3 REAL Cures For Loneliness…

I realized a huge truth about getting rid of loneliness that I didn’t mention in last week’s video.

Learn this simple-yet-powerful concept, and you’ll have an essential tool to create happy, meaningful relationships and feel connected again…

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431 Replies to “3 REAL Cures For Loneliness…”

  1. Hi Matthew,

    Thank you for your video. I really appreciate your work and your concerns, your willingness and braveness to contribute, to expose yourself to eventual negative comments. Thank you for making me feel less alone or less misunderstood. To explain in a very concise way the putative misconceive view of loneliness.
    For me loneliness occurs when I feel disconnected, inadequate or I don’t belong. I spent a lot of time distracted myself with work, social gathering and so on to get a false sense of belonging or connection to fulfill the void of my loneliness without really addressing the cause of it. I realised that avoiding loneliness is not a cure. I had to learn to brave my “comfort discomfort” of my loneliness and lived/felt what was underneath my loneliness, the unspoken pain, hurt and hopelessness that got with it, the scars that go with it, the reminders of feeling rejected. I learnt to be at peace with my own inadequate feelings of loneliness. It is not easy everyday as I can found myself in situations which remind me of my loneliness. However, that will sound very simple but I found my greatest ally in my solitude, was myself.

  2. Keep in mind that we all came to this world alone. Being alone is not a bad thing or a “punishment”, it’s a natural state of being that we all should learn to be more comfortable in.

  3. When I’m feeling most lonely, I reverse my actions. Instead of crawling inside, I reach out to someone with whom I haven’t connected in a long time. That can be a phone call, a gift, a letter, a visit, depending on the moment, and what I can muster. I’ve been doing this cure for so long, I seldom get lonely.

    But today, while talking to a longtime friend, I was reminded of my life before I took matters into my own hands. I’d go to a bar and be the only person not talking to anyone. On a picnic I’d not be in the conversation, any conversation at all.

    I still get lonely sometimes, but it is short lived, and I know how to get out of it. It’s now a question of balance, claiming the ‘me’ time, versus having too much me time. Lonely times can be learning times, too. Time for self improvement, time for deeper spirituality. When the loneliness is over, I have new behaviors to test.

    It’s a journey and your education about relationships and men is really helpful. It adds a missing dimension, flirting without investing in the outcome, recognizing everyone’s vulnerability, actually being vulnerable. And what I now call sharing the love.

  4. Thank you Matthew for making this so clear. Vulnerability is the key, and the standard. That openend my eyes somehow. I always thought I need to get something back when I open my heart and got disappointed a lot. But it is all about giving. I try to remember that on every future step I make.

    PS: I like to listen to your reading, you should do this more often and honestly it makes me laugh out loud ;-)

  5. Your video on loneliness is so superficial. Loneliness is deep rooted & when you’ve been alone for as long as I have getting out of it is harder than just a smile or short conversation.

  6. Matthew … thank you for your video on lonielness … it was so amazingly powerful!!! I love the feeling of putting myself out there with friends, with complete strangers and even with my three grown sons … your video helped me understand why. It helped me understand that lonielness is an emotion that can be used to learn more about myself, rather than allowing it to create suffering.

    Thank you for all of your amazing work and for helping me because my best self and most importantly for helping me help my sons become better and stronger emotionally!

    With love and gratitude …

  7. Hi Matt thank you for your video. I love everything you post. The only thing is I feel my vulnerability is what has driven people away. I find that opening up about my situation has put me in ” the too hard basket”. I am a single mum of an adolescent who has autism. I feel vulnerable in my own environment and esp when we go out into the community every day as I never know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. I feel people tend to stay away as they may feel they can’t make a difference no matter what they say or do. It’s a lonely place when people constantly are not able to just be there for you with out even having to say or do anything.

  8. Hi
    I just seen your video and I love them all.. I’m starting back in the dateing life and I find it hard but with your videos I have a much more understanding of the guy! Thank you


  9. Thanks Matthew,
    As someone who was a social butterfly growing up, it was shocking for me to learn that as an adult, my most lonely moments happen around people and that being alone makes me happy. If I am in a crowd, it is exactly what you said, those meaningful conversations take the party, gatherering, event to a whole other level. I enjoy deep conversation, usually one on one and then it doesn’t matter that I’m in a crowd, it simply means that there are more opportunities to have meaningful conversations with more people.
    Cheers, Shauna

  10. Thank you for all your advice, I am meeting someone tomorrow for the first time in months and months of looking, for the most part, i am busy and upbeat, and happy, but my kids are getting older and i was starting to look for someone special, i will know soon if i have found him. However i have enjoyed the journey, which i believe to be the most important aspect of all in my life.

  11. I read an article recently that said 4 hugs a day can help woman combat physical and emotional illnesses. I think it is true. I definitely get energized after a good hug from a close someone. So women, go get some hugs. If you cannot find one in your vicinity (like me, I live alone), here is one digital bear hug from me. Smile, the sun will shine again.

  12. This is beyond awesome, Matthew! Really loved the self worth point, I think it’s so true and really need to work on it. But you speak about spending time with yourself…what can we do if we’re racing so much in life with our job and (big) family that we have zero time for fun outings, down time, time with ourselves and barely time with our family members? I am a business administrator on a startup environment and am hard pressed to find any time for things that are not work related! How can I get off the hamster wheel without quitting my job which I love, and start being able to take care of myself as well as make time for each of my loved ones?

  13. Wow Matthew! Another incredible video! Your videos are always helping me learn to cope with what I’m going through. They are actually very timely. I can relate to those women on the video today. It made me think of this “relationship” I am in. I keep ignoring those red flags and accepting his flaws. Then I realized. I deserve more. I deserve someone who thinks the world of me. I’ve decided that today I am going to spend time with my kids by doing something we love to do. I’m going to put my phone and computer down for an entire day. Thank you for the sense of community you’re creating with your videos. Lots of love from the Rocky Mountains.

  14. Hi Matt,

    This video really opens up my mind and I felt totally connected and can relate to what all of them are saying..I guess being open up and being vulnerable aint the scope of thing that most people is able to do and it definitely not a transaction..

  15. Honestly I don’t think there’s a space for vulnerability. “Complaining”, “dumping”, “buzz kill”, “thanks, you just bummed me out”… If you are not 100% slap happy, all the time, in the US, then you need medication and don’t bother anybody. That’s my take on it.

  16. Thank you Matthew, your voice is inspiring and comfortable for someone who has that feeling now creeping all over his body. I try to stay firm but it’s simply hard. I like one girl that I haven’t really talked to her and I’m kind of “waiting for the right moment”, as you well may say too. I hope things get easier and be able to build a relationship with someone I do care and I do actually love. Best from Spain.

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