BBC London Radio Interview – The Late Show With Joanne Good

Matthew was again invited back to talk over at the BBC, this time on BBC London Radio about why women just aren’t getting the guys they want. It seems women are falling into the same patterns and traps that have crippled their success with men and dating.

What you shouldn’t do is settle for less, not only does this prevent you from meeting guys that you ACTUALLY want, it pushes you into “fake relationship” that can only end one way.

Here’s some of what’s covered in the interview:

  • Why the internet is harming our social lives
  • The things your friends SHOULD be telling you but don’t
  • Why men are not calling you back after the first date
  • Why our seminars work
  • How to be a “high value” woman

Listen to it now:


We’d love to hear your views on the interview and any questions you may have, so make sure you comment below…

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