Being Bold In Relationships (Today Show)

I’ve had so much to tell you in the last couple of weeks that I forgot to send you this clip from The Today Show…

This is a chance to see me in one of my less composed moments where a guest says something rather unexpected…

(Having trouble viewing this? Try this link instead.)

From the video..

Jackie asks:

“Different parenting styles is our biggest problem. I’m the stern one and always the bad guy. How can we meet in the middle?”

Your child is looking up to both of you as parents. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and so you both need to step up and be strong.

As parents, if one of you is being stern and the other is not, the distinction you have to make is between tone and message. It’s okay for tone to be different, but not for message to be different. You have to be united in what you’re communication to stand strong together.

Two parents have to come together to form a vision for what they want with their child. You can do this before a baby is even born – but if you haven’t, now is the time to have it.

Ask questions like…

–What’s the vision for our child’s growth?
–What’s the vision for the environment of love we want to create?
–How easy is it going to be for our child to be who they want to be?

This is what’s important. Once you have the vision, every action then follows that.

Susan asks:

“My husband and I argue about his lack of grooming. He refuses to cut his hair, it’s very long, he wears it in ponytails, and I hate it. What should I do?”

Your job as someone’s partner is to be their sexual pleasure and the person they’re attracted to. If you’re not providing that for them, who’s going to?

If Susan is not attracted to the long hair, she better be bold in telling him. You don’t have to be critical in what you say, as you can instead be positive in your reinforcement by being bold in what you would like.

Decide what are the deal-breakers, and then be firm with them.

The caveat to this is that if you’re going to be bold about what you want, you have to be okay with it the other way around too. That’s the way it has to be. If he wants you to look a certain way or to do something differently, you have to be open to that too.

Question Of The Day…

Can you remember a moment when you had to deal with something kind of embarrassing under pressure like I did here? : )

Let me know below!

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  1. Sheila says:

    I just grabbed my face like the kid in “Home Alone.” But wow, Matt, that was a great come back and you handled the inappropriate comment like the great communicator that you are. Well done.

  2. elle says:

    I appreciate learning that sexual harrassment of men is a real problem. We all know if a male guest or interviewer had stated to a female “expert” on US television ” i just want to be on my knees when I look at you.” we’d be demanding the person be fired on the spot. being objectified is NOT cool.
    Do men find this attractive? yipes! please educate the public, mathew.

  3. Ximena says:

    you are so spontaneously cute adorable and SEXY <3

  4. says:

    Not on the same page for such important things in life together creates undenialable problems later on. I always try to work together striving for the same values by showing, discussion and communication and much more effort.

  5. Viola says:

    wow, out of blue but captivating! She’s got you Matt :) yea, I had similar situation when we had this debate with a group of friends and as I am on a top of conversation, one of our friends in the group begins to make up a song about me how hard to catch me and that I am like a wind. I literally SU (stopped talking) :)embarrassing but nice

  6. sharonjoy says:

    Umm… how about Kathy Lee’s “It’s gonna be crowded done there E. Jean” ?!?!?!!??? I’m all for feminism, but seriously, ladies… way to keep it classy.
    Great Advice though, Matthew. Maybe in long term relationships we could accept the fact that we don’t ALWAYS have to be attracted or attractive. But if we desire to be attractive to our partner, we have to be willing to make compromises. I agree – if you dish it out, you have to be willing to take it yourself.

    p.s. – I rarely watch the Today Show, but I stumbled across it the other day and was introduced to you and your work… and for that I am grateful. Great insight.

  7. nabila says:

    nice job matt :) the way you’re managing them, i like it, i mean they start talking all at the same time but when you start talking they all listen :)

  8. Rivka says:

    Matt, I think it’s cool that this embarrassing incident(and it was inappropriate, I mean if you as a man had said something similar to her, they’d sue you for sexual harassment)seems to have in its way, turned into a bonding moment between us blog readers and you :)

  9. Maricella Olivares says:

    Ok, Mr. Sexy and Mr. right I think you were the only person with brains and the only person that did not let hormones take over emotions. Great job in taking of these three ladys that were not saying any thing but try to impressed you way to go in placing on their spots and still being a nice gentleman.

