I Can Finally Tell You (BIG news)

It’s finally time. I’ve been dying to share this news with you for months now.

I can’t even begin to tell you what an amazing milestone this is for me after 10 years of working on my dream.

It’s the missing piece you’ve been waiting for, and I’m so happy to finally be able to reveal it to the world…

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124 Replies to “I Can Finally Tell You (BIG news)”

  • My only wish is to be part of the retreat in person I want to be there I do better by being a part of an activity than just listening to it although I am a great listener too so I been told

    1. The Live Retreat is fantastic, and I would tell anyone to do whatever they can to come and experience it in person, but the At-Home version is also as close to the real thing as you can get without coming. Both are extremely powerful – so either way you’ll get the incredibly emotionally powerful content!

  • This is awesome, Matt!! The retreat was a life changing experience for me: it put into light things I was avoiding and tackle them. I released fears I was not even aware of. Plus, I became part of an amazing sisterhood of high value women. I have been wanting to go again, but haven’t got the time. This program is perfect! Thank you, I love you!!

    1. Awesome Alejandra! The At-Home program is perfect for letting you do the retreat over and over again at your own leisure (though of course it would be a pleasure to have you join us for another week at the Florida program!)

  • I will never put up with a man who don’t deserve to me and don’t appriciate me. Hope I can change my life from now on after I joined your coaching program and open my mind to have a good life to be more happy , more confidence and better more in personality. Wish I could come to your retreat and follow your incredible journey because I know if you’re amazing and great person and I would really love to meet you one day. You know everytime I watch your video I am so admire you how smart, wonderful and sensitive you are. You have an incredible ability to help people and get to their hearts whereever they luve in this world. You’re amazing Matt. Thank you for all your lovely advices you shared. ❤

  • What I love the most about your programs, Matt, is learning how to communicate. What WORDS to use with a man that they respond to. What communication strategies work the best with men in general and our man in particular.

    That was the absolute eye opener for me and you are doing it the best – maybe you are the only person sharing communication at this depth.

    I hope you’ll continue doing that, because it changed my life.

    Thank you for everything you do! <3

    1. Mastering communication is one of the great passions of my life Luky. So honoured you’ve found it useful – I think language and our way of relating to others is one of the biggest definers of our lives.

  • Fantastic announcement! I absolutely love your passion, it’s contagious. I am hugely astonished as this is much better than just get a guy. Thanks Matt!
    I look forward to further details.

    1. Thanks Edyta, and yes, we go *way* further than just relationships in this program. It’s also for confidence, self-esteem, career, breaking your own self-defeating behaviors and building your entire social life.

      Make sure you’re signed up to the announcement list so that you get the next steps in your inbox very soon.

  • I went on the retreat in Oct 2014 and it changed my life. It changed my life not completely overnight but in 1% shifts and gave me the core lessons that I still refer back to and develop. It was an awaking. It was the best gift to myself! It will always be with me. I am better for myself and therefore others in my world. If I could go on all of them, I would.

  • Hi Matt!! Hope you’re well.Alexandria’s video was very powerful.Not only with dating but with life in general you’ve always taken counselling to a different level.I totally appreciate the way you put up things together for everyone of us.Whenever I click on a new video of yours I’m aware I’m in for something totally amazing.A big thank you to you and your team.God bless you Matt.Best wishes!!

  • This is truly amazing. [CONGRATULATIONS, MATTHEW and team for doing this!!]

    First, from someone who was on a retreat in Aug of 2015 — Matthew Hussey and his team changed my life. That is no exaggeration, it’s just the truth. Everything is different – my relationships with family members, with myself, the clarity I have on my life’s purpose. And yes as a byproduct I got the guy. But that’s not the end, that’s just the beginning. I use the skills I learned on this one retreat every single day. I have found clarity in every aspect of my life and I am grateful every single day that I found Matthew and this Retreat. Sounds too good to be true and like a lot of bullshit platitudes, I know. But if you’ve read anything he’s done or watched even one video, you know deep down that the possibility of all of the thousands of women who gush could very well be telling the truth is high. Don’t take it from him, take it from me. And her. And her. And her. We’ve got nothing to gain from more women doing a Retreat. There are so many of us. We don’t get paid to say this. We don’t even necessarily get noticed. But when you’ve found something that works for you, you must share it and assume it’ll work for others. If you can go in person, do it. If you can’t, thank your lucky stars they’ve figured out another way.

