Brainal Bloopers! + Why We Shot This…

(If you’re yet to see last week’s video ‘Brainal‘, be sure to check it out before watching the below).

We are always trying to entertain and education while putting out our message in a unique way. That’s how people really learn.

People don’t learn when you do the same thing over and over again; they learn when you’re creative and can in catching them a little off guard.

People learn best when they’re thinking – not when in a passive state.

You have to entertain first and educate second, as unless people are entertained, they’re not being educated.

Hopefully the video made you think a little bit, laugh a little, and somewhere in there we were able to actually get across a message that meant something. A lot of work went into it, so we hope you enjoyed it!

Question of the day: What was the name of your favourite teacher in school? What made him/her your favourite? Was it because they entertained first?

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  1. Daisy says:

    omg cx “anal”

  2. Kamilla says:

    Got a message for you.

    Brainal turned out to be so effective, that I now actually think Im pregnant! (dead serious tho, I think I am and its terrifying.)

    Does this mean I somehow get to blame you? hahaha

  3. Lauren says:

    You’re not a teacher unless the student learns. You don’t learn until the teacher captures you’re attention (and if they’re A-mazing they’ll hold it).
    I’ve been SO fortunate in that area!

    -Mrs.Tedder (Kindergarten) told my mom that I was a mother hen to my classmates.
    -Mrs.Walters (An English Librarian) Who’d always guide me to books that were in the Advanced Level area. (btw I was dazzled by the accent)
    -Ms.Vasquez (5th grade) Taught me the meaning of respect and what it meant to be a part of a team. Values that are always applicable.
    -Mrs.Holland (6th grade) Thank you for giving me my first F on a paper about Adolf Hitler. She was convinced I had plagiarized and yeah I was hurt but my mom sort it out the same day. ;)
    -Mr.Montero (7th grade) Thank you for calling me a rock b/c I don’t do anything. Weird guy.
    -Mr.Montano (7th grade, 8th grade & Vice Principal) Damn was this guy full of empathy and diligence. I was teased relentlessly but hey when your uncle is in “charge” what CAN you do?
    -Mr.Hess (Creative Writing Club Advisor/Class, Yearbook Class) Holy crap this guy is a plethora of knowledge! Wasn’t his favorite student (long story) but its creepy how alike we are. I say this b/c I read his journal that he kept in class.
    -Mr.Morgan (9th grade) Offered me $50 to pull my grade to a C. But I had politely declined – remaining sane enough to function was my priority.
    -Mrs.Moss (11th & 12th grade) I literally would not have been on track if it was not for this remarkable woman. I am indebted to her. Love her so much.
    -Mr.Smith (12th grade) The coolest cat ever. I told him once that I was a cone head & he immediately asked if the doctor had used a plunger to deliver me. Lol.
    -Mr.Leatham (College) Because of him I strive to be scientifically literate!
    I’ve had all kinds of experience & I want that to continue. There is so much to learn. Its beautiful, the world seems a lot more fuller.

    *There are more to list but they are closing the school library & I have to scram!

  4. Lerae says:

    Wow!! I am so glad you put a name to this. I made this “brainal” connection to a person I met online while playing games. We went so overboard when talking that we were avoiding sleep and other important things in our lives. Come to find out he was way to young for me and we have to walk our separate ways. This is what I look for in a guy…”that” connection. If he cannot connect with me on this level, I’m not interested. Thank you again!!

  5. Jenny says:

    Hey Matt,
    Iove your material and how you always articulate ideas in a way that is easy to understand. Plus you’re fun to watch, although I don’t agree with you 100% of the time. I think you’re adorable and yes I’ve also noticed you’ve been working out. Keep the good stuff coming. XX

  6. CJ says:

    Great message from an awesome team.

  7. Kelly says:

    Dear Matthew,

    Thank you for shedding some light on the challenges you face in meeting the needs of your audience…not an easy task. I thoroughly enjoyed the video…saw it Monday so it was a great way to start the week! I am a very visual learner so this message came in loud and clear and the humour only solidified things. I am a huge advocate of brainal…this is one lesson I am already aware of, but thank you for the reminder:)

    Cheers! Matthew Hussey, best selling author, best seller…and your amazing and talented team!


    Oh…favourite teacher, sadly no one stands out as exceptional. I did have a supervisor once who inspired me and still does, even though she is no longer living. She dressed very old school, was very professional, but had a wicked sense of humour, down to earth and classy (what a combination!) She inspired many.

