I Can Finally Tell You (BIG news)

It’s finally time. I’ve been dying to share this news with you for months now.

I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing milestone this is for me after 10 years of working on my dream.

It’s the missing piece you’ve been waiting for, and I’m so happy to finally be able to reveal it to the world…

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124 Replies to “I Can Finally Tell You (BIG news)”

  • Hey Matt,I began whatching your videos since 15 days now and it´s amazing how your advices really work out for me and my friends.I´m very gratefull for all that and it had already changed my life.I´gratefull and anxious to know about all your big secrets not only how to get or keep the guy but to have a great life and achive my goals of loving myself and get more confident.I believe if I can do it for myself it will be a huge life change and I´ll be heplfull for my friends and family as well. Love is the only cure.I admire you and respect you and wish to get to know you in one of your retreats soon. Or On your new program on line, because I´m in Brazil and here we need you very badly!Thank you sweety. You deserve all the best in this world!Love XOXO Dulce

  • I just had an epiphany – if I were to know how to excite other people and make them curious, just the way you do it, it would bring all the attention I would so love to have. Maybe I have to learn how to properly create this “huge ad” for me as a person :)

    Even though I don’t know what your announcement will be: THANKS for the opportunity to have such an epiphany.

    Thanks Matt!

  • Listen Matt..you are perfect :)
    You are so right, so many people from all over the world would love to come to your retreat but they can’t. and it really is more than just getting the guy. to achieve that you have to have a “solid ground” to stand on first.
    Every time I watch your videos I’m amazed how smart and wonderful person, how funny and sensitive human being you are. Yes it’s an add , but it’s really nice to see how you go out after your dreams, to help others.
    Although it’s not the same as being physically in the retreat, it’s a really great idea for everyone.
    btw, you have an incredible ability to talk to people and get to their hearts, wherever they live in this world, so keep doing what you’re doing , cause you’re the best!

  • I am interested in the retreat. Hopefully we can make it this time.

    My biggest fear is to love and be loved and it has been for many years so I really really want to move forwar and enjoy the great love already available and that I denied to get.

  • I attended Matt’s retreat 3 years ago. It still has an incredible impact on my life today and I know it will every day for the rest of my life. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

  • I have all of your programs so far. I have wanted to go to your retreat and have not been able to go. I’m really excited about this.

  • I follow MH since 2014, and I did the Retreat in 2015, and I do want to have a second dose of it. The online version will be amazing until I get enough time & money to make it again, and bring my mom (as she is learning english).

    Thanks for the BIG ADD.

  • Hi Matthew I’m so glad to hear the good news that you are making something incredible like this :D Honestly iv’e been following since day one i was 14 years old when i saw your first video i was desparate at that time and soo young still :P but now that i’m 19 years old things makes more and more sense everyday :D Thanks to you i’ve never put up with a man that dont Deserve me thanks to you i’ve never would ever lower my standards because i know i deserve much more than that And thanks to you i would never put up with any man who dont appreciate me value me and just accept me just the way i am. Thank you Matthew You Change my life And not only for me but for more people who are following you ass well <3 Thank you from the bottom of my heart that i can follow you on this incredible Journey <3 PS I always wished in my nearest dreams that i've could come to your retreat in the back off my mind i did planned the Trip from the Netherlands to Florida :P I know that sounds hilarious it is maybe :P Haha But i dont care honestly because i know you are a great person and i would really love to meet you someday it's kinda a dream from me to myself :P i'm so happy that you make this available for everyone arround the world thank you for everything just a big thank you

  • As someone who has been on the Retreat, I have to say this video does an amazing job of describing an indescribable experience. The Retreat is truly a life changing experience. I went on the Retreat last August, and I barely recognize myself and my life because it has improved so much. This is a very powerful program. The world needs this program, and I’m so glad that it is now in a format that it can reach a whole group of people that previously would not have been able to do it.

