Dating Tips For Women Of All Ages

I can’t tell you how many women have asked me the same question: “Why do I only seem to EVER meet guys that are completely the wrong age for me?”

Or to put it more simply (as one client asked me): “Where are all the great, single, 40-year old men hiding??”

Like it or not, we all know that age is a factor in dating. But so many people waste years moaning about where they are in life (I’m too old, I’m too young…) instead of doing something about it.

Often it’s not about age at all. We use that as our crutch, when really, if we’re truly honest with ourselves, maybe we just aren’t being pro-active enough right now and investing in the CRUCIAL STRATEGIES that would bring us closer to finding love.

So in this video, I’m sharing some down-to-earth, PRACTICAL tips for finding a guy no matter what age you are.

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