Coming To America…

Near Los Angeles?

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I really meant it in the video when I said I’m going to go where you want me most. Obviously I can’t go everywhere, but I want to go where you guys are most passionate and willing to come with all your friends and family too! Tell me in the comments which city you’d most like me to come visit..

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  1. Jessica says:

    Oh Matt! I hope you can do more events here in the future, hopefully in Florida, Maryland, and New York. A lot of single people are in these areas but have difficulties getting into relationships and making them work. My mouth dropped when I saw the ticket pricing but I can’t come unfortunately. I hope it’s a success!

  2. Dani says:

    two words….kansas city

  3. Alicia says:

    definitley come to Kansas City!!!!!

  4. Linsi Thomas says:

    Come to Houston please!!!

  5. Lisa says:

    You should come to Kansas City, Missouri! Right smack dab in the center of the States.. and this happens to be on the list of worst places to date. Come here and help all of us women out. PLEASE!

  6. Hillary says:

    Please come to Houston, TX!!! :) I’ve told all my friends about you and I’d love to come see you live! :D

  7. Erinn says:

    Chicago!!!!! :))

    Pleease Come Here :)))))

  8. shelley says:

    Would you please come to Augusta Maine? Or anywhere in Maine.

  9. C says:

    Please, please, please come to Ottawa, Canada. My new job and school are keeping me from traveling. Would very much love to get the guy I’ve been datng to commit to me, just having a hard time pegging what his issues are.

  10. Monica Smith says:

    Have you considered coming to Canada , Toronto perhaps

  11. Kim says:

    Please, please, please come to Sacramento, CA. It’s the state capital. You must come see us !!!!
    Great job on what your doing for us females, your amazing for caring to help us.

  12. Jael says:

    Please come to Las Vegas, NV. We would love to have you visit here.

  13. Linsey says:

    Welcome to America Mathew!!!
    Im so glad your here!!!! I would love to see you in Springfield MO!!!
    Let me just tell you that Springfield is an awesome town, it is very centrally located- so you will have lots of fans from all around to come. Springfield has so many fun things to do and see, it is truly a beautiful town, the people are so friendly and active here. You will really like it here!
    I hope to see you soon!!!!
    I would settle for these also-
    Kansas City, MO
    St. Louis MO
    Little Rock AK
    Oklahoma City, Ok
    Springfield, Il
    Nashville, Tn

  14. Lindsay says:

    We NEED you in NYC!

  15. Ana says:

    Please come to MIAMI !!!! We need you !!!

  16. Catherine says:

    Hey Matt
    You’ve helped me out a lot since I subscribed your 6 months program and really appreciate your efforts, all the email tips, etc. Me and my friends lovd you a lot. Would be great if you come to Asia especially HK!

    hope to see you soon

  17. Diana says:

    Matthew!!! I’m so glad of what you are doing! I must confess that since I bumped into your videos my whole perspective changed in that area. I would tell you to come to my city but recently it has been declared as the US city with the ugliest man lol. But come to San Antonio Tx or Dallas Tx or Houston Tx!! TEXAS!!! Please!!! It is very frustrating seeing beautiful girls being chosen (by the wrong guys) instead of choosing!! Girls deserve to know what they can do to change that. Help us out Matthew!!! TEXAS NEEDS YOU!!

  18. Trish says:

    Los Angeles…….seriously??? Take on a real challenge and come to the Big Apple!

  19. Angie says:

    Please come by Spokane WA

  20. Ellie says:


  21. Rylee says:

    Come to the South! I live in North Caroline, so maybe somewhere like Atlanta or Nashville that’s not too far away?

  22. Cassi says:

    My first vote goes to Portland, OR because we really need help with the guys around here. We have one of the top areas for young single men in the country.

    My other votes go to: Redding, CA or Sacramento, CA

  23. Jenn says:

    Cleveland or Pittsburgh!!!!

  24. Lorraine says:

    Bakersfield, CA

  25. Diana W says:

    Kansas (Kansas City or Wichita)

  26. Liz says:

    MIAMI – You can try some more SLS Croquetas and other Spanish Tapas out of a transparent shoe– @ South Beach Bazaar!