    When you do this program, make sure you commit to see it through to the end and to participate fully with every activity. If you give this program your all I guarantee you will also experience incredible, life changing results. I’m so excited for those of you who are about to do this program! And I am so glad that I have been lucky enough to find this program and have the privilege of participating in it and in this community. This may sound corny, but I feel like being able to do this Retreat has given me a huge, unfair advantage in life over everyone who hasn’t been able to do the Retreat. And those of you who are about to do the Retreat are about to join us as some of the lucky few who have a secret arsenal of powerful, useful hacks in their back pocket for improving confidence, for increasing productivity and happiness, and for dealing with pretty much anything life chooses to throw at us.

    I’ve said this many times before, but I’ll say it again. The Retreat requires a huge investment of time, money, and effort. It is not easy. But it is worth it. The return on investment you will see from this program is huge! You will never regret what you put into this program if you fully commit to it and see it through to the end.

  • I attended the last retreat. It works. If your life has thrown you a curveball and you not only know it but want to make changes, this is for you. Don’t waste another moment unhappy when the alternative is joy m. In the process of transformation, you craft the life of your dreams and earn your self esteem.

  • Plans go wrong for lack of advice;
    many advisers bring success. Proverbs 15:22 (NLT)

    Thank you, Matt and your team for being one set of my “many advisers”. As you know, I attended your FL retreat about 2 years ago. Your retreat program has built new ways of thinking and controlling my emotions. Which are now positive and produce a more healthy way to live. There is not a day or a week that goes by without an opportunity for me to use what I learned that week to improve my life. I’m thrilled that you are going to be offering it through technology to more people. Congratulations! Everyone who takes it will be blessed. xoxo

    1. Hey Darla, so lovely to hear from you! I love that you still check in with us from time to time, and I’m so so grateful for your continued support even well after your retreat. Having this special community is beyond my wildest dreams – so glad we get to keep spreading this message to the world. Keep shining! x

  • Hi Matthew,

    I just wanna tell you that your videos and your pieces of advice have always been helpful to me. one can find an answer to approximately every issue concerning the dating life ,not to mention your book “how to talk to men” that I find really extraordinary. Thank you for always being helpful. .
    The video with Alexandria brought tears to my eyes. It was very touching.Well done!!!
    Be always proud of yourself and of your achievements.

    1. Thank you so much Fouzia – I work incredibly hard with my team on every single product – to know they are changing lives and helping people solve problems in their dating life is the ultimate satisfaction for me. x

  • Deasr Matthew, I lve you for your work here on youtube which I can access and on the retreat which is not possible for me.
    Thank you.

  • My first retreat was in May 2016 and I went back again in December. I was living a life where I was barely staying a float, just treading water. I reached a breaking point where I knew it was sink or swim but had no idea how to swim no matter how much I wanted to. That is where Matthew came in. The work he did with us, the knowledge and processes he took us through, were the difference between wanting to change and being able to change. Matthew cares so deeply about the people he works with. The retreat was life changing. It was the start of change, because my life is still changing and evolving in ways I could have never dreamed of. For anyone who has ever wanted to make a change but never known how to do it, trust Matthew, he will get you through it.

    1. Wonderful to hear from you Mallory – and thank you truly for helping me spread this message far and wide. I know the At-Home Retreat is going to change so many lives!

  • Dear Matthew, OUTSTANDING work on bringing retreat to our homes! However watching this video just motivated to join you in person! How can I get in touch with your retreat team?

    1. Hey Charmi,

      Just go to the “Retreat” link at the top nav bar of the site and you’ll find all the details to talk to one of our Retreat team. Can’t wait to see you there!

      1. Thank you Mathew! Can’t wait just got in touch with Michael & looking forward to speaking to him soon! Can’t thank you enough for genuinely caring for every individual’s internal issues & attempting to make such a HUGE difference in people’s lives! You are truly a gifted, talented & caring person! Can’t thank you enough for all yours & your teams hard work!

  • Congrats on this release, here’s to making a difference in the lives of even more people- hopefully myself included.

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