    My only issued is that you do not have children but I love what you say about both parents.

    Cheers and love

    your biggest fan of all times

  10. Angela says:

    Ok, that was…strange.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I think you should have simply said “Thank you” after the “down on my knees” statement :) But you did handle yourself really well, as usual, and you are amazing at thinking on your feet!

  12. Susanne says:

    Hey Matt,

    You surely handled the whole situation professionally and with a poised attitude. Rationality mixed with knowledge, smart communication skills and the right attitude is a bless.. embarrassment is the lady guest’ share (and her hosts) all through..

    I am not an American and do not find amusement or have interest in those live TV shows broadcasted all over.. usually I change the channel when a show starts! I like the fact that you are bringing in something real in this one..

    Answering your question, I had few embarrassing moments.. the funniest is when I was looking at wedding celebration photos of a colleague and I asked him if one lady in the photo was his mother! He replied back that it was actually his bride! I don’t remember what I said back (surely something silly with a smile).. but I remember quite well the awkward feeling I had and the curious, shy attempts to observe the faces of the 5 other colleagues (including my boss) who were along. Possibly, I was trying to find a reason to spark a conversation that cools the situation..

    Thank you for the motivation, reminders, and advises you offer.


  13. anna says:

    wooooh!!! matt why your talking to a RUDE like her? (blonde lady).. gggrrrrr.

  14. Nichola says:

    Welcome home Matt – hope you brought a sweater! There is nothing quite as relaxing and life affirming as being around people who really ‘get’ you. I love visiting the US, but enjoy coming home to the UK because I find I miss our sense of humour and the easy ‘banter’ we have with each other without having to explain ourselves. Each country has their own particular quirks and I suppose I just kind of love ours…….enjoy spending time with your family and friends… :-)

  15. Caitlyn says:

    “Well, I mean, that’s a special scenario” haha! Hilarious!

  16. Liana says:

    Hi Matt! Yes, I work with mostly 20-something men (as a 17 year old girl). They constantly comment on my sexual inexperience and are never shy to vocalize that I will turn into a “slut” in a few years because “that’s just what happens to girls like me”. I’ve worked with them for 7 months now, and this is my last week. I quit! However, in the moment, I would laugh off or ignore all their comments. Their opinion is not my problem.
    Thanks again for sharing your insights with us!

    • Emmanuela says:

      Omg I had a very similar experience when I was about 16 (I did a summer work program). But the guys went further by offering to break me out of my sexual inexperience to supposedly save me from becoming a slut in the future. It became so uncomfortable to go to work, I was so glad when the program was over and opt not to return the following summer. But like you I ignored their comments but I also got upset at how uncomfortable they were making me. I never complained to my supervisor because I was embarrassed and afraid I’d somehow be blamed for the things the guys were saying. When I think of it now I probably should have taken my chances and made a complaint, it was only a summer work program.

    • Rivka says:

      I think you should file a complaint against them. Sounds like sexual harrassment; not something they should think they can get away with :(

  17. Paula says:

    You are hilarious, and full of class, I love the way you handle things. I think that Kathie Lee is actually funny, and people should relax with calling her rude! Although, I do wish they would let you talk a bit more instead of everyone talking at once, so that I can understand what is being said. I do think they want it to seem more like a conversation than an interview though. Love these clips! xo