  27. Ivona says:

    Croatia! :D

  28. Maureen says:

    New York Please – we need you!!

  29. Hillary says:

    yeah come to Canada!! :) Montreal or Halifax

  30. Paula says:

    Hello Matthew, please come to South Africa!

  31. Julie Ann says:

    Hey Matthew!

    First thank you! You’ve helped me a lot with my confidence as far as talking to guys. Would love you to come to Dallas, TX. Have a ton of girlfriends that would love your class.

  32. Ruth Murdock says:

    Portland OR please! I need your help, lol!

  33. Ruth says:

    Portland, OR for sure. As previous people have said, Portland is WEIRD for just about everything, dating especially. Aside from that, it is a beautiful city, all kinds of interesting things to do and see and eat!

  34. Violet says:

    Las Vegas, please :)

  35. Peter says:

    Matthew, come to Portland, Oregon.
    My sister and her friends need you to enlighten them and teach them the strategies to be successful with love & relationships. My little sis is almost done with graduate school and is ready to get married and start having a family but all the guys she happens to meet here are casanovas and high as kites! Yikes! I worry about her. I would like to see her in a stable and healthy relationship where she is smiling & laughing all the time instead of being stressed & feeling blue.I will definitely buy her a ticket for her birthday once the tour dates are set! Wish you the best of luck on the tour!

  36. Katrina says:


    You ROCK! I’m a poor college student, but I will sell a kidney if you come to Pittsburgh, PA! (Or even Cleveland, OH)

    Hope to see you soon! xo

  37. Debora says:

    NEW YORK!!!!!!

  38. Tasha says:

    Washington, DC or Virginia Beach, VA!

  39. B says:

    Three words:

    New York City!

  40. Hannah says:

    Matthew, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Columbus Ohio! I will bring all of my friends, and it will be so great! I love what you do and I would love to see you in person! I show your youtube videos to my friends and they really enjoy them! Columbus is the 7th largest city in the US by population ( I’m pretty sure…don’t quote me. lol) and you would be a hit here!! Please consider it(:

  41. Kari says:


  42. Minta says:

    Matthew! You have given me so much hope this past year of my life. I would be honored if you would consider coming to Nashville, TN.

  43. Jess says:

    Denver, Colorado! It’s situated right in the middle of the U.S. to make for easy access for other states, is a big bustling city, and very near to the slopes ;)

  44. Dallas says:

    Here’s more love and support from Texas! Supporting all Texas votes!

  45. Raksha says:

    Los Angeles it is!!! I am so looking forward to seeing you.. you should come to LA :)

  46. Liz says:


  47. Betty says:

    A LEAST on Florida like Orlando or Miami

  48. Girl's Night: Finding a Date Worth Keeping says:

    Somewhere in northern California would be great (Chico, Sacramento, or San Francisco)!
    Thanks Matthew! We hope LA is a great kickoff.

  49. Audrey says:

    I am French and I hope one day to see you in France I’m your advice for a few weeks and I learn again to trust me. The confidence I had lost due to a painful separation and I thank you greatly

  50. Katherine says:

    Boston, Massachusetts or Worcester Massachusetts
    love you!

  51. Melissa says:

    Matt, New York City!! Please.

  52. Lizzie says:

    Matt, you should come to the south. Jackson, MS would love to have you!

  53. Jaden says:

    New Orleans pleaseeeeeee!!!!

  54. Anna says:

    What about Canada? I’m in Montreal, but it has a small population of English speakers. However, people would travel to your event if it were in Toronto or Ottawa. Your best bet would be Toronto. Even Janis Spindel comes to Toronto and Mtl! :-)

    • Anna says:

      Or if you come to Vermont, or Albany, New York or some place that is near the border of US and Canada, Canadians would travel to it.

      By the way, I really like your work. It amazes me how you can isolate those crucial moments in interactions and then provide easy and logical strategies to make them more successful and which WORK! :-) Thank you!

      Best of luck!

  55. Christy says:

    Raleigh,Wilmington,Charlotte,Myrtle Beach,Charleston, believe or not there are singles there!