    1. Marnee, I was choked by this comment. I’m so touched by how many former retreat attendees have helped spread my message over the last 2 days since I made this announcement.

      That you feel so passionate about the retreat having been through it yourself is SO important to me, and I’m forever grateful you took the time to let me and my audience know how it affected you.

      Thank you. I hope your words encourage as many women as possible to take the leap and experience the magic of the retreat for themselves! :D

  • Hi Everyone: Testimonial from a Retreat Graduate May-June 2016. (shout out to Julie MacKenzie!:))

    Parallel to Matthew’s statements: My “daily grind” is, at first glance, helping people to “Get the Job”. In my experience, merely presenting job search tips / techniques usually falls short of producing desired results. Personally, merely collecting tips for relationships, dating, diet and exercise, financial management, whatever, doesn’t necessarily inspire action.

    So I decided to go to the retreat to improve and kick my A** in gear.

    I will confirm:

    The Matthew Hussey Retreat absolutely drives home his message: Success happens with action that is propelled by internal mindset. If mindset needs to be shifted the retreat is a catalyst.

    I had FUN!, while diving head first into the core. (BTW neat recent pool video / under water concept Jameson, Matthew, other behind the scenes talent I’m unaware of)

    I ventured into and explored more throughly a beautiful vibrant world underneath the surface of my life. A symbolic description – into the depths of the sea teeming with the energy of life, colourful coral, glittering fish, potentially dangerous / poisonous plants, sharks, etc.

    I suddenly realized I was way in deep – out of my element, and yes a bit uncomfortable and found it a bit hard to breathe…

    Discovered I was:

    alongside others on the same adventure, who let me just be, but were ready to share in my experience if I wanted, and allowed / gave me the privledge to listen if they wanted to share

    and with fantastic “excursion” experts to guide and support the journey.

    I recommend:

    The retreat – duh…ha ha but seriously

    Following the retreat exercises and concepts in life..some examples, Say YES!, dance like no one is watching, play full out…You just have to do this…

    (and wear a bra!, whether you are doing this at home or in person at the resort – yep – definitely wear a bra ;)

    Forever grateful,


    1. Haha Thank you Christina! – hearing from my past retreat attendees has put a huge smile on my face today. So pleased the retreat gave you the kick you needed ;)

      Sounds like you are loving the journey and living on another level of confidence now!

  • I would love to come on your retreat, but it’s soooo expensive….. and it doesn’t cover flights accommodation or foods, I’m your biggest fan but need to lower the price… xx

    1. Hey Deborah, the good news is that the At-Home Retreat won’t require flights or accommodation, so that will definitely help on the financial side if getting to the live retreat is proving difficult right now.

      Hope you grab a spot on it so you can experience the full program.

  • Matthew, what makes you so different is that your message and your life’s work is coming from a true place of wanting to help people. Your success is a by-product of your true desire to make people’s lives better. You do what you say and you follow through. You give away so much for free because of your desire to help people. I’m so thrilled you are successful, you really deserve it and are a rare gem for those of us working towards that life of our dreams. I’m so happy you have found a platform for an online retreat. I am one of those who want to attend a retreat (and I will someday) but right now it is not practical. I believe in the value of what you offer and in how life changing it will be. Thank you for continuing to reach the rest of us!

  • Hi Matt!!! And the entire PHENOMENAL GTG team!!!!

    WOOOWWW!!! This is super incredible and congrats to you and your team for bringing this unbelievable opportunity to people world wide!!! You are all rock stars for change :)

    For anyone who has yet to experience the absolute MAGIC of attending Matt’s High Value Women’s retreat – who is seriously considering taking the big step to do so, either through the online program or in person…it is the best investment in yourself and your future that you will probably ever make.

    When I first heard of the retreat program in 2014, I had no clue who Matthew Hussey was, or knew anything about his Get the Guy organization. I was a single mom in my twenties, raising two children on my own, while going through the last of my chemotherapy treatments for stage III cancer and struggling to make ends meet. On the outside I seemed strong and confident, courageous for all I was going through. But on the inside I lacked core confidence. No one but me knew about my daily struggles through depression and hopelessness. I would constantly ask myself why I wasn’t enough? What could I have done to change my circumstance?

    Until one day, one of Matt’s YouTube videos serendipitously found its way onto my computer screen. (I was searching for something completely unrelated and his video popped up as a recommendation) It had something to do with the mindset of strong women, but ultimately it was his video about “How to tell if the person you’re dating is quirky or crazy” that really pulled me in.