  18. Nicole says:

    Hi Matt!
    Plain and simple, I think you handle yourself so well! We can all give our analytical opinion on what we think about what that woman said to you. Some will say it was rude, some can say it was bold and crazy, some can say “You go girl!” but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.
    I have learned over the years to grow thick skin. So many people say inappropriate things on a daily basis and we can either allow it to get the best of us or choose to laugh or shrug things off etc. Sometimes I believe it’s not worth getting so worked up about. I think that is what you do too! :) I am sure you have heard worse things possibly in your life than “the minute you open your mouth I want to go down on my knees.”
    Did I find her comment a bit unnecessary? Sure. I’m not a huge fan of her approach in advice anyway but what I find most annoying is how they talk over you or argue with what you are saying before you can finish. The blonde host frustrates me most with this to be honest but I just focus on what you are saying as best as possible :) Listen Matt, you are a good looking man with a great heart. You help millions of women on a daily basis and it’s an attractive quality to most people (even me!), but I commend you for your poise and maturity in these situations. I adore you and thank you for what you do. I’ve never EVER been a big follower of motivational speakers or self-help books until I stumbled upon you. You just need to know that. I know you get it from many people daily but I will tell you anyway ;-) *hugs*

  19. Kamilla says:

    hahhahhahha wow was that lady bold and upfront or what?! Gave me a good laugh though!

    You gave the greatest and most sensible advice, as always Matt!

  20. Carla says:

    Down on her knees – and on the Today Show too? Yikes!! Thought you handled it very well though :) You did recommend boldness . . . I think she misunderstood when that’s appropriate and when it isn’t lol.

  21. A says:

    Wow. Nerdy girl was off her rocker. “Down on my knees”…Yea, u think u know a person, smh…… Matty probably put his fingers in a cross. Like…ummm, let’s not.

  22. Kathryn says:

    Being bold! That’s an understatement. Did you lose your cool, we didn’t notice.
    We are off to London tomorrow, yay. I hope you have a lovely time catching up with your loved ones there.
    Lots of love and thank you for all your great messages. I wish my ex-husband had watched your video on being un romantic, romantic. He still doesn’t know how I have my tea or what drink he would order for me at a bar. Lol. Speaks volumes. Moving on…
    Kathryn xx

  23. stephanie says:

    oh god. it must be so annoying to have people divert the topic to such a superficial and personal thing. Women need to listen and have a proper convo with the man without objectifying him. we hate when men do it and then we go and do this. come onn.

  24. Tanja says:

    Just want to say you are brilliant! Try to follow you as much as I can and for the last 5 years you are worth every min I invested in your ‘stuff’ …And yet again u made my day! Lovely Matt! Keep on with the great work! x

  25. Teresa says:

    Oh goodness Mat you have a way to just tell it the way it is…love it! I was laughing so hard when the discussion went…well how do you like your last visit here…i just cracked up!!!

  26. rivy says:

    that blonde lady is so rude

  27. Fiorella says:

    Oh wow! She was bold to say that on camera. I like the hair change suits you better with the not so perfect do.

  28. Anna says:

    Matt, very constructive solid advice- I wish for many shows to bring Matthew Hussey into the masses! The other lady, however, I found to be not sensible at all…On the note of parenting, I would like to suggest for you and everyone here to check out Stefan Molyneux at or youtube. He has a philosophy show with strong emphasis on parenting- life changing ideas. Cheers.

  29. Erin says:

    Oh no she didn’t, haha.

    I know there was a time when I worked with all guys (who constantly said “that’s what she said” after what seemed liked every sentence) made fun of me quite a bit. I don’t remember what I said (maybe I blocked it out, haha) but apparently it could be taken as highly sexual in nature. They wasted no time in commenting and I was pretty embarrassed. After I left that job, it took me at least a year to not think of everything as some sort of innuendo.

  30. Sophie says:

    Omg I don’t think she even knew what she said! But you,with ur British sense of humour certainly did. Lol. However I thought her advise was complete ‘heard it before, time wasting’ completely unproactive & perpetuating the same unsatisfactory situation. Your advise is proactive & hits the mark. Makes you feel back in the driving seat. You tell ’em Matt! ;-)

  31. Marisa says:

    I am glad to hear your advice in this short interview, since it is the only opinion I will take seriously… the other guest seems just want to have some fun. That is a good example of what we give as a first impression. I mean, if somebody is looking this video and seeing you for the very first time, the impression she/he is going to get from you is a very good one, a person who know what he is talking about and using every minute of his time on tv to show this up. As for the other guest, I did not see her before, but I just got the impression she is not a person to take seriously.

