How To Bounce Back From Rejection

I believe winners are defined by how they respond to losing.

In love, we have all been losers.

Remember that rejection you felt, when the cute guy at the party gave you the cold shoulder? Or that time you went on a great first date and he never called again? Or, worse still, that feeling we all have when we fall head over in heels for someone who doesn’t feel the same way?

It is brutal out there. Losing can leave you asking all those big questions: Can anyone truly love me? Will I ever be capable of keeping someone’s interest? Am I just not cut out for relationships and better off single?

We will all lose at some point – It’s a matter of when, not if.

Love won’t always treat us fairly. Sometimes we will do everything right and still lose. And in those moments we cannot afford to learn the wrong lessons from our pain. I’ve seen people who are on the path to amazing things, and trade it all in after experiencing one big failure that knocks them sideways.

When people get rejected in their love life, I’ve noticed two different kinds of mindsets, and from this mindset alone I can tell if a person is ultimately going to recover and find happiness.

Let’s say a woman goes on a date with a guy and he never calls her back. Or maybe he does call back and says he wants to see other people.

In that moment, we have two choices of how we define that rejection in our heads; a high value mindset or a low value mindset.

Which one of these we choose will determine the meaning we ascribe to that rejection:

A low value mindset says – “He rejected me. He realised I’m not good enough for him.”

A high value mindset says – “He rejected me. He has no idea how great I really am.”

A high value mindset makes moving on from rejection so much easier. And it’s not about being delusional and giving ourselves positive fluff to feel better. It’s about saying the truth: “This guy has only been on one (or a few) dates with me. He couldn’t possibly know what he’s missing out on.”

A low value mindset, on the other hand, can paralyze us. It’s the mindset that leads us to neediness, jealousy, insecurity, and all those negative traits that actually make it harder for someone to fall for us in the first place. When we don’t feel like we are the best thing that could ever happen to a guy, we start to worry that he could walk away and find someone better, and then, because we live in fear that he might leave, we cling on even harder, and eventually our neediness drives him away. (By the way, these feelings of unworthiness happen all the time with guys).

So, in these moments of failure, no matter how good-looking or successful we are, how we deal with failure is going to define everything.

If I could teach one thing to young people starting out in life, it would be what is known as RESILIENCE.

RESILIENCE = “The ability to readily recover after disappointment or loss.”

How much resilience we have is going to be determined by which of the above mindsets we choose. When we lose, do we tell ourselves it’s because we deserve to lose? Or do we tell ourselves that this failure is just another story to tell once we achieve the success we should be having?

See, this is what separates high value people – High value people feel like they deserve success, even if they haven’t had success yet.

Low value spend their lives waiting for someone else to tell them they are worthy, and even then they don’t really believe it, because they don’t feel loveable at their core.

Resilience defines people who reach their dreams in life. Without it, we can spend our whole lives missing out on what we deserve because we waste it wallowing in our failures.

The tip for today is to own your failures – they have taught you more lessons than success ever will.

Today I want to ask you a question: what failures have you recovered from that have ultimately made you stronger? Leave a comment and we’ll do our very best to get back to you!

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