Wondering “Does He Like Me”? Look for These 7 Attraction Signals…

“I know a guy who acts really charming and friendly, but does he like me?”

It’s annoying, rightEspecially if the guy is naturally charismatic. How do you know if he has eyes for you, or if he’s just like that with every woman he meets?

You need to be sure when it’s ok to flirt and test the waters.

In this week’s blog video then, I’m going to show you the 7 obvious signs a guy REALLY likes you. It’s easy to miss these classic behaviors that show his interest, but trust me: Guys are much more predictable than you would think…

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  1. Karmen says:

    I had a relationship with a guy for two months and it was the best time of my life we had a great time together and then all of a sudden he texted he got tired of i don’t even know what and i asked why and he was like it’s not your fault you’re werry nice but i just don’t want a sirius relationship with you. And that hit me hard cause i really tought i ment something more to him. (The problem is I fell in love with him.) He then said we can meet and talk about the brake up. But every time i asked when does he have time he said he will let me know and then he didn’t. So i’m still wondering, after a week, what went wrong and i need help at least getting him out with me for one last time. What should I do?

  2. Vanshika Sachan says:

    Hey Matt,
    I have this guy in my life I don’t talk to him much but I really really really like him and he thinks of me as a casual friend. I want to start a conversation with him first and then I want him to want me the way I want him. It would be really kind of you, if you help me with it. He is kind of an introvert and loves to play football, he sings and plays a guitar, he is not in my school he is my tution mate.

  3. Michele keller says:

    I have a question matt.. o met this guy who just got divorce and still recovering from it (plus.. he’s a gemini ahaha) and we got along, texting every day, most of the time he starts conversation, all light and fun, some flirt.. he talks about his life, etc. keeps saying we should go out sometime but never picks a date. So i asked him why he was avoinding that and he told me he does
    Not know to explain, looks a bit depressed. He said was not me, that is his fault and his moment (pf course it is!). So i told him i was getting close to him but i understood he was not ready and we could be friend but i might need to step back for a while. He told me he appreciates my understending, he thinks a realtionship starts with a great friendship and i was such a nice nice person, that anyone would be happy to be with me. He also told me he needs do be quite for a while but he didnt want to loose my friendship, at minimum. After that i tried to keep things light but he was kind of cold. So i havent send any text since them. Question: is it really possible a guy be a mess after a divorce, and even if he starting to like someone again he avoids imtimacy because he is not ready? If a guy tells ge wants to keep the friendship with you but he as flirting and showing more than that, how to react? What is my best move from now? Tks, michele

  4. Karine says:

    Awwww Matt, just the fact that you crack up after the “boner” sentence puts you up in the masculine yet munchable category. Too bad there’s an ocean inbetween us (I’m in Montreal) ;) But anyway thank you for your videos. They are, in a way, comforting. But I wonder what if a woman has all of those traits you talk in the “Dream Woman” post and many more, and is confident and everything you would like us to embrace (I do have shortcomings and challenges, don’t worry I’m a a normal human being) but still can’t get interesting guys to make the step ? I know high-value men are as rare as high-value woman but still, there has to be something I haven’t figured out yet. And I’m sure it’s not only the Quebec Culture that is at fault here ;)

  5. Sarah says:

    fabulsi Matthew liked hints at this… Given up myself 53 now but told my sixteen year daughter about your fb page as I never got things right have been single for 15 years the guy always dumps me for younger foreign girls

  6. Wendy - Australia says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I’ve been watching your videos and reading the advise you give women in regards to men and relationships.
    I believe all the information and advise you give is fantastic, I send a lot of your links to girlfriends and it has helped all of them.

    However, I am curious, have you any videos or information you are able to give men?
    I have a lot of male friends who come to me for advise, I guess it’s because I tell them from a females point of view without sugar coating it, however it would be fantastic to be able to send them a link.