  56. Jenna says:

    Kansas City or some other city in the midwest…like Chicago!

  57. Lisa denham says:

    Come to Somerset Kentucky

  58. Marcia says:

    Matthew, I am really happy because I found you… Since I started to see your videos my personal life started to change after I followed your advices. It was an amazing boost for me… In all aspect of my life. I really appreciate all you have done. I wish the best for you and blessings from heaven. :)

  59. Marcia says:

    Come to Connetcitut or New York!!!! Please!!! Any place is close to me :) I am really fascinated with all you have to share…

  60. L says:

    Canada needs you, Matt!!


  61. sara says:

    heyyyyy you’re amazing xD can you come to saudi arabia we all seriously need you everyone here you can come to a city calls jeddah in saudi arabia or you can just come to dubai, i’d seriously love to travel to everywhere just to see you!! really but i can’t, thanks <3

  62. Linsi Thomas says:


  63. Denise says:

    Please come to Seattle. We would love to show you around.

  64. Colleen says:

    Matthew, definitely come to Seattle or Portland!!! We need you in the Pacific Northwest :) Love your advice, can’t wait for the show and the book to come out!

  65. Leecis says:

    I feel the coasts have extra advantages. True need is in the Midwest. Particully Detroit. Or possibly Chicago….ROAD TRIP! ;-))

  66. shelly says:

    San Francisco! I know so many amazing women here who cannot even find a date. It’s discouraging to say the least. I’ve been trying the online thing and after meeting 25+ guys all I have to show for it is good stories. Like the guy who spent 2 years in jail for felony arson. He wanted to see me again. Obviously, I need help!

  67. Deborah Berg says:

    Please, please come to San Francisco. We need your help…. I need your help.

  68. Lilian says:

    Matthew Hussey,
    I’ve always loved your energy and ready to be inspired. Im booked in Los Angeles for the 16th. See you soon!

  69. Alejandra says:

    When shhouu come to MIAMI, and you see people “flirting”, you tell to youreself– What the F**..!?



    Haha.. Matt!, Please come to Miami and enchant us with some UK class!! :)

    As a salsa instructor, I would LOVE to set up a night with some females to Hussey the night @ Salsa socials!

  70. Donna Gabbard says:

    I would love to see you at either of these places:
    Lexington, KY
    Louisville, KY
    Nashville, TN

    Love , Donna

  71. Adria says:

    I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and we have some great event venues. Caesars Windsor Casino being one and the WFCU Centre where some big names have been…. But I would absolutely go to (#1 choice)Toronto, NYC, Chicago or Detroit. I have friends that would go with me! Sooooo…. hopefully I will get to see you sooner than later. I have been watching your videos for some time now and would love love love to see you/ meet you in person! Love to you Matthew~!

  72. J says:

    Orlando, FL !!!

  73. Jillianne says:


    Toronto babe! : )

    with light,

  74. Michelle says:

    Please. Please. Please come to Saint Louis, Missouri. I know my friends and I would love to come see. I have been watching your videos for awhile now and would love to see you in person. However Chicago would work too. Or at least I will make it work.


    PS. You have helped me so much. You are absolutely amazing.

  75. jessica says:

    come to Salt Lake City, Utah :)

  76. Tiara says:

    Denver, Colorado!

  77. J says:

    Another vote for Chicago!

  78. Lala says:

    Next stop? SOUTHEAST ASIA!!! We are waiting. ;p


  79. Caitlin says:

    Matthew, Come to the city of roses,


    The ladies here need your help!!!
    Portland is a unique city & I’m sure you will enjoy visiting the following spots:
    1. Forest Park: One of America’s largest urban forest reserves & it has great hiking trails.
    2. Microbreweries & brewpubs: Portland is known as beervana if you like beer!
    3. Powell’s City of Books: The largest independent new & used bookstore in the world!
    4. International Rose Test Garden: You can view 7,000 rose plants of approximately 550 varieties!
    5. Food Carts: Sprinkled throughout the city with cuisines from all around the world.
    6.Voodoo Doughnut: 100 varieties of unusual doughnuts! Bacon maple bar or fruit loops covered doughnut? Mmm.

