One Mindset to Conquer Rejection

What could possibly be more painful than rejection? Turns out, there’s one feeling that IS.
In this week’s LOVELife I reveal what it is and share the one mindset that will get you over your fear of rejection once and for all so you can finally put yourself “out there” without worrying about getting hurt again…

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29 Replies to “One Mindset to Conquer Rejection”

  1. Thanks so much for this. Got rejected last night, hurts so much can’t sleep. At least I can c some hope for the future.

  2. I agree with Matt about regret better than rejection but I hope you also agree that rejection kills the confidence and self esteem- being human, it’s difficult not to feel down and hurt when getting rejected. In that case how do you bring yourself back up again – I can’t wait to hear Matt’s response to that

  3. That was so incredibly world shaking for me… It made me cry halfway through, and it doesn’t even confine to love life, it spreads to all life experiences that we are not having while we are not letting ourselves be vulnerable and experience pain…
    I reminded my self of Brene Brown saying that when we numb pain we numb joy… When we restrict painful life experiences, we restrict joyful life experieces, and then we are walking dead for 50 years…
    Thank you for the shaking! I often find my self trying to induce earthquakes to transform my self!

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