with others, being nice and genuine…it’s absolutely beautiful and extraordinary where this takes you in life and the difference it makes not only your life, but in the lives of others as well.


    This could not be more true:

    “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the LIFE in your years” :)

    Lots of love to you Matt and to all the beautiful women that are wanting to maximize their quality of life by changing their outlook on life to attract what they truly want and deserve in life. Yes, I said ‘life’ 3 times lol…3’s a charm, right? Make it happen and like Matthew says…

    “MAKE YOUR MOVE” ;)…regardless of your age.

  22. Bente says:

    When you live in a small city,stucked in a bad relationship,and know everybody. It not just that you have to
    break- up, scared to be alone, maybe move to another city, but then what about the job,the children, the house, the friends.Internet is a pretend world.So there could be other limits than jsut yourself !

    • Tj says:

      Start looking for the job. Send out applications, show up for interviews. Once you have the job, the other decisions will be easier to make as you will have the independence to not be making them out of fear.

  23. lydia romary says:

    thanks for everything your the best you r soo smart about everything

  24. Carmen says:

    Hi, Matt interview was great! you are on point about older women.I’m in my forties and have never had a problem attracting someone younger than I. Before your book I did fairly ok with guys. Even when I was in a relationship, guys would come up to me and buy me drinks.(whether my partner was there or not, very bold I thought) LOL …. I’ve always been comfortable about my age and I guess that shows in the way I carry myself. It’s me sometimes the one that has to turn the 20 yr olds down :( In reading your book and putting the techniques to work it’s ridiculos the responses I get. I’ll share this quick story that happened yesterday at the AT &T store. I go in to talk to someone about a problem I’m having with my phone. This representative was obviously a guy. I hand over my phone and he sees the picture on the screen of my daughters and I. He makes a comment: Theres no way you have a teenage daughter!!! (compliment) I thanked him without giving him my age.The whole time we were discussing my phone we were flirting back and forth. At one point he asked if I wanted to upgrade the phone and I said NO. He asked if I did not like CHANGE? which puzzled me for a sec. But I responded: I embrace change and I’m always up for a good challenge. But I love my phone and it’s not broken and it’s fixable. He chuckled and said WOW!! It’s like that.. So, as an older women I do have the balls in my court… Experience, your book,videos have added to being more approachable than ever even when I’m at my worst… So for those non believers of your work I’m living proof!! And it’s only been 3wks

  25. Tokyo69 says:

    I think age is about how people perceive you, not how old you are on paper. Plenty of men think I’m 10-15 years younger, even to where a cop trying to pick me up grilled me on my age and insisted I was younger before pulling his badge out on me. Men, even younger ones are sometimes perceptibly much older than their paper stated age…even balding prematurely. One thing;- I don’t think M.H. is that attractive since I prefer men who have darker features. Something I can’t get over every time he has a presentation. It’s chronically annoying.

  26. Angie says:

    That was a good question, looks or age does matter in a descent way. I mean sometimes we all can tell if a person is in good health or not that’s one of the most important things a person should be able to manage. Same goes for age

  27. Anastasia says:

    this conversation helps me relax and laugh :p love it, you sound great and say amazing stuff as always :D

  28. Hidz says: are so right…the personality is the key. Hey Matt, I used some of your techniques at the gym and yes it is working..but am going back to test those tomorrow perhaps. Oh ya one more, I am trying to change that what you called a “killing look” to more friendly one. Well, the fact is….it is very hard to make that flirty-girly movement when I feel attracted to any guy..nervous system alert Matt. All-right then, have a wonderful day…doodles eat noodles hehe! Bye!