    Hope to see you here in Portland soon!!!

  80. Lala says:

    Hi Matthew!!! Please come to Singapore, Southeast Asia!!!
    My girl friends and I would love to meet you!!!! Would be a dream come true!!!

  81. Kryn says:

    Haha – unbelievable enthusiasm Matt, Londoners were quite lucky to have you around for a while – all the best in the US and congrats ;)

  82. Maria says:

    Come to San Diego, CA!

  83. Corinne says:

    New York! New York! New York! Yeaaah!
    No doubt, New York, chéri.
    I myself live in Paris, (where you will be fondly welcomed whenever you decide to tour Europe as well. Lots of work here: all them French & Latin lovers are gone!) but my dearest girlfriend is there.
    New York. Pas de doute. Get there. Thank you!

  84. Sophie says:

    Now here’s a new idea… COME TO PARIS! Whan you’re through with your american “tour”, think about it. I can translate for the audience, and translate your website! (by the way, I’m not kidding, a lot of possibilities here)

  85. Maddy says:

    Please, please, please, please, please come to Seattle or Spokane!!!! These are the closest large cities near me that may get the enthusiasm I need. I currently live in Montana, though, so if you want an experience that you’ll NEVER forget in the most beautiful countryside in the US, come into Montana! (Preferably Bozeman or Missoula- both large and beautiful and well worth your time!!!!!!!!!)

  86. Mochi says:

    Hey, Matthew! I am so excited that you have the plan to come to the U.S. My friend and I just talked about the dating issues in NYC yesterday. It seems like everybody is play around there and no one takes the relationship seriously!! Most guys will wait at least until mid 30’s to consider to have the exclusive relationship or marriage!! How could we find the serious relationship here?? Expecially us girls who are in our mid 20’s? So please come to NYC and save our love lives!!!

    PLEASE consider it!! Thank you so much.

  87. k.hill says:

    Chicago! Chi-town baby is where it’s at:)

  88. Nadine says:

    Matthew, Washington DC needs you desperately and so do I. Please come and and teach us to become awesome dating ninjas.

  89. Anna says:

    Hello Matthew,

    TORONTO…TORONTO…TORONTO !!! a spectacular city..
    If you host in Toronto, I can assure you that nearby city dwellers will attend alo. but TORONTO is the ‘hottest spot” and you will luv our city !!

    See you soon…..I KNOW u will be here soon.

  90. Ada says:

    Oops, I meant SF was just a quick plane ride away from LA!

  91. Sharon says:

    Boston please :)

  92. Diane says:

    Greenville South Carolina!!! The Bi-Lo Center!!

  93. Yvette says:

    Phoenix, AZ!!!!

  94. Sam says:


  95. Ada says:

    Matthew, this is a dream come true!! You HAVE to Come to San Francisco!! Or more specifically, silicon valley–it is a DESERT out here!! Here’s the deal: Men in tech jobs or grad school are so awkward that they can not approach women or men are high powered venture capitalists or CEOs who are out of our league (ok, maybe I’m speaking for myself here!) I’m a grad student at Stanford and I was actually thinking of inviting you to Stanford to give a session for the grad women here on how to get guys because so many women I know spend 5+ years here without a single date! But if you had a session in the San Fransisco/Palo Alto/San Jose area, we could organize buses/carpools to your events, and perhaps other schools would do the same. And if the price is as affordable as you mention, we could subsidize it for the students and/or it would be affordable enough for a student’s budget. Plus, SF is such a quick plane ride away from the Bay Area you can’t not come!

  96. Ste says:

    Please come to Canada in Montreal! :)

  97. Elle says:

    Matthew, Welcome Home to the USA!!!
    Please, please come to Miami, FL!
    South Florida is great as well!!!
    Hope to see you soon :)

  98. Michele says:

    Come to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale !! Please !!!

  99. Erika says:

    Please come to CHICAGO!! We need you here.

  100. Jane says:

    Central Florida, please, Matt!

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