  8. Antonietta says:

    Matthew I’m into brainal and I love the way you do it haha

  9. Gudny says:

    Well I thought the whole thing was hilarious! Greetings from Iceland, keep up the good work Matthew!

  10. Alexis says:

    I like this cutie guy from my school and what I should do that can tell him that I like him as a friend. Can I take him out to the movie with group? Let me know what u think.

  11. Colleen says:

    Brainal is BRILLIANT!!! The BEST yet! Thank you!!!!

  12. Vanessa says:

    This made me laugh SO HARD :D

  13. Kooky says:

    thank you hero . this is the best video ever.thank you for making me laugh . till now I’m laughing .

    What was the name of your favourite teacher in school (OF LIFE )? its YOU HERO.
    What made him/her your favourite? because you are just yourself .
    Was it because they entertained first? YES and NO . because sometimes you entertain first , sometimes you entertain at the end of your videos .and sometimes you entertain in the middel .

    again thank you hero for making laugh . you don’t know how much i needed this .

    :D :D :D :D

  14. Sapphire says:

    Matt, I loved the original Brainal video and I love the bloopers.

    I thought you made very good and important points in a tongue and cheek way.

    The fact that you read out negative comments shows me that you are open and honest, and a refreshing change.

    I always look forward to finding you in my inbox ;)

    Sapphire x

  15. Jo says:

    Ignore the naysayers Matt, they know not of what they speak ;).

    Going back to last weeks vid. I actually had a moment during the week when I actually considered whether I could continue communicating with someone because of their lack of brainal. I was having one of those conversations where, not matter how I explained something (the reason why some people are prone to mental health problems caused by negative core beliefs….I know right :P), he just wasn’t getting it, in the end he said “well I think that both our opinions are right”. I have to admit, that statement in itself, made me a tad cross…and my answer….”The information I have just given is not merely my opinion, it comes from over 3 years studying psychology as an academic subject and is based on over 100 years of scientific research”.

    My point is, at that moment, I questioned whether or not it is possible to have a meaningful relationship or friendship with someone who isn’t your intellectual equal or in effect, unable to either give or receive brainal. I don’t want to be talking with someone and have my words fall with a thud at their feet or have to wait for tumbleweed to blow across the room when I speak.

    Anyway, the bloopers made me giggle, I am now worried though, about the fact you may have just sullied Bernard Shaw’s reputation hehe.

    Take care

    Jo x

  16. Jill says:

    You crack me up in your lab coat and tight-ee white-ees
    My favorite teacher was my English teacher my senior year. I’m sure it helped that he wasn’t that much older and he definitely tried to entertain as well as educate. This was the year I discovered I had opinions and it was o.k. to share them. He told me I was most likely to have my own talk show one day, I plan to prove him right.

  17. Erin says:

    Funny you said anal at the end, ’cause that’s the word I thought of every time you said brainal. Now I know I’m not the only one. I thought the video was clever. I kind of feel about the word brainal like I feel about the word moist, but to each his/her own.

    That whole lab coat outfit that’s frozen on the picture up there needs to be your standard fare for the Today Show. Or at least worn once. I would love to see you walk out to Hoda and Kathie Lee (is that her name?) in that outfit. They might pass out. It would be awesome. Even better if that lady from Elle (or some magazine) is there that day.

    My favorite teacher’s last name was also the name of a bird. I liked him because he tried to help me when I was getting bullied. He would tell me I was smart and I couldn’t let them get to me. Well they still got to me, but I kept up my grades and have never forgotten that he was supportive of me.

    I also had a teacher that had a 10 foot whip in his class. He was an entertainer, but the whip is all I remember about him.

  18. Kira says:

    Mr. Carly because he was hilarious and not at all like you’d expect him to be. He was the sort of teacher who could write you up for detention and you’d be laughing about it and not mad at all. It was really cool how he could do that.

  19. Holly Klein says:


    I am laughing so hard! its so nice to see more of your personality sometimes! I really enjoy all of your videos and I have learned so much from your book and your videos! Its also nice to see your real human side also because you are a guy on my computer… until you say anal three times! haha!!! love it! to funny!!

    Keep your skin thick and the good advice coming….

    Thanks Matt!


  20. Elaine says:

    Just as important as being BRAINAL is being funny… And you rock both of it, Matthew!!!