    P.S – You need to come and conduct a few workshops over here in Australia. ;-)

  7. S says:

    Hi Matthew
    About a month ago I was on jury duty for 2 1/2 weeks and to be honest I fell for the District Attorney. We would make serious eye contact in and out of court. Now I know that him being a lawyer that’s his job, to win over the jurors, but out of the courtroom he would walk by and smile or a few times we got on the same elevator and he would always stand next to me. After the trial ended I waited for him outside the courthouse and we finally were able to talk and it was going very well. We walked to his van and it was filled with boxes of paperwork! He started to load his stuff and then he says “I don’t want to keep you” twice! Which blew me away cause I took as he didn’t want to talk anymore and now I have to go. But yet we were getting on so well…was he testing me to see if I was still interested after seeing his van or did he just play me that whole entire time? So I got nervous and ended the conversation and walked off! I sat in my car dazed and confused hoping he would come walking up and say he didn’t want me to go! Til now I still think of him and how I would have reacted differently and I things I should’ve said. And I wish I could see him to talk to him again. Do I just let it go and forget about him?

  8. D says:

    Hi Matthew!

    I’m not sure if you read these comments but thought I could just put it out there in the hopes you’ll answer or maybe other readers could shed a light on it. I’ve been dating this guy for a little over a year now and he got a new golden retriever a few months ago and asked me to join him to the park. At other times, I would be at the front seat cradling the dog while we headed to the park. This time he said that I would have to sit in the back seat while his dog is at the front because the back would get dirty if the dog sat in back. I was turned off by this so I turned down his offer to go. Is this something I should be understanding about? Any thoughts on this would be really helpful.

    • Zari says:

      Hi D, I’d encourage you to inquire a bit more about why his dog would get the back seat dirty. Perhaps your guy hadn’t washed his dog and didn’t want any of those bad odors on you. If that were the case then I would see it as a sign of respect for you. After a year of dating him at least give him an opportunity to explain and you owe it to yourself to be honest about your feelings with him about that situation…either you both will have a laugh at any misunderstandings and grow deeper in your connection or it would be a sign to move on.

    • Corinna says:

      Don’t be so easily offended. Guys love their cars and don’t want extrawork.
      Remember guys bond through activities girls bond through language.

  9. Mona says:

    Ok Mathew how about those of us who are already married? I used your techniques to get the guy and now I’m married but the married life seems to require using new techniques to keep the marriage going strong and the the attraction alive. So can you please tell us about the signs he still likes you after marriage? And what complements should you use to keep the attraction alive?

  10. lit up says:

    oh wow..i got that pic with the huge smile and the great suit and he was with his newly engaged son

  11. lit up says:

    I just got the “terrified of commitment/feeling too much” for me email after just 2 dates (granted I’ve known the guy for 20 years plus)

    I really hope my reply was the right one…I replied that I respect him. I thanked him for a great date that was relaxing and fun, then I said I want him to be happy, and he should follow that need. I enjoy being with him, and I’ll be happy to spend more time with him when he gets back to me, if I’m still available.

    My gut really was he got scared. it’s kind of nice to know I was fun enough to terrify a man after just two dates.

  12. Lucy says:

    I’m sorry if I’m being naive, but what is a boner?? I guess it’s an American expression but I’m English and I haven’t heard of it! Can someone tell me please . . .

  13. Regina says:

    Hi Matt, I met this guy last year and I like him a lot, we have spoken about so many things, i could call it a long distance relationship however I haven’t seen signs that he likes me though we have talked starting a family and all. But i’m worried,like literally worried. I dont wanna give up on him though i know that change is inevitable. He hardly texts and calls as much as he used to and it freaks me that someone else has really gotten his attention as per to say.

    Please help

  14. kissa Jordan says:

    Wow @@@I really want to learn this issues

  15. Kristi♥ says:

    i miss those laughs…i love the pink notes lately,their lovely and meaningful.i’m just around…not yet around the corner.just here in the opposite side of your world. ;)
    i love your green shirt from one of your retreats and the luau party pic. with a pretty lady beside you and 2 handsome men.
    and you’ve gone cuter when you worn blue from your last live Q & A vid. I love seeing those Charles Xavier’s(professor X) eyes in you.lol what i mean is… i notice everything and i love noticing them.Never allow anyone to dull your sparkle ♥ stay tough and shining :)
    until then…

  16. Joy says:

    Great video, although I am still not sure. Liking is not enough if he is not attracted sexually.
    I have two guy friends who do these we just don’t sleep with each other. Sure thing they like me, but not fancy me as a woman only as a friend.

