1 Trick to Demolish Your To-Do List

In today’s video, I’m going to teach you one surprising yet totally effective way to trick your brain into getting more done in one day than you do in a week, and I want you to try it out…

If you accept my challenge, not only will you enjoy a sense of accomplishment and purpose for burning through your priorities at lightning speed, but you’ll actually feel like you’re on holiday right in your everyday life. This is going to be rewarding and fun, so don’t miss out…

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51 Replies to “1 Trick to Demolish Your To-Do List”

  • Ok I’m gonna clean up my room now because then I can relax, watching your other videos while having a coffee! :D

    thanks Matt! :)

  • its late at night and I’m in bed in my messy bedroom and just watched your video. I’ve been trying to patch up my house for the last month, I can’t get motivated. Just watched your video. Let you know what happens

  • Hi Matt (and Jameson),

    I love that you two are on holiday and bubbling up to bursting with a great idea that you just needed to share with us all.

    It’s good advice, too – the points you just have to say often are.

    Do be sure to put your feet up and take your mind off the rest of the world.

    Good luck boys ;)


  • Once again Matt, you hit it right on the spot:
    just started that and it feels sooooo good!!! :) :) :) cuz I aint going on holidays anytime soon but my mind feels like a holiday :) :) you really are the best :) <3

  • Hi Matt

    Awesome challenge, tried it this afternoon and it works great, got so much momentum while bashing through the stuff that needs to get done. Thanks a lot, and keep challenging us like that way, it feels like you’re with us one on one.

  • Hey Matt! Funny that you addressed this challenge at this time. A week ago, I actually did the exact thing yo challenged us to. Not because I was going away but , unfortunately, because I knew I was coming down with shingles. I had a slow start to the weekend in which I did everything to procrastinate from doing the things that I knew I really needed to address. When I realized that I was in fact pretty sure I was developing shingles and knew I would not be in any shape for an unknown amount of time to accomplish any of the “work” that I had been putting off, I actually went into a very focused frame of mind determined to move forward and accomplish my tasks. On Sunday I really addressed all of the work that I had been putting off. In fact, after I completed the work I realized that the procrastination actually was more work than just doing the tasks. They went very quickly and I felt a real satisfaction once they were completed. I then felt that I could go ahead and be ill and not have that “work” hanging over my head!lol Thankfully, I had caught the shingles early enough and was put on medication so my case was not anything as severe as those cases we see in the commercials on television. Not working like the day before a fun holiday but a holiday from work neverthelss!lol Now that I just saw your challenge and am reMinded of how quickly I achieved the previous tasks, I am now going to go tackle a couple of other tasks. IF I focus they to will accomplished rather quickly and I can then focus on reading the book club book.

  • Hello from Cyprus, Matt !

    Thank you for brilliant tip and welcome to our island !!!

    You should consider it as a perfect spot for one of your Retreat programs !!!

    Enjoy :)

  • Hi Matt,

    I just wanted to say that your video helped me in the most unexpected way. I’m about to apply for a writing fellowship, and I’ve been struggling to decide what I want my proposal to be. I’ve been thinking constantly of Greece, ever since I returned from a month-long retreat on the island of Thasos, but I wasn’t sure if it was the best direction to take. Long story short, the fact that you ended this video with shots of Cyprus, playing Greek music has been noted by me as a sign that YES I SHOULD. So, thank you.

  • Thanks to you I handed out a final project yesterday, finally !!!
    I’m happy !! Thank you Matt !! I really wish I could go on a holiday abroad, unfortunately for now I can’t, but this deffenetly feels like freedom :)

  • Hey Matt!! Another motivational video! thanks:)
    I am a big fan of yours for a few years now and I am from Cyprus!! Too bad you didn’t plan a seminar here in Cyprus for us!!
    For sure I will join one in London soon i hope!
    Enjoy your stay in our lovely island!

  • Hi Matt!
    Could you make a video where you share a piece of advice on how to deal with anxiety? And how to believe in yorself and gain confidence?
    How to not be afraid of people judging you?
    In a month or so I’m having a retake of an oral exam – practical usage of English language (I’m from Poland and I’m studying English philology)
    Lack of confidence and low self-esteem may blight my future career and dream job.
    Take care! :)

  • Hello, Matthew!

    I’m new here. I have recently started following your videos and posts. You’re AMAZING! I’m sorry I’m addressing you here but I don’t know where I can ask the question and… I really need your help… :)

    I met the guy let’s say 5 months ago 2 times only. We texted a lot until (as I have guessed already) I showed I was too interested. The thing is I asked him ocasionally to hang out 2 times thinking he was too shy to forward…and he agreed but then refused. I kept silent and he too. He never called me, wrote a couple of times and we had a wonderful …again texting. I watched your videos that texting sucks and I could agree. But IS THERE ANYTHING I can do to understand whether he likes me or not and should I completely forget about him or do something??

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Matthew
    Have a nice vacation in Cyprus by the way ;)

    1. Why don’t you ask him directly? Tell him what exactly you are looking for. Don’t waste your time with a person who doesn’t like to see you. People travel to another city to visit their girlfriend. Some people are addicted to text on the phone, I was with these ill mannered people.

      1. Lida, thanks a lot for your anwer. I believe what you wrote is true. But I can’t ask him directly because we sort of work together in one industry.

  • As someone who can be task-driven when it comes to work and to-do lists, a concern I have about this advice is it doesn’t leave much room for relationships, to stop and chat with a co-worker or have spontaneous lunch with a friend. E.g. I spontaneously asked to have dinner with a friend last night who normally would’ve LOVED to grab the chance, but she couldn’t because she was busy preparing to leave on an international trip. If we lived every day like that, we’d run people over.

  • I just enjoy you’re stuff Matt,
    your videos and content always make me feel so happy and inspired
    I send you my love
    have fun chiling at the pool!!

  • Hello Mathew, hope you are having a good day. I love that you always give me topics to think about and actually know how I feel sometimes. For the past few years I’ve been ” wasting weekends ” doing non productive things or errands that I don’t get to do during the week. But I want to try and be more productive and do things that help me move forward in life. So I will do this test and let you know how I feel . Thank you so much for opening up our minds to a better understanding of life and relationships.

  • Hi Matt!!! Thank you for all the amazing life lessons I surely needed a refresher course ;) btw your awesome if you haven’t known all already.

    Thank you,

  • Hi.I always watch your videos here or on Facebook. You motivate me. A funny story. I followed your rules about getting your ex back. I was successful and he wanted to see me again but I couldn’t resist my feelings that how miserable I was without him. He left me again and told me couldn’t hang out with me anymore. It wasn’t a good relationship, but I had so much fun with him and couldn’t be happy by myself. I started my new life again. I’m so happy now and I feel free. I start online dating again and it’s all fun to me! Have a wonderful life! Love you so much!

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