7 Unusual Things To Do BEFORE A Date

In this week’s video, I sat down with my brother Stephen Hussey to reveal the 7 best (and unconventional) ways to get ready for a date.

If you’re ready to make a truly powerful first impression on a guy, follow these simple next steps…

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  1. Ramona Fingersh says:

    Love these videos with your brother. They are always interesting and kind of comical. My sister and I are like you two. It is cool to see that brotherly intuition. Why is it Matt that you don’t take better car of yourself? You tell us to. I hope you don’t mind me being a little forward.

  2. Nancy says:

    I wanted to order your last publication for $7 but I was asked for the name on my card…..there is no name on my card. I still would like to order.

    Thanks for being so real, and entertaining!

  3. Victoria Davenport says:

    Matt THANK YOU for saying that about movement. I do appreciate that.

  4. Alma says:

    Summing up, get rid of the anxiety and don’t let the sate be the most important thing in your agenda. The same with the relationship that could beging in that date

  5. Nina says:

    Yes to pie and ice cream! And yes to always reading books!

  6. Avi says:

    Ok not to be negative but once I met a guy for coffee in the morning. Not a good time for date because my mood was not the greatest … he asked about my parents i told him try were dead. He basically took that as a cue to take hold of The conversation talk about how his dad was murdered but how he stays positive & how ous important to artsy positive. Basically it felt line he was lecturing me. And I am not depressed about my parents they died so long ago is not emotional at all for me but my mood was not the cheeriest. It was so rude. So many people want to try to invalidate other people’s suffering my “one upping ” you & then gloating about house they overcame their struggles. He wsss also big into Flat Earth. So not exactly a winner anyway.

  7. Marion Merritt says:

    Thank you , I will take all you’ve said on board , I have a coffee date tomorrow ! I’ve been chatting to this guy since August , only sending emails once / twice a week at first but recently a bit more . He has started to ask me about my likes and my options about a few things , but it was myself who suggested meeting for cofffee .

  8. Marcela says:

    Prep #8 Put on clothes that fit you… not one size smaller (Matt;) or 2 sizes bigger. Otherwise your body will get more attention than what you’ll say ];D

    ps: what do you mean by “probably” in Prep #7, Stephen?? ;]]]

  9. CP says:

    I’d go for pie and ice cream because eating is one of my favourite pleasures. A shower is also good.

    All sound advice. Thank you.

  10. Susie says:

    Matthew –

    You’ve reached millions…

    I don’t oppose or dislike you as a person, but I am appealing to your sensibilities with my next statement!

    You are gifted in the art of communication…what if your guage or barometer for guiding your loyal followers is off a bit…

    What if the females who follow your platform need an altered perspective from what is being provided…

    Just a question from a confident, friendly person who sees talent, but recognizes when a refresh might be liberating.

    Hope to hear from you, if not, it was a thought

  11. Carole Ann says:

    I always love watching your video and reading your blogs. It is a great insight and enjoy getting tips. I like how you personalize it and meeting your brother Stephen. By the way I am surprised you both are single. You seem to have it all together.
    Thanks for your video as I am doing research before I do decide to actually date. When the time comes I know you’ll be in my head.

  12. Amy says:

    This isn’t just fantastic dating advice, this is fantastic life advice. Good work, gents.

  13. P says:

    Great tips, loved this!!!

  14. Kaxia says:

    100% here for the pie and ice cream date. Imagine how much better the ‘casual coffee date’ scenario would be if we agreed to add pie and ice cream.

  15. lia zschach says:

    podrías colocar la opción de subtitulo? soy de argentina y mi ingles no es muy bueno por lo cual me cuesta seguirle el hilo a tus videos

  16. Paula Davies says:

    Love the video fellas!!

    I relate well to the do not talk up your date to many people( or anyone, for that matter) I meet this fantastic guy at a charity function thought we hit it off. I told my sister to share my contact info with him:) She thought I was mad…next day she received an email from him to do the same. My sister and I talked it up A LOT and then he flaked on me!!! What a let down….I told her I wasn’t going to share anymore information until after the 3rd date:) Listening to Stephen, I may want to keep all that to myself as well!!!! Have an amazing day fellas!!!

  17. E says:

    “Be reading a book all the time”. Great advice Stephen & Matt (regarding listening to podcasts!).

    It reminds me of when I was out socialising in pubs at the weekends in my mid twenties and up to my early thirties.

