3 REAL Cures For Loneliness…

I realized a huge truth about getting rid of loneliness that I didn’t mention in last week’s video.

Learn this simple-yet-powerful concept, and you’ll have an essential tool to create happy, meaningful relationships and feel connected again…

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431 Replies to “3 REAL Cures For Loneliness…”

  • Well done Matt for covering such an important subject. I feel lonely as a single mum, your advice is helpful, being part of the community, opening up to people definitely helps. Listening to others stories breaks my heart, and I wish everyone so much love and luck xxx

  • Matthew, your two loneliness videos have resonated with me. I have felt lonely for so many years, throughout my marriage which is now ending, and even with my three kids. But I realized earlier this year that I’ve been trying to protect myself from the pain of loneliness by using metaphorical ‘weapons’ to seem tough and strong and independent, to almost deny my own needs. It’s such a difficult shift mentally to ‘drop the weapons’, so to speak, and just be open and vulnerable. But I’ve recently discovered how differently people respond to me when I do so and it has been a catalyst allowing me to connect with people unexpectedly.

    I feel so much less lonely now that I try to remain more vulnerable, and the deeper connections I can make when vulnerable are completely worth the risk of being hurt or rejected, though the risk inexplicably shrinks. Amazing stuff! Thank you so much for all the work you and your staff do to help us understand both ourselves and others better.

  • Hi :)
    Earlier this year I took an active decision for me to embrace “being more vulnerable and open”. Scary as! I love it now, it has created a roller coaster life but I am so alive and my low points I now know are needed to feed the many many more high points I’m experiencing.
    Lots of thanks and hugs!

  • Loneliness is inevitable as each of us is in our own short journey in this world which can be a wicked place. I fight my loneliness by placing God in my heart and I find pleasure connecting with nature- trees, sky, clouds, birds, stars, moon, looking after my herb plants and just reflecting on how beautifully God created this universe with all the diversity and vibrant colours in the nature. Humans will always disappoint us and at times we disappoint ourselves, but knowing that God will never abandon us, our source is God and to Him/Her we’ll all return, gives so much peace in my heart. ♡♡

  • It is ‘ just because’ – day today – so to all of you who feel lonely right now – I hug you dearly and send you a smile right into your heart

  • Thank you Matthew.You’re right, I always listen and never comment. I am a private person. My loneliness comes from feeling I don’t fit into ‘normal’ society being a single childless woman. Friends have their own families and partners now and don’t really want to be with a singleton at their stage in life. I have been let down and made to feel worthless. Your video came at a perfect time having been let down again by a friend this weekend. Anyway, it has shifted me and helped me to start small steps to going in a different direction and to go full steam ahead with my worthiness and value of myself, and to focus on people who do actually love me. Thanks so much again, you are helping to change people’s lives. x

  • Thank you for all your fantastic advices.
    you are fantastic coach…love your way of speaking so clear and straight to the point..
    became single 2 years ago and felt very low and lonely but your videos encourage me to think positively…
    There is always a way to understand life better and you helped me in doing so…
    lol Matthew
    margarita from Madrid

  • Hi matthew

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I just adore your positivity and the fact that you make people think out of the box.

    Best regards
    Aggi winther

  • Thank you Matthew, your videos are always really uplifting and inspiring. I realise I feel lonely because I don’t know how to enjoy time by myself. It’s so hard to learn to appreciate yourself and hold yourself in high self esteem. I love the ideas you give and they truly help to take you out of that state. I feel really grateful to have found your videos just when I need them the most. Keep doing what you are doing and positively impacting so many lives.

  • Thanks for your video about loneliness, the one thing I had never realised was that its due to not having a sense of self-worth which is so important and now know what I need to cultivate, as living alone doesn’t help.

  • I’d like to add something here which I experienced myself since I’m also a ‘tough’ woman from the outside.
    Try to learn new things since there you are vulnerable in a certain way – you don’t know anything about and that helps you to find someone who helps, instructs, accompanies or is just next to you. It is not about to master it but to try it, being a baby in it, vulnerable and curious at the same time.
    Big hug again to all of you.

    1. You are so right, Elke :] Learning new things, challenging ourselves to experience new situations are great opportunities how to show our vulnerability… and not only that… it’s the quickest way how to get to know people around us or at least their manners :D

  • Matthew, you made me laugh so hard with the Harry Potter/GoT bit. Your facial expressions and the way you respond just crack me up. Thank you for always brightening my days. :)

  • Hi Matthew, I usually don’t post comments but this time I was crying at the end of the video: you touched the point. Loneliness was usually a good thing to me but in the last years has become really difficult to manage. And you’re perfectly right when you talk about vulnerability but how to permit yourself to be vulnerable when you think that people can be use it to hurt you?
    I guess this is a problem lot of people are facing in their lives, especially if they’ve been hurt in the past.
    Thank you Matthew

  • Hi Mathew. I’m so thankful for this topic. It’s good to see that no matter where in life you are, married with kids, divorced or single we all experience loneliness. I often feel lonely around friends who have families and there lives have progressed. I feel awkward as I don’t feel a part of their world. I feel like I’m stuck, a disconnect if you Will. It’s a eye opener to think we are all sitting around each other and have a sense of loneliness in one area or another and that this is actually the common denominator between us. I seemed to have hidden my feelings so well that a comment I hear often is ” it doesn’t look like it bothers you to be alone” Now at least I don’t feel alone in feeling alone.

    Thanks Mathew

    1. You are so right, Elke :] Learning new things, challenging ourselves to experience new situations are great opportunities how to show our vulnerability… and not only that… it’s the quickest way how to get to know people around us or at least their manners :D

  • I very rarely feel lonely because there are so many things to do alone that I love. I do however love to connect with people on a deeper level and because of the work I do I allow others to be vulnerable – so one side of the equation. I’ve noticed that allowing others to be vulnerable without judgment is perhaps a way of being vulnerable myself. So I want to say to all the ladies that watched this video that you are brilliant and truly courageous. How many people would actively try to make their lives better by delving into their wounds? Just the act of going in that direction is healing and empowering. Much love to all – we’re going in the right direction. Thank you Matt for your compassion and service. xoxo, M

  • This really made me feel a lit better because no matter how hard I try no matter what I say it seems although I’m in a relationship and things are a bit bumpy. I feel lonely even though Im with someone.. If that makes since. But your video really help .. Thank you..

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