    It is good that you keep your standards, in every single moment, keep some altitude.

    By the way, you give very good responses to both questions. Are you a father? How do you know about all this??? :)

  32. Rivka says:

    If I was married to someone, I’d WANT to know what look he liked so I could please him, and he’d better have the same attitude. I ended up keeping my hair short just because I realized how much my platonic male friend liked it :)

  33. Sol says:

    Who is that women!? She is talking nonesense.

    Tnx matt for te advise

  34. SW says:

    Great answers to both questions, Matt! It’s a bit scary to hear the answers the Elle columnist gave because so many women read what she has to say as legitimate advice. If this is the standard for most women’s magazines, I am not so surprised about the current state of cluelessness women have about relationships (with dating partners, children, friends, etc). Hopefully, she was just being facetious up there and actually gives more thought in her advice column.

  35. Sara says:

    “Your job as someone’s partner is to be their sexual pleasure and the person they’re attracted to. If you’re not providing that for them, who’s going to?”


    Did u just say that ?

    oh ma gah.

    Get the Guy is starting to get too racy for my reading pleasure. I’m going to have to save my purity and read other more G-rated websites.

  36. netty says:

    LOL you and her are the odd couple for dating advice – I don’t know too much of her work but it seems to be in different spectrums. I loved your response to the long hair. You handled yourself like a champ and I appreciate that you are than a pretty face ;0)

    About a similar awkward encounter… In high school, I tried out for the girls volleyball team. Rumors had it that we would start wearing ‘butt huggers’ this year in lieu of shorts. Hoping it wasn’t true I asked the head male coach. He stepped back, looked me up and down and said, “I’d like to see you in those”. Mortified, I shrieked and blurted, “You dirty old man” to which he replied “I’m not old!!” I was one of the top 5 who tried out, my gf being one of them. I love volleyball, if it were a man, I’d marry him. We got cut but God I felt good for calling him out. I later learned that he had the propensity to be a pervert – no surprise.

  37. Ursulline says:

    Hmmm, I’m having a hard time playing this on the site through my phone, the link is stuck when you press play all I hear is the audio. When I tried searching for get the guy on my vimeo app nothing is pulling up…what gives???

  38. Maria Rosa says:

    I totally agree with Math about the two questions he answered: “different tones (OK) but same message”, wonderful synthethis!!! and I also agree with his view of our partner´s aspect when it puts you off.
    Thanks Mathew for your clarity of concepts!
    Maria Rosa

  39. LaToya says:

    Kudos to you for getting your message across in spite of…well everyone else on that stage. Your advice is always helpful, well thought out and based on reality unlike the Elle columnist. Thanks for being a fresh air in a sea of…ahem! And that comment at the end? Wow…k… You handled that like a pro.

  40. Hidz says:

    I said it once before and I want to say it again now… Matth that color and you – WOW! Sexy.

  41. Hidz says:

    Wow Matth…. you’re like a knight with shining armor… slashing out every attack from those ladies… I enjoyed watching but I can read your “I am not agree” expression right away… Well done! Related to your last week video…I just wana say…So she’s columnist from the “ELLE, one of American most famous research magazine, besides Marie Claire of course” huh? Hahahahha!!!!

  42. Holly Klein says:

    Oh Mathew!!!

    I cannot see how people have missed the embarrassing moment here…. In reality that was a bit of a roast!

    I think you handled it like a pro, as you used humor to deflect the embarrassment. I think one of the best things about you and perhaps a reason people can relate to you is the fact you don’t take yourself so seriously. I tend to do a lot of public speaking and I love it! You cannot script what other people are going to add to a conversation, so things can get interesting with absolutely no notice.