    Gotta say that I’m a huge fan of Jameson, too… The videos are just great! =)

  21. Jhoana says:

    Hi Mathew or as a Student i should call you Mr. Hussey
    thanks for the lessons and the effort you and your team have put
    for us to teach us while entertaining us with your Get the Guy techniques
    Personally I have followed you for years and I have learnt a lot..
    Not just about getting the guy but self development, self confidence, high value and some entrepreneur videos that have given me ideas which I’m starting next year in selling a product which I’m passionate..
    Anyways thanks again and keep up the great work..
    All your videos are awesome and i have to say the brainal theory is one of my favourites..
    Have a good one! Luv Jhoana x

  22. Anjali says:

    Matt, I love that you’re unapologetic. Stay that way, no matter what. When you want to rant, you rant. When you want to make us laugh, you make us laugh. When you want to be straight forward, you’re straight forward. But no matter what tone you guys choose, the videos are always down to earth and full of substance. Sometimes life is too stressful and you just need to laugh, so I truly appreciate the funnier videos. Thanks for not becoming some artificial self help guru. You genuinely care, and it’s appreciated.

  23. Christy says:

    LOVED the original Brainal video and the blooper outtakes were hilarious!! Thank you so much, Matthew & Jameson, for caring enough about your audience to make us laugh while teaching a great lesson (Molly & David did a great job acting, too)!

  24. emi says:

    Hi Matt,

    I loved your last video! I found it very artistic with nice music and you acted very well too. Hope you make similler video again which sometimes fun to watch the actor ‘Matthew’ like in Hollywood films. Also, I think you’ve become sexier and sexier as you grow older.. ;)

    Keep going!

    Emi XX

  25. Plamena says:

    You always make me laugh! I love this video! Keep it up.

  26. Plamena says:

    Hahahahaaa ooohh my good Matthew you are so funny! lol xx

  27. Angela K says:

    Yo Matthew, Are you trying to grow a beard ? Like you, I wear a lab coat to work and I don’t wear anything underneath it. Then if I see someone I fancy, I just take it off. It always gets great results.

    Angela x

  28. Nicole says:

    Oh Matthew,

    You never cease to make me laugh or teach me something new and interesting. Loved this video AND the “Brainal” video. You can’t please everyone, but I am pretty sure you have pleased many more than those you haven’t with your video methods. I say do what you do, be who you are. You are doing a damn good job of it so far! :) Love to you!

    I look forward to all of your videos, e-mail updates and Iheartradio updates. I’m a fan, that’s all that matters right? haha

  29. Faith says:

    Wow that was super freudian Matt…. and Jameson letting you mess it up again and again… what does that say about Jameson?… let me go get a cuppa and pipe and ponder…

  30. Kathleen says:

    Hi Matthew,
    Great video of the bloopers! I laughed so hard at the last 30 seconds or so.
    I made the mistake of drinking something before the very last thing you said “anal” LOL!!!
    BTW I almost choked on my drink while I was laughing…

    FAVORITE TEACHER!!! Mrs. McCRacken, OMG she was just the best history teacher EVER!!!
    when she taught something whether it be about The Civil War or King Henry VIII she always gave us a person to play in her in class reenactments, like one person got to be Henry VIII and then there were his wives, and oh yes there were decapitations, not for real though lol, but they were great.
    when we learned about Christopher Columbus we made 3 ships out of our desks then stood on top of them pretending we were all out to discover new lands!!!
    She was something special, she made you want to learn, she was entertaining and not boring and that is what I loved most about her!!!

  31. Marina Casadei says:

    Next time, please, take off the coat!!

  32. Wendy says:

    Well, his is exactly what you teach about always continuing having fun in a relationship. We are your viewers, fans, students and clients so we also have a relationship with you (although a bit different and from afar…)
    So way to go in practising what you preach ;-)
    Those that are not there yet…won’t be in their intimate relationship either.
    So to all of you out there that don’t crack up and appreciate these kind of video’s, I would say, start following some of Matthew’s courses, you need soooo need to lighten up! :-) :-) :-)

  33. kathy says:

    the problem i have is that i always seem to attract only married men ! sooooooooooooooooooo burned out why is this happening ! can you tell me that thank you kathy

  34. Monique says:

    Matthew, love your videos and your sense of humor!!! Can’t resist watching them!! Haha

  35. saph says:

    Matt clearly had anal on the brain instead of brainal

  36. Suzanne says:

    Loved it! Keep on keepin on!

