Coming To America…

Near Los Angeles?

>>>Click here to sign up and join me for the first event of the ‘GetTheGuy Tour’, February 16th…

I really meant it in the video when I said I’m going to go where you want me most. Obviously I can’t go everywhere, but I want to go where you guys are most passionate and willing to come with all your friends and family too! Tell me in the comments which city you’d most like me to come visit..

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347 Replies to “Coming To America…”

  1. Had a great time at your LA event last year. It would be awesome if you would put together guy-girl mixer events since you have such an amazing rolodex of people.

  2. It would be really great if get the guys team could make it to North America as well. I live in vancouver. I’m watching forward for that to happen.

  3. Wow that’s GREAT! I’m happy for you and everyone who is attending to your seminar! :-) but what about a tour around Europe?? That would be a dream come true for so many ppl as well (incuding me). Can’t wait to have your book in my hands,a treasure!
    Wish you all the best from Grand Canaria :-)

  4. Hi really I am happy you are here in US

    I have been fallowing you since Augest 2012

    Still I am suffering a lot in all my relations

    Pleas come to Tampa FL
    You will be amazed

    Waiting for you
    I am welling to come to LA just let me know where so I can arrange everything

  5. Ill definetly see you somewhere in the US, but you should also consider Mexico in your mid-term plans! We’d love to gave you here as well!

  6. Come to Salt Lake City! There are so many girls here that don’t realize they’re single because of their own lifestyle. That’s all I could think about watching this video. Well, that and how ridiculously cute you are. Seriously, Matthew! :-) I’ll bring everyone I know, haha. You could do wonders in Utah.

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