    Interacting with people one on one, or in a group setting is very much the same for me. I cannot control when someone is going to say or do something that will embarrass me. Just as Matthew suggests I have been having conversations with everyone I see! At this point I have become more comfortable in my own skin when talking to others, and am better able to laugh at an embarrassing moment. In reality embarrassing moments like that are exactly why people hesitate to engage in conversations. In the past the idea of an embarrassing moment, would have kept me from engaging in conversation. Since I have been working my conversation skills I look forward to a less superficial conversation. In return I have had better more fulfilling conversations that helped me get to know people better.

    I also believe nobody is going to forget your latest visit to the today show! But really what were you expecting! You are going to need to ugly it up a bit to keep things like that from happening… You’re like Cougar bait!!!

    As always thank you for everything you do!!!

    • Carla says:

      “Cougar bait!” hahahahaa, that’s hilarious and completely true (at least in this situation).

      Matt, I have a question about long-term relationships. How can you manage a serious relationship (such as marriage) in which one partner travels frequently, or travels abroad for long stretches of time? I’m not in a relationship, but I am interested in traveling for my career, and I’m concerned about raising a family, etc, while balancing this sort of work.

      What would you suggest, as someone who does travel for his career?

      Thanks for all the help!

  43. Alissa says:

    I am so shocked at the unprofessionality and lack of any actual answers that came out of the Elle advice columnist’s mouth. You definitely shined here matt.


  44. Debra says:

    I have refrained from commenting up until now but I have now…..

    Why do they keep having that woman in the background with that extremely annoying laugh! In nearly all of these TV interviews she is there with it. Can’t they get her out f there!

    Am I the only one that finds that laugh sooooooooooooo annoying?!

  45. Rumors says:

    The women next to you seems a bit clueless. I mean, not in what she says but just by the way she looks. Like a clueless teacher o something like that…

    Anyway, every time you look embarrassed it´s funny and cute, hahaha

    And about the question: Yes, when a man much more older than me and my mom tryed to flirt with me in front of my mom and I had to be polite even though his effort beeing sexy were ending to be creepy.

    P.S: I just have graduate from University! Hurra!

  46. Terry says:

    She only said what all of us are thinking!!!! If you’re gonna walk around looking that good, you’re gonna have to deal with the women who are bold enough to say it!!! :-) Love you!!

  47. Andrea says:

    Very funny. :-)) I laughed a lot. If you were really embarrassed (which I am not totally sure of – LOL), you conceled it well.

    I have also experienced an embarrassing situation under pressure. I had gotten a new boss who had transferred within the company from a different department, and since I was going to have to work together with his ex department a lot, I decided to walk over there and introduce myself.

    The employees at that time were all males (except for the admin assistant), and I was talking to one of the guys and – referring to cylinders of a sporty car – I said “Yes, six is nothing new to me”, and in my language 6 and sex nearly sounds the same. Those guys had never seen a woman who is interested in cars, and they were all listening to the conversation. So 30 guys were then grinning at me, probably thinking “does she have to tell everybody that sex is nothing new to her”.

    I ignored there grinning, pretending not to notice it, and I continued asking questions about that car.
    Some of those guys were still grinning at me for a few days after that incident – when I ran into them coincidentally on the company ground.

    Best regards from Italy, where I am enjoying a lovely vacation right now.

  48. Maria says:

    “That’s a special scenario.” haha awesome response!

    I find your reaction hilarious, well executed to hide the claimed embarrassment.

    Question is, as a man, were you really embarrassed? Didn’t you find that statement in reference to your looks validating, like I would assume any typical male would.

    Interestingly, if that statement was hurled to a woman that may constitute sexual harassment. Your thoughts ladies?

    • carla says:

      as the law is written, the statement is considered several harassment to a man as well. for various reasons, few men would pursue it as such, but it is.

      • Angela K says:

        A woman of high value would not say that to any man, only to her man and definitely not on telly for the whole nation to see

    • Rivka says:

      There’s no such thing as a “typical male”! Besides, based on the comments on his blog, Matt gets enough genuinely sweet compliments that he doesn’t need the creepy ones.

  49. Thirza says:

    Hi Matthew i hope everything Goes allright?