  29. Roberta says:

    hey Matthew,
    this sounds really cool and helpful! thank you so much :) confidence is my problem, guys say i am pretty but i just don’t believe it…


  30. Iris says:


    It’s not so much age that matters, but experiences.
    I’m 41 but most people think that I’m in my early 30. I’m playful openhearted and most definitely surprising. I attract and are attracted to men in there 30 as well. Sometimes it’s true that the biological clock plays a role simply that they’re not ready to have children and I can’t wait longer but that’s not really an issue since they don’t fit in my life anyway. The issue for me is mostly that I’ve become more careful to whom I release my sexuality to. I like to know that a guy is right for me before I get involved. If I start hitting on them and let the sexual attraction run wild, yes sure it will get me the guy, simply because he goes mad. But if he’s not right for me it becomes and emotional messy business and by now I’m done with that. So I prefer becoming good friends first, lots of fun and playfulness. But the problem is that by the time that I’m ready for more, the guy already decided that there is no sexual attraction, he really wants to stay friends but he’s already turned to another women. So it’s not an age problem but more an experience thing that has made me careful of showing sexual attraction to a guy who I’m not sure about yet. Any tips on when is the right time and how to show sexual interest once you get to know someone and not just at first sight when you find someone attractive?

    • Rivka says:

      If you watch Ready For Love you will find the answer in Angela Zapotek. She is a virgin by choice, who is fully confident in her sexuality, and it shows. The problem with some of us, isn’t that we’re waiting, it’s that something in our body language gives the impression that it’s not even in our personality.

      Angela is waiting for marriage, but with her, any guy would be counting the days til that marriage night.

  31. Adri says:

    It’s true playfulness is what makes it fun–even for guys–age doesn’t really matter. There’s a guy that I was having second thoughts about because im 22 and he’s 10 years older than me, but I like his energy. Now my doubt is if the situation changes when he tells me he has 3 children: 15, 9, and 4 from two different girls and has never been married. He tells me I am the 1 he wants to Marry and be with forever because he says im everything he’s not. Should I believe him?

    • Zion Princess says:

      Hey Adri….you would be absolutely crazy to believe this guy. Sorry for making a quick judgement, but it sounds to me like he probably said exactly the same things to baby mama 1 and baby mama 2…. You have to have values and match him against this. If he is that serious about you, then he should prove this by making a serious commitment to you.

  32. Muriel says:

    Matthew, very interesting! I liked the idea that to be playful and youthful is more important than the actual age. This being said, my experience is that my being playful and youthful (which I am spontaneously, so to speak) gets me a lot of friendship and sincere smiles from guys my age, who laugh with me and enjoy my company… and then turn to younger women (as a rule of thumb, under 30 years of age) when they think about a romantic relationship. I am 43, I look quite nice, and I am not desperate or needy in the least. But I look my age, of course. In turn, the only men who show a genuine romantic interest in me are men above 50 and even above 55 or even 60 – which might be a positive thing, I don’t know, we’ll see how it turns out. But my point is, when I was under 30 I attracted guys my age AND older men, and now I attract ONLY much older men. I am more attracted to guys my own age myself (as I was when I was younger), but I have the feeling I don’t have much of a chance with them anymore – and men that I know who divorced girlfriends my age systematically get together with much younger women after that. Again I’m just observing and not judging, and I repeat that this might not be bad, but don’t you think that there is a pattern here?

  33. sheilahpearson says:

    I’m 50 so I’ve seen alot. Don’t BS me. Men go for younger women because younger women can have babies even if the man has children he will have more with his second or third wife. I’ve seen not once many times over and am still seeing it. The older women can’t, and most of us have already have children and we don’t want to do it again. Were done, we’re ready for life without raising children because we’ve done it. Men will just keep having them! Went to a wedding over the weekend bride was 27 & beautiful, groom ordinary nothing to write home about 45 has two teen kids with wife #1 and they already have two kids together! I’m seeing this pattern over and over and over. These young girls are so desperate to be married with children it’s a sad phenonomen :( And they do it because the young guys won’t marry them.

