1 Trick to Demolish Your To-Do List

In today’s video, I’m going to teach you one surprising yet totally effective way to trick your brain into getting more done in one day than you do in a week, and I want you to try it out…

If you accept my challenge, not only will you enjoy a sense of accomplishment and purpose for burning through your priorities at lightning speed, but you’ll actually feel like you’re on holiday right in your everyday life. This is going to be rewarding and fun, so don’t miss out…

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51 Replies to “1 Trick to Demolish Your To-Do List”

  • Totally loved your video! I think I will take the challenge. How could I do it every day of the year though? Have fun in Cyprus!!

  • Brilliant! So true. I am amazeballs when it comes to getting my life together the day before vacay.

    Love it Matthew.

    Thank you!


  • thanks Mathew!!,
    This is a great idea and will certainly help me in everyday things ! Kind of like pretending…..I’ll think, I’m having a date over or a home party…..that will work on clutter too!

  • Dear Matt,
    Thanks to you today i trick my mind like was a holiday tomorrow and i got something done that i was post pone for months! It was driving me crazy seeing my closet a mess every day. I clean up and organize everything all Afternoon . It was hard but i finaly did it. Love y thanks so much I’m glad I listen to you. ❤️❤️❤️

  • This is such a clever realization, this happens to me all the time but i never really thought about it. And I love the fact that you’ve created a challenge, because i’m a really competitive person so…I’ll definitely do it.
    By the way thanks for the inspiration that you are for so many people around the globe, it’s really cool!!! Muito obrigada Matt,a hug from Portugal!

  • Great video & idea! I would’ve joined the challenge, but I leave for Spain on Tuesday and had one of those über productive days today, so that I’m not rushing around the night before… I’ve been a bit of a ninja these past few days and it feels awesome. I definitely plan on keeping it up upon my return.

    Thanks for telling us where you are, it’s incredibly beautiful! Enjoy!

  • Once again, you’re incredible.. Such a great and smart idea. To set “a deadline”, a”good deadline” and to live our life here and now, enjoy the moment, the way, and not just getting to the target, where there’s sunny sky (as you say) and it’s temporary (although it’s real fun), till our next holiday.
    Hope to manage implementing it more and more..and by the way good to see you getting closer to my geographical area :)

  • I already do this on a regular basis, I take a Friday off to get all my chores done, then when I wake on Saturday morning I know I have two days to do exactly as I wish guilt frees Bliss!

  • Once again tanx for ur support and I would love to join you but with a bad luck I’m staying far from your country ,once again thanks for letting us know where you are right now

  • Hi Matthew,

    as I live alone, I tend to not always keep the place tidy..but what works well for me, is simply having friends and travelers over quite offen, so I HAVE to keep my place tidy. its not that I like it untidy, but I just get lazy I guess. But I’ll try your trick too..

    cheers, hope to meet one day :D

  • Hi Matt,

    it is an interesting idea and useful for certain types of task, but for me the things I don’t get done are not tasks that I can cross off my list by doing them once, like before the holiday.

    What I don’t get done are the things that require consistent small actions – eg.: study everyday a language I’m learning, change my job to a more fulfilling one. Any ideas to overcome that are more than welcome!

  • I’m moving tomorrow to an apartment which has been re-developed from a hotel and has sea views. I had a day yesterday where I shredded about three yrs of paperwork, wrote important emails perfectly and so succinctly, have my important documents file up to date, contacts on my iPad updated. Why had I not done this before now? I woke up this morning feeling on fire, excited for life, ambitious, driven, so happy and light inside. What a difference a day makes. I have time to hand the flat back, make it look spotless. But in my head I’ve moved and I want to go tomorrow and spend the next week feeling like I’m on holiday. All those pressing emails sent, I can do no more at the moment. Wait for processes to happen, but I’ve set as much as I can in motion for now. Then I wake up today and view your video. I cannot recommend it enough, I feel like I’m young and vital again.
    Nice to see you on holiday, all congratulating Steve on his success. Have a great week, thanks Matt, will always follow you. Kathryn xx

  • Matthew talks the penny drops kinda like a real clarity of the situation
    A real great enlightenment :)

  • Dear Mathew,
    Your videos always make me smile. You manage with such an easy to make them so adorable and to give us a feeling…like you are talking to a friend. Thank you so much for the inspiring words. I wish you would have more tour dates in Europe. I will try my best to catch one of the events somewhere. Today I felt I behaved in a matter of your emails, as the facebook moron users, who always read everything, but never say something. I am sorry for that. I have been following your work for a long time and loved every single word. If you ever need an artist for your projects, I would love to do something for you.
    Thank you for sharing so much passion for life and light with us.

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