  37. Leecis says:

    Videos like this make me more excited about the retreat next month. I hope to be having lots of brainal. Anal; BAHAHAHA

  38. angela davis says:

    Thanks Matthew for the great videos

  39. Kamilla says:

    Anal anal anal! Now we know what youre into!! ;D

    haha but seriously! Best video in a long time. And thank you for the bloopers! I dont get these, excuse me, butthurt people, who cant laugh and have a good time. It 2was very creative and inspiring aswell as informative! You did good. hahahaha …anal.

  40. Clara66 says:

    Haha, so funny. You definitely edited the final version well :) Love your clips, they are always funny and that’s why I watch. The actors were great. Spotted the old man jogging on the beach and you in your pants ;)

  41. Emma says:

    Matt, I would have preferred to see rather more of your legs. It didn’t even get down to the knees which is a tease :-)

  42. Rumors says:

    Oh, and about the question of the day, my favorite profesor was the one of Art History. Or maybe Postmodernism. Or even the one about Inteligence (secret services). All of them had sooooo muchhhhhh brainal in them and they knew like everything of each field.

  43. Rumors says:

    I totally think that you should mix some serious staff with more informal videos. In that way will always come here without knowing what to expect and it would be a little sorprise each time.

    By the way, poor Jamesson. Why don´t you make him a postbrainal sandwich?

  44. Paula says:

    People are so critical! I love each and every single video you have put out so far. I think you are hilarious, charming, smart, the list goes on. I always learn something ground-breaking from you. I never thought a man in his 20’s could be so relatable yet so smart and understanding of relationships and wants/needs. Thank you Matt!

  45. Kathryn says:

    Ha ha you have a wickedly dirty sense of humour!
    My favourite teacher Mr Dainty at primary school. I was leader of his orchestra, we went to fetes and played, did school plays, country dancing, all the things I loved doing. He was inspirational, very gently encouraging, made us be the best we could be, made us feel important as individuals. Never experienced anyone like it since. Wonderful.
    He was a very special person as you are.
    Kathryn x

  46. Wave says:

    You kind of make me think of the character in Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It is a good read, have you read it?

    Now to your question: One of my favourite teachers in school was Anita, she was my favourite because with her there was no pressure, she made things so easy and graspable so you really got positive energy about the things you learned. I don’t remember if she entertained first, but she was very cool and kind. By the end of the class she always got the message out. Nostalgia :P

    Have a l♥vely Sunday!

    Ps. You have to listen to this couple! I’ve got two videos in this link Cupid did a GREAT job with them, tell me if you agree! :D

  47. Rivka says:

    You were playing around and being silly…Nothing fake about that. I actually felt it was more real than your old videos used to be.

  48. Nathalie says:

    Hahahaha thank you for the enterteinment !!! Guys will be guys… ;)


  49. Rivka says:

    You have to TELL Jameson you like post-brainal sandwhiches: how else is he supposed to know? ;) Effective communication is important here.

  50. Thirza says:

    haha matthew i watched it.

    and i must say your a expert in Brainal ;)

    Thnx for posting always the best things ;D

    lovely greetz thirza

  51. Debora Lockhart says:

    This has been so fun! It really did sink in and so this last week I tried it and payed close attention and it works. Thank you and keep having fun! It spills all over us and feels so good!!

  52. Kathrin says:

    Wow people who weren’t entertained by the original video… what is wrong with them? Like didnt they get that it was MEANT TO BE FUNNY? Loved the bloopers!
    So Matt here’s my question if you read this: Do you have any advice to people like me who attempt to be perfect at anything in their life? I know you preach my favorite quote “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” but how do I actually practice that? I can’t help that I get frustrated when I don’t get a thing 100% right..

    Thank you for your videos every week they always make my sunday! And I read the book 2 times now.. really enjoyed it and I have a lot of fun doing – as i call it – “the muffin talk” at starbucks ;)

    X Kathrin

    • Raquel says:

      I predict those people are going to have an extremely hard time making a relationship work… You can’t nit-pick and tell people they’re wrong all the time and it seems those whose felt so strongly about it they just “had to” voice their criticism are used to doing exactly that. My advice to them would be to read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie and learn a thing or two about Humans Relations before they even try to get in a relationship.

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