  34. android says:

    I get pleasure from, result in I discovered just what I used to be looking for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  35. Kate says:

    I have had a serious, boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with a young soldier 27 years my junior for over 2 years. It is NOT a toyboy relationship and I find the idea of an older woman being dominant and a young man to be a ‘toy’ to be repulsive and insulting.Obviously I was in my 30s myself once and my tastes haven’t changed. I was a ‘normal’ young woman and am a normal older woman – and like a man to be a man. The thing is, it works well if you meet in the normal course of events and you either fancy one another or you don’t. If you internet date, it can be tricky as you might come outside their age parameters. Not many men of the age I find attractive actively look for a woman over 45. So I think it better to just find one another. Our age gap never came into it – he loves the fact that I am ‘cool’ (don’t text every five minutes) and sorted, and don’t want babies or a mortgage! I love the fact that he is fun and spontaneous and not into pension plans!! Basically, we delight in one another’s company, pure and simple.
    Thanks for your regular newsletters Matthew! Very interesting…….

  36. Zoe says:

    You’re like a philosopher :)

  37. Amanda says:

    Fantastic point of view, it empowers people to live the life they want.
    Maybe it’s much easier to make a big change in your routine when you had some experience with the results of not taking charge in your own happiness.
    When you reached the point of knowing you have to be your own stage director to feel the higher peaks of excitement.. you enjoy everything much more. That power from within is very contagious, inspiring and lovable. Nowadays I always have loads of people to have a great time with and love just keeps raining on me in many ways. It’s not about being young or having the right set of genes. (I’m 25 though and if experience would be in the years I wouldn’t understand a word said in this interview.) Luckily you can make your own choices and live as fast or slow as naturally suits you. I’m all for helping each other to help ourselves, so meeting new people in general is fantastic, you’re doing someone and yourself a big favor. It’s an art of life.
    Dating a guy doesn’t have to be about owning someone, you’re sharing wisdom and more as well.

  38. Rachel says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I need a fun and playful female role model…I can’t think of anyone. Can you recommend one?

  39. Steph says:

    Matthew Hussey,

    Wow your advice is just incredible and working wonders for me. Literally everything you say is spot on! Thank you so much and keep it coming :)

  40. Asma says:

    I really enjoyed what you said ! More precisely, the age of the guy or the girl… I have that annoying thought that a man older than me ( over 2 or 3 years ) will see me as a child and see my funny side as childishness. How can I change my mind about this? I have also a little problem : I’m 17 years old and I just met someone that I liked at an event. I didn’t talk to him, but I exchanged a look and i think he guessed that I had a crash on him. Now, I can’t stop thinking how I can meet him again, I just know his facebook but I don’t really like to talk with him in the net because I don’t really like the net conversation! I’m always afraid that it works more on the net than in real life !
    Take care,

  41. Abril says:


    I’ve following you since 3 months ago. I broke up with a boyfriend I had for 4 years and I lost my confidence. I just didn’t know how to get over and start again. I didn’t know how to start dating again and meet guys. The worst thing was that it was affecting other areas of my life such as work.
    I signed up to your newsletter to receive emails from you and having you as a couch has been just wonderful. I am putting in practice your advices and I cannot believe how my life changed in every aspect of it such as work, family, friends and love. I haven’t found the guy yet (just started 2 weeks ago jajaja) but I am really having a fun time right now. I’m very happy.
    Last weekend, I went on a date and while I was in the restaurant other 5 guys approached to me. This was never happened to me before. In the gym and at work, guys are approaching to me to chat. I just look at them and smile. I still need to improve my conversation skills jajajaja but I am amazed with the results. Girls, seriously you do not know the power of a smile…so keep smiling and make eye contact. ;)
    Your ebook is fantastic and I hope going to Florida to one of your events. I love the way you coach, it helped me very much. Thank you and hope see you soon.
    Take care,
    Abril 

  42. esme says:

    I am a cougar in Australia and I really like listening to your comments and your newsletters. You are very generous in your tips and I find your teachings very useful. I wish you came to australia because I would definitely attend your seminars. But there is one thing you can improve on which is to give advice on internet dating and not bash it.It is an area that is not going to go away. I know many people that have met their spouse through the net. I am very busy working lady I really am not into the pub scene and really what kind of partner are you going to seriously attract there, except for one night stands. I find that the internet you can meet likeminded people who are available mentally and physically. Whereas if you met someone at the cafe he might be tied up in a relationship.I have been there a year and yes very successful more than 1000 people has contacted me.
    My problem is I cant find the one i want and I am not confident even if i found someone whether i could hold on to him long term.
    But to all the older women, I have to let u know theres a lot of guys out there that loves older women

    • Amanda says:

      Maybe you could grab a coffee every morning before you go to work.. Matthew has some great tips on attracting a guy when you’re ordering something. And all the nice alfa males need coffee as well ;-)

  43. haha says:

    Matthew when can you come to the USA and have live shows here ?

