Why You REALLY Need to Stop Caring What Other People Think

When I first started coaching at 18 years old, people had a LOT to say about why a kid like me thought he could tell people anything about dating. Over TEN years on and after reaching millions of people around the world, people STILL throw out their criticisms.

I had a viral video hit this week (over 16 million views in three days!), and sure enough, many of my new followers said: “Who the hell is this Matthew Hussey and why should I listen to what this young guy has to say??”

Comments like that used to worry me. These days, I smile and say: “Ah, this again.”

But if you’re STILL living in fear of the opinions of others, this is the video is for you…

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48 Replies to “Why You REALLY Need to Stop Caring What Other People Think”

  • I’ve had an overwhelming urge to write my own material for years now, I have been putting up road blocks all the way. Never feeling worthy of having a career in writing, embarrassed to let people read my writing in case they think I’m weird and strange. I know I’m weird and strange and I love that about myself.
    I even started a book called speak your truth. I’d say I could have four books by now if I simply stopping worrying about other people’s opinions of me and just did it.

    Thank you for your inspiring video :)

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