    Affcourse i had the deal with kinda something onder prussere.
    When we had gym at school and one girl Said you can’t dress hear Ger away from here” i Saw myself That their was enough space but she wanted me there than i had no choice than dress anywhere else.

    And yesterday me and my twinsister we had a fight.
    She Said what make me angry and i’m not the Person Who Gets angry easily, but if i Get angry than it’s good wrong so i hitt her ” than i fell my Mother Gets besides uss to Gett us calm again my Mother grabbs the jacket of my Twinsister and Maybe to hard and the jacket was broken. And my Twinsister flipps out she hit my Mother and the boyfriend of my older sister grabbs her to calm het down.
    It was so emarrising in That moment all the other people was staring at uss and gives uss the look. And after That i feel more and more guilty About it.
    I did write a apoligze letter to my Twinsister About how sorry i am.

    Now About my internship everything Goes allright oké i have to get up early but it’s all worth it” ;D

    Have a Nice Week Matthew Lovely Hussey ;)

  50. Toi says:

    LMFAO!! I squealed when she said that. One helluva compliment, eh? I have had plenty of embarrassing things happen to me but none like that! I don’t succumb to embarrassment easily so I have to make this good… it was a few weekends ago at this Michael ackson/Prince party at a bar and my friends and I are all dancing, having fun, etc. when this sloshed guy with a PBR in his hand decides to single me out as his dance opponent for the night. He’s all over the place and I’m keeping to a 2-step at this point because he’s literally trying to have a dance off with me as the challenger and people are starting to look over and notice. The song mixes to something different and I head straight for the bar to laugh it off and tell him I simply couldn’t compete with that!

    Hope you get more compliments like that soon, Matt =D

  51. Rebecca says:

    Matt, you’d think after several years of women saying that to you, you’d get used to it. ;-) Perhaps her timing was a bit awkward, but the co-hosts looked like they shared the sentiment.

  52. carla says:

    Matt, that’s a great distinction to make in the parenting topic, different messages from parents confuses small children and are used as ammunition by older children at times. that goes double for parents who are divorced. I admit i nearly lost it with the ‘on my knees’ comment, but even though you were slightly out of your experience on the first question and rather shocked during the second you seemed to keep your cool and make your point well.

    • carla says:

      in response to the question of the day: as an american living in the uk, i’ve had many situations like that. i will share a couple.

      i was in a pub once, speaking to a ‘gentleman’ from ireland who asked me, upon learning i’m from the south in th u.s. ‘ so you’re a southerner….does that mean you’re a racist?’

      in my first year of study in an undergraduate politics based degree at a uk uni, i had many students start singing off about various u.s. actions on the intentional stage… once just as a seminar was starting. i spoke up, much to his surprise, that i was born in the u.s. and love the country but that doesn’t mean that i agree with all the political actions. furthermore, if he or anyone else wanted to conduct a reasoned criticism of the u.s. i was more than willing to participate but i would not tolerate emotive arguement just for the sake of American bashing.

  53. Gabrielle Carolina says:

    I mean… she said it. I’m thinking it, but she said it.

    • Gabrielle Carolina says:

      AND I just got what she meant. I thought she meant propose. The feminist in me was thrilled. Now the Southern Belle in me is wrinkling her nose.

      So, to clarify, I’d go down on my knees to PROPOSE. Oi, vey.

    • andie says:

      Amen my sentiments EXACTLY! MATT YOU’RE SO AwEsOMe!

  54. "Kiki" says:

    Matt, you handled that last bit like a true gentlemen. What a gem of a line from her. I’m sure the Producers “LOVED” that.

    I have a quick, and rather odd, question to ask you.

    There is the stunningly attractive guy at my office. Well dressed, well spoken, funny and personable. He’s a bit older than myself (28, I’m 21), but treats me like gold, never once making me feel inferior based on my “newbie” rank in the company. He also makes me giggle like no other. His belly laugh, coupled with his positive personality is just infectious. He’s the kind of person you just don’t encounter anymore, the kind that lifts everyone spirits with effortless talent (sort of like you, Mr. Hussey!)