  44. Samantha says:

    I really find what you are talking about very true. I have always felt that i was doing something wrong when guys are not answering and you make things work.


  45. Tobiloba says:

    great Mathew your advice is usually timely …. can you organize a seminar for people living in Africa

  46. Gina Wang says:

    Interesting talk. I really enjoyed it.

    Does age matter? In my culture (eastern asia) age does matter. Men are ever looking for younger women. And it is considered best if a woman marries a man three years older than her.

    I recently had a crush on a guy two years my junior, and I just could not bring myself to make my feelings known to him. I’m in my mid twenties, and I have this deep-rooted belief that men in their early twenties simply won’t appreciate or accept women older than them. I would be very happy if Matthew contradicts this impression of mine.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m currently dating a 22year old guy, but also some older guys, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29, 30 . The 22year old guy has fallen very deep and he wants a forever kind of relationship with me. He’s the youngest off all the guys I’m dating. Still comes across as the most mature and completely ready, utterly devoted. I’m 25. I don’t see any problems when reading your text, just go ahead;

      Margaret E. Sangster

      It isn’t the thing you do dear,
      It’s the thing you leave undone
      That gives you a bit of a heartache
      At setting of the sun.

  47. sonya says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I’m 30 and I’ve listen to your program which I truly found correct and also other your advices being practical.
    I m not British but I try to say what I really think.
    Personally,I’m witty even in seriouse situation but I’d like to know how we can keep youner guy who I know love me even I can’t speak like native girl to express myself.
    Thanks a lot

  48. Lija Darling says:

    Ah! Thaaaank you, Matthew and Co! It sounds to me like vulnerability is a HUGE key! :) Without vulnerability, there is absolutely no way you can show confidence and/or playfulness.
    Yay! … I can’t wait to practice. ;)

  49. Hana says:

    I liked your sentence (young women are not necessary youthful). But I think it depends on what the other is looking for. Unfortunately I believe that there’s a thin line between being a best friend or a girlfriend because you might be seen as a good friend not as a partner! If you are always there, fun, understanding and honest. You may end up as one of the cool guys not as girly girl!!!
    What do you think?

  50. Crystal says:

    Hey Matthew.

    Really wish I lived in the UK so I could come to one of your seminars. Found your videos on YouTube and just had to sign up for your newsletter. Love your advice, though none of it was really all that new to me. Lol. I have grown up around guys my whole life, I’m 23, and all of them have been really good to me, as in giving me advice whenever they see I’m doing something wrong.

    My problem has always been though, that I get along much better with guys than I ever really have girls. So I know how to get the guys girl friend, but I’ve never really been their girlfriend. I don’t know how to make that transition from being a guys friend to being more than a friend.

    At the moment, there is no one in my life that I would consider as a candidate for a relationship, but I also don’t know how to act around a guy to show him that that is what I am interested in either.

    Really wish you could help.


  51. hiba says:

    i can’t find anyone who look like you i mean like your thinking and mind
    you are a very very good guy and so smart i wish that i was any where near you but i’m so far away
    evry girl have a man of her dreams and i want you to know that you are the man of min the one i can’t have and can’t be with
    so i wish to you all the happyness that i couldn’t get
    i wish for you to find someone who will love you and know how great you are like i do

  52. Tania says:

    Heyyy Matthew Hussey! First off, THANK YOU for all good information you always provide. I think if someone thinks age it’s important in a relashionship, okay, age is important, and this someone will experience that. When I was more younger I never felt attracted by guys more younger than me lol! Now I am 23 and of course I changed my paradigms some time ago. There are a million things more important than age, absolutely.

