1 Trick to Demolish Your To-Do List

In today’s video, I’m going to teach you one surprising yet totally effective way to trick your brain into getting more done in one day than you do in a week, and I want you to try it out…

If you accept my challenge, not only will you enjoy a sense of accomplishment and purpose for burning through your priorities at lightning speed, but you’ll actually feel like you’re on holiday right in your everyday life. This is going to be rewarding and fun, so don’t miss out…

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51 Replies to “1 Trick to Demolish Your To-Do List”

  • Wow. I NEVER leave comments on anything, But you definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. I watch many of your videos and truly take the “life lessons” to heart and do my best to apply what works for me in my own life. I’m actually leaving for a three week work/holiday/road trip/campingtrip. It’s going to be awesome and I can’t wait, but you’re totally right! This week I’m completely focused on things that I’ve been putting off for months – updating my website, oil change on my car, unpacking from our move, and the list goes on. When I get back I’ll definitely be trying to make the most of my time and treating the weekends or every other week like an at home holiday. Why not enjoy the time you’re at home right? Thanks for this video.

  • Thank you Matthew – a great idea! I will feel like I’ve gone on holiday if I get something accomplished!! Thank you for that!! And Wow – enjoy yourself – you deserve it!! -thank you both (Madison too!) for showing us the view, what an amazing place!!


  • Love this video!!Great thought, so simple yet very powerful. Usually I treat Friday as the ‘letting go/mental weekend’workday after a full week schedule. Turning it into the powerhouse of the week is an amazing shift of energy. I had such a terrific weekend:))

  • I had such a great 2 weeks of holiday because I got what I needed to do done before I went away then when I was on holiday I felt more relaxed because I felt like I was free from worrying about what I needed to do. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday Mathew!

  • wow. I feel like this is one of the best videos you have ever done.
    I would have never thought about all this and now you made me think about it .

    Thank you Matt
    love you

  • Beautiful sunset! Cyprus sounds like the perfect place to have a working holiday! Hope you had a wonderful time there!

  • Dear Matthew,
    This is the best advice I have ever gotten on how to get work done.
    I have tried it on now since you posted the video and it has been very helpful and very very powerful.
    I thank you .
    Walk safe

  • i loved every thing you just said because i like doing every thing then just sit and relax and i am taking your advise and start making plans for my weekends.

    thank you for this amazing and helpful video

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