    You see, that day my emotions were at an all time low. It was the day after I had finished round eight or nine of 12 chemotherapy treatments. My energy was gone, the idea of my future being better seemed like a distant dream. I really wanted to give up and stop going to my treatments altogether.

    But Matt’s video about quirky vs crazy made me smile, then laugh so hard my cheeks hurt. And about three hours later into his YouTube content, I discovered the retreat program. More than that, I discovered hope.

    It took me about a year to save up enough for all of the retreat expenses but I have never once regretted my decision to do so.

    Without Matt and his incredible team providing the life changing (practical) tools that they did, my life would not have drastically improved (and continue to improve!) for the better.

    Within six months of the retreat, I had finally moved away from home and into a place of my own, I started a new job working for a nonprofit that works to empower pregnant women and mothers, and began attracting high value men into my life. While I have experienced a few heart breaks since the retreat, the tools learned while there have heightened my emotional self-awareness. They showed me that those heartbreaks came with invaluable lessons – and brought me closer to a more authentic version of myself.

    The retreat has helped me heal so many interpersonal relationships, from my parents to my ex-husband to the most important relationship I will ever have… the one with myself. It really is impossible to put into words just how dramatically your life can change after attending this retreat, if you use the tools that are given to you.

    The thing is, Matt and his team truly genuinely care about everyone who makes the decision to be part of the retreat program. It’s not some money-making gimmick, The get the Guy team is there to support you through the whole process because they care deeply about your well-being and your progress, your desire to achieve a higher standard for your life.

    If you have the opportunity to be part of this program, whether it’s in person by attending a retreat, or through the online program – I promise you will not regret it if you utilize the tools that Matt and his team give you. You have the power to create an extraordinary life for yourself and that begins with extraordinary moments. Making the decision to be part of the retreat program is just one of many life changing moments that can lead to extraordinary :)

    Thank you again Matt and your ENTIRE TEAM for all you do, you are all very much appreciated!!!!

  • First off congratulations Matt. I know how scary it is putting your biggest dream out there and people not understanding the passion and love you have for that project. I’m really excited about this program of yours. I have always wanted to go on one of your retreats but I live on the other side of the world so it just wasn’t possible. I’ve never seen you as just a dating coach. The first time I saw one of your videos was in 2014. I had to take that year off to recover from a spinal injury. I couldn’t walk, dress or even bath myself at that point so my confidence was pretty much non-existent. That’s when I found one of your videos about the 3 levels of confidence it’s probably the one I’ve watched the most too. I like the way you look at things because I have a similar view as yours. I also believe living a life that you are truly proud of and that makes you really happy will make all the other aspects of your life fall into place. And although I have achieved a great deal that I am extremely proud of, the one thing I have always missed was finding true happiness. It is like my inner self won’t allow me to be happy and I think your retreat program can help me here. Looking forward to it!

  • A man who has got the winning formula bottled it and sold it! Congrats!
    I would like to do the At home programme and work on getting to the retreat one day(saving is hard to do) as I know with the experience of being there in the moment is totally different.
    I hope to meet you one day Mr Hussey and the crew.

  • Yes!! I can’t wait! Even though I plan on going to it personally! :) You are a good person! Thank you for living your dream so you can bless others!

  • Well, Matthew, I’m not looking for the guy. I’m married but if your retreat is going to be about confidence as well, I would love to come if it’s in London.

  • Hello Matthew! I loved your video and loved my retreat experience so much more. I was a resilient young woman in my 20s and 30s. Somewhere along the way I became less resilient because of a variety of contributing factors. After losing both my parents, it all fell apart. I was struggling in so many ways but I knew I had to do something. Part of that something was the retreat and the rest was up to me. Life is pretty awesome as a result! The retreat is a necessity and pivotal in guiding ladies to begin to change their lives in so many ways. I hope you will do the retreats for a long time and that I get to go again so I can take pride in all that I’ve done and how far I’ve come…and to take it up an extra notch or two!
    Thank you!

    1. Don’t worry Marla – we are always raising the bar so you’re guaranteed to get something special if you come join us again! Looking forward to it.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy the retreat helped free you from that pain so you could move forward and love your life again.

      1. Thanks Matt! I’m looking forward to it too. So, how does one go to the retreat again, would sign up through the regular channels or email the team directly? If I bring a guest or two what do they need to do to apply? Thanks!

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