  53. Olga says:

    Hi Matthew ;)
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips / knowledge with us. You can hear how much you enjoy helping others and that is so important to your followers …your sincerity!
    I am in my late 30’s and have found a new confidence. Your information just helps build my “confidence blocks” A big thank you!
    Let me know if you plan to come to the US…Las Vegas area!

  54. Judy says:

    Hi Matthew,

    I’m 57 but look, dress (and probably behave) like I’m in my mid 40s. I’ve always looked young and it’s purely down to genes and probably never smoking in my life! Yes very lucky, I know!

    I became single again 6 years ago and after a tough couple of years following a 32 year relationship, including 26 year marriage in which I was completely faithful, I’ve been dating mainly guys in their mid 40s because that’s who I attract. They say I’m a breath of fresh air, I’m emotionally sorted (now!) and have my future mapped out to lose my responsibilities and be adventurous. I’ve been beating myself up about the age of the fellas and so thank you for making it clearer why more mature but fun women are so attractive to them. I have a very positive attitude to life and love so I intend to keep being playful and ‘high-value’ cos I’m hoping one of them may soon realise how lucky he is that I chose him from the other contenders!

    As my sis-in-law says, (also in her 50s) ‘you go girl’!!

  55. Victoria Marsh says:

    haha. enjoyed this. very true about WHO you socialise with and that being youthful and sprightly has nothing to do with age – it’s about your attitude. It IS about how you have life and energy. Value yourself, know what you want and associate with people who FEED POSITIVE energy instead of draining it. ANOTHER very entertaining & informative chat – loved it. Thanks Matt!

  56. Ruty says:

    I have watched lots and lots of Mathew Hussey, not onle the dating advice, but also the business which is even higher quality (is that possible?) What i liked about the interview is the format. Having Mathew answer questions rather than lecture brought a different side out and made the info more approachable. Might be a useful marketing angle.

  57. Lynn Martucci says:

    Foremost I have to apologize to Matthew because not only was my internet down but my celluar device also decided not to cooperate.
    With that said all I am saying is go B2B which is Back 2 Basics… even though I am only 19 I have the spirit and the playfullness of a Kindergartner. I try to do things they way a child would because as state above I for the most part am sitll a child but with more responsibilities, commitments, and pressures. If only ADULTS could view themselves as children just with those few things added on into the mix the world would “BE AT PLAY” in an essence. I have a few more Ideas on how to go B2B so Matthew if you want to collaborate on something let me know.

  58. Stella says:

    Hi Matthew!
    All the things you say are so interesting and informative.
    I wish I could come to one of your live events but I don’t live in the UK.

  59. Carma says:

    Loved what you had to say about age … gives me hope since I may be in my 40s, but I have a highly active inner child who is irrepressible. Nice to know that’s a plus. I wish you’d do one of your programs in the Los Angeles area. :-)

  60. Michelle says:

    Hello everyone. Good stuff but, I live in Los Angeles. Ever think of jumping the pond?

  61. noeleen burke says:

    Help! help!

    I am sure I, like many, many others are grieving at the loss of “our” Big George.

    I have phoned the local radio here in Milton Keynes and also London to find out where George’s funeral is to be held.

    If you have any information, could you please let me know. I knew George when he was on Three County radio and he was so supportive to the local people in Bletchley who were opposed to an incinerator being built in our back garden. Big George even came to my house to our meetings.

    I also would contact him if the weather was bad around Christmas to check the conditions when I wanted to take my grandchildren to London.

    He was an amazing person and I hope there will be a service to celebrate this wonderful man.

    Thank you.

    Noeleen Burke

  62. laura says:

    I agree that social media is harming our relationships more than it is helping them. That is one of the reasons I left facebook.
    At 31 I find that I am more confident in general than I was at 20, however, since I have experienced more rejection, I feel I am less confident around men. I have not reached a point where I am giving up – but it does get a bit harder each time I take a risk. I wish there were a way to throw my expectations out the window!