    Even though I was in a Band at the time & was always busy practising for performances in public & it was something I loved & was fulfilling…I often worried that when I met people out socially that I would run out of things to talk about.

    Even though I was a fulfilled person in myself, I worried that I hadn’t enough to talk to other people about. Of course the people I met out socially didn’t have “the Band” in common with me…but I realise now if I had “always been reading a book” it would have helped me keep the conversation flowing a bit better.

    Also I think I didn’t read that many books then because I always limited myself to the books that were available for free in the library. I had a poor person’s mentality & I didn’t think I had the money to go out & buy books in shops. We didn’t have the internet at home till I was 25 (yes, I was living at home at 25 unfortunately)! The internet is great…you can look up thousands of book titles & buy books second-hand.

    Thanks again for the great advice guys!!

  18. Shan says:

    At this point you are moving into life coaching which is fantastic. We almost need an entire subset of that for women who enjoy the dating advice but have taken their foot off the gas pedal. After one month of being besieged on OkCupid, I’ve decided to let it happen organically in my life and become the person I would want to date. How about a series about falling in love with yourself? And attraction, not promotion? Hugs and blessings to you both.

  19. Lani says:

    I liked this video today.

  20. Judy says:

    Like this one. Down to earth. Real not fantasy Common sense as well!

  21. ROSA says:

    Sorry guys….I didn’t like this video at all….the tips are OK but the interaction of you both on the video was not good, energy wasn’t the same coming from Stephen and jokes were not successful. I look forward to this videos every Sunday and this is the first one that I really think has no quality. Also the tips….well…yeah…I got the idea on focus on yourself to feel better during the date and after that….but there are many other advices you could choose….I know you will improve the next video of this kind…BTW I think Stephen is great, it’s just this time something happened in the result of the video and you know it….Keep going.

  22. Maryann says:

    I feel your suggestions get women too much up in their heads and in their masculine energy. To attract a man a woman must be in her body have feminine energy.

  23. PhattNubianGoddess says:

    As mentioned in the video, best to be busy with ‘life’ rather than focus exclusively on the ‘date’. Make an interesting life for yourself, and live it…this will make you an interesting person. Common sense really.

  24. Benita Johnson says:

    I have 3 kids and find it’s not easy getting a guy to want even sign up for dating me. What advice for that could you provide for single moms.

  25. Julie MacKenzie says:

    I love these videos & look forward to them every week… ;) Love all the tips…showering is very important..LOL! (preferably once a day..;) )

  26. Tammy says:

    That’s a lot of work but it’s self fulfilling.
    During certain times of year it’s more difficult to schedule activities, especially around the holidays.

    Would be nice to see this to do list in written form.

  27. Sus says:

    Pie and ice cream?? 3rd date rule? Too much information stephen.

    I think this is all great but someone like me who has caring responsibilities. Its hard to do all the right things as i dont always have enough time for myself.if i get to the gym once or twice a month thats good.

    So if you had to scale back on these, what priorities would you give them?

  28. Wendy says:

    Focus on the feelings and needs of the other person instead of your own. Be selfless. You will come across as a kind of god to that person. You will start building trust, admiration and affection from the very beginning.

  29. Melissa says:

    Stephen, I’m up for pie and ice cream with you anytime! Seriously, if you’re ever in North Carolina, ring me…
    I really got great ideas from you guys, especially have something fun planned a few days after the date.
    Thank you both for doing what you do, for your sincerity and passion for doing this, and for the straight-forward presentation.
    And, I get to look at two handsome gentleman, all while learning something new! What more could a girl ask for?

  30. Krista Wallace says:

    Great tips!! Always love your advice, thank you for doing what you do!!

  31. Faizah says:

    Nice tips! Actually really creative.
    Thank you to both of you.

  32. S.W. says:

    It would be great if you made your videos accessible to more people by adding closed captions!!!

  33. Belinda says:

    Hi guys,
    really enjoyed this weeks video and by the way I would definitely go on a pie and ice cream date.

  34. Afef says:

    What a great video, you guys rock…

  35. Artemis says:

    I don’t have the problem of getting dates, I have been invited , but I’m just not interested, I want a date to be meaningful, just not any guy, that’s not the point. So I spend a lot of time by my own asking myself why I have to be like this. I used to date a lot before and now I just don’t feel like any guy can surprise me. I’ve found one guy in thousand, and he doesn’t even live in this country. Looks like I’m staying home with my lovely cats.

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