    Here’s the problem…I don’t know if he’s straight (I’m sure other NYC gals can relate to his situation).

    I’m constantly getting mixed messages from him. I feel a tad uncomfortable friending him on Facebook to check out his “About” Section…and there is no way in HALLLLLE I’m going to ask a co-worker. What should I do? I don’t want to waste my time gushing over someone who’s unavailable. It’s an uphill battle to begin with, considering I’m just establishing myself…and he’s so successful.
    Thanks for reading Matt. You are such a gift to us ladies trying to find their way. Best!

    • "Kiki" says:

      ***(to “this” situation) sorry…long weekend!

      BTW: I’ve tried putting out feelers. Like, “which celebrity do find the most attractive?”…and he said, “The entire cast of Mad Men”.


  55. Plamena says:

    Matt, for cute guy like you, you will always get embarrassing questions. But the important thing is that you handle it professionally. :)


  56. Nofyah Shem Tov says:

    Hot stuff!!! Wooh! Sounds like you have an admirer sitting next to you in the colleague chair!

    Loved your parenting advice. Absolutely true. And I can vouch for it as someone who had a poisonous relationship with my ex husband (and he is still doing sh!t to undermine me after 7 years of divorce, with adult children, no less). Now I have a good relationship with my partner, especially in terms of parenting and our 3 yr old. And it shows – she’s happy and has self-esteem to pass out to others.

    Thanks for the laugh.

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Wonderful to hear Nofyah!


      • Rivka says:

        Yes, that part about tone being different and message being the same was great! I’m a nanny, and I’m in favor of a tone of sweetness and gentleness, with a message that says that there are standards. Love is conveyed in the tone, and standards/appropiate accountability in the message. I’ve experienced it the other way around from one of my parents :(

        • Rivka says:

          That combination of loving tone and standards/message set the stage for an amazing love between me and a child I was caregiver of at a preschool. He loved me more than any of the other teachers, second only to his parents. :)

  57. Siobaun says:

    Very well handled. The only thing I noticed was the defensive/closed body language halfway through but it was warranted in that situation. I thought your advice was great though but it may have fallen in deaf ears…. Tough crowd!

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Thanks so much Siobaun : )


      • Rivka says:

        You transform what would be a scene of people giving average dating advice as seen all over the internet(by which I mean poor-quality advice) into something really good!

        • Tina says:

          I agree with Rivka, I found those ladies to be actually quite obnoxious & rude. Especially from Kathy Lee..what’s up with that? As a talk show host she should have been alittle more polite & alot less condescending…(men issues these days??) Anyway, I think you held your ground well & came out a winner! Take care…x

  58. Eve says:

    Wow. She didn’t phrase that well, did she? Hilarious! You handled that well, Matt… Nice segment. Loved how you told everyone that they were ALL. WRONG. Ha! More power to ya, fella! :D

  59. Rose says:

    The embarrassing bit was when the other guest said to Matt : The minute you open your mouth I would go on my knee’s so handsome are you . If I remember correctly.

  60. Yaro says:

    Matt what Will you do when you find everyone you trust are against you and hope the worst for you and try to do everything to make you sad and lose hope for life Im not talking about love life :( I know its my second time asking you such things but I really need your help :(

    • Matthew Hussey says:

      Hi Yaro,

      I understand where you’re coming from, and although this is far easier said than done, sometimes we have to realize that the people we thought were good for us are in fact not. Take a step back, think about what you value in those you want to keep close and reevaluate the company you keep. If they aren’t up to your standards take steps to begin to surround yourself with those who are. You deserve better.
      Take care lovely :)

      Matt x

  61. Angela K says:

    P.S. If I didn’t notice the embarrassing bit, then I can only conclude that you handled the situation professionally and with great skill x

  62. Angela K says:

    Hi Matthew, Forgive me but I didn’t notice where the embarrassing bit was, what bit was it ? Though I found those people in the background with the umbrellas who kept waving through the window quite annoying !
    Your friend, Angela K.

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