  63. fran says:

    Very interesting an true I really enjoyed reading it thanks for all the info its great I look foward th the emails its a big help it so true u learn something new everyday thanksagain

  64. carol says:

    this is absolutely true… but it is hard to find a single women that completely willing to get into the mud and have fun… Interesting! ;D

  65. Yetlie says:

    When I was 50 and divorced, I dated guys half my age. After a while I realized I really wanted someone younger than I, but closer to my age. Since then I’ve only gone out with guys 2-6 years younger. But, some of them are hung up on being old men. I still get hit on by younger men, but they don’t interest me at all.

  66. Bev says:

    Yay Matt!! Big Up 50+ ladies! I internet dated for 4 years from age 42-45, met someone who lived an hour away who is 19yrs and 8months younger than me, but such a SPECIAL person. We dated for 5 months and then put an offer on a house, and were moved in together within 10 months! We are still together 6 years later. I am now 52 and he is 33 and we both mix well wth both sets of friends, my Dad (who is 87) thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread! He is far more stable than my previous husband and partner/father of my 2 children. Please dont settle for the obvious, we survive on humour and share a deep relationship together. Keep up the good work and please dig out all those unhappy 50+ ladies who are in stale relationships and totall wasting their lives. LY and your work x

  67. Kay says:

    I hear people talk about being more playful and witty but no one has really said what is playful to a guy. What one guy considers playful another might think is crazy. And I don’t consider myself a quick and witty person. Do you address this in your book?

    • Donna says:

      You don’t need to be witty. Teasing. Banter. Exaggerate: “I don’t beelieeeeve you drink your coffee black! Are you saving the cows?”. Yes I know it sounds silly, that’s the point. Let him know you are playing by smiling when you say it. Also, you can make a joke about yourself that shows you don’t take yourself too seriously: “Yes, I do have a pen in my bag (shuffle)…it’s somewhere here under the kitchen sink”.
      It’s ok to be a little silly and absurd. I am always looking for a way to tease and flirt and be playful with a guy. They love it – but then I’m naturally absurd…you’d have to be to come up with lines like the above! Best of luck

  68. Vikki says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Interesting points … and as I was listening to you I wondered … confidence or competence, where is it that I tremble?

    I look forward to attending the Secrets of Attraction in a few weeks to explore that further! Keep up the most excellent work,


  69. kathy Jolaosho says:

    I have really enjoyed listening to your interview.. I am in totaly agreement . I am 54 years of age , and i date younger men . I am lucky enough to still have some youth around me , as well my spirit is still young and seem to always attracted younger men . I took the plunge ( felt the fear and went for it any way ) and enjoyed the exsperience as much as my younger male friend did. I dont look at younger guys as being life long partners , as well dont sleep around either, but find a younger guy will enjoy the none entrapment of a realtionship bringing about regular contact . I think you dont have to prove to any one anything and more enjoy the flow of lifting the spirit.

  70. Laura says:

    That was really good, I enjoyed listening to it.

  71. Dawn says:

    enjoyed that very interesting especially about how our friends speak to us about failed relationships…. why don’t they just be honest and tell us we are being too clingy!!!! lol xx

  72. Emma says:

    Having the right peer group is definitely key to meeting lots or just more guys. That’s another thing Get the Guy could offer – forums for members to the website to chat and/or events to arrange to meet up socially to support and encourage each other’s progress.

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hey Emma,

      We were thinking about this, maybe a members area for “Women’s Weekend” attendees. May have to get everyone’s feedback on it at some point but good idea.


      • ann says:

        hi , im a single 49yr old, been single for 3yrs now, im confident attractive, but cannot find love, i can go anywhere around the world by myself, but being old school cannot and will not go out by myself in the evenings looking for a guy,so if you do manage to get the girls togerther for weakend away please count me in , i know a lot of people and got a few friends but at my time of life most are married and wouldnt dream of going out with single friends as sad as that is

  73. Mary says:

    Really enjoyed this…very informative and really made me feel positive about being an older woman! Just have to release my playfulness!!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting!!!

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