The Dumbest Dating Mistake Everyone Makes…

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for being such an awesome coach. I really do enjoy hearing all you have to say about the insight you have that very few people know as well. Sharing this information does help with ones confidence when taking on the dating world. And the info is such good resource to help keep you from falling victim to people’s mind games. In the real world, people will take advantage of ones nieveness to dating, and use you up, and leave you so broken and discouraged to try again, but with your info, we will know what to do if we start to see the flags and what those flags are. I feel so in sighted. I don’t feel vulnerable to men anymore. I don’t feel discouraged. I feel smarter and my self value and self-esteem is back where it ought to be. Thank you again.

  2. Matt, your insight in people always amazes me! Thank you for being here for those of us who haven’t yet given up on dating. Lol

  3. This is like zen enlightenment for me! I HAVE been the angry, bitter, sarcastic woman who belies her words with actions — like taking him back a week after his transgression — and will rinse/repeat the cycle the next time.

    I will now simply flip the script — and look forward to the results.

    Thanks, Matthew!

  4. Very interesting, Matthew! Of course you’re right. We want to see him again. Not everyone has ten men in rotation. But . . . we can’t. Block with a smile, I get it. We just have to plan never to see this dude again. #noDrama.

    But then why be sweet at all? I’ve always been sweet but I regret it sometimes. I’m especially sweet if I’m done with him but sometimes it feels like I haven’t called him out. But the time to call him out is before one is done.

    If the sweetness does get him attracted to you again, should you give him another chance?

    My gut says no. I wonder what others think.


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