  17. Angie says:

    I see but a guy said i really like you but i have a lot going on in my life (New house, job issues, tenant) i cant add a relatioshop right now. But said lets take it slow.

    Never calls or text not making any time to see me. I think i should drop him but i’m looking for feedback!

    • Zari says:

      Drop him if that’s your gut feeling. Waiting around for him to make up his mind is a waste of your time. A man who connects with you will not let you go on like that wondering where he is because he already knows what an amazing catch you are and he might lose you. He won’t let days go by without wanting to hear your voice or to see you and spend more time making sweet memories with you.
      When I walked away from a similar situation it was like he suddenly woke up and was trying to get me to meet him even for 20 minutes. When I refused because I already had plans he just continued to find any excuse possible to be around me. I couldn’t stand him by then because it was obvious he missed the attention but didn’t want to put effort into actually moving things along. Hanging around waiting for him to schedule me in did wonders for his ego but didn’t do anything for my mental/emotional well being. It’s sad I had to get at my wits end before I walked away.

  18. Bobbie Houlet says:

    Honestly your advise does help

  19. Lisa Moran says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for great video. I’ve been into a guy for 6 months from a distance. If a guy is nervous around you what does that mean ? I’m very attracted to him to the point I couldn’t speak to him part from saying Hi..

  20. Jacqueline says:

    I’m decades older than you I want to share this with you. You were gorgeous at 19 and gorgeous now. And having met you when you were touring different cities, you are just as gorgeous inside.

  21. kerry says:

    Im having a really tough time trying to just be frienfs with my long distance guy. He moved back to fla, where he lives and im in wilmington, DE. He is totally in love but i dont want to live there. Part of the problem is hes so nice but repeats himself and bores me with his conversations, often. I care about him but i know that after 4 years, it just isn’t something I can live with. Its gotten to be a routine for him to call and I dont want to break his heart.

    • Zari says:

      If you can be kind in your approach at least it’ll make you that person who taught him something … That not all break ups have to be ugly. If you stay in this situation and drag it out he’ll lose respect for you for not being truthful about your feelings or being courageous enough with yourself to live in that truth. It’s not like you live in the same neighborhood and have to fear running into him. The anxiety that you are living with every time you have to answer his phone call should give you a clue about where you are in this relationship. Put yourself in this guys’ shoes and think about how you’d react if a guy you were in love with was just going along because you’re nice yet bored him. Do the honorable thing.

  22. Bethany says:

    The first video I saw of yours was the one you talk about here, the first one you made. In it you talked about the four things that mean a guy probably likes you, but here you almost seem to discredit it a bit with the wisdom you’ve gained over the years. My question is, are you saying that these 4 signs are not actually correct?

    The reason I ask is because this new video seems to be more about if you’re already sleeping with the guy and you want to know if this is more than just a booty call. The thing is, I’m not waiting until this guy tries to sleep with me to find out if he likes me. I just want to know if the flirting is more about getting me to like him to boost his own ego (these guys seem to be everywhere), or if he’s actually interested.

    I explained my question terribly but I hope you get what I mean.

  23. Bobo says:

    So you’re saying nobody has ever liked me.

  24. Jen says:

    devastated… none of them like me lol

  25. Kimmy says:

    Matt …. My God, you lake me laugh so hard I almost pee myself haha
    I adore you

    I haven’t figured it out yet … But in the future, I garenteen I will be at one of your conferences !

    You have been honestly a complete life saver ❤️

    Kimmy from Bancouver Island Canada

  26. Julie Mackenzie says:

    OMGoodness! I’m “peeing my pants” laughing right now! . “I want you to come over because I have a boner”! LMAO! So funny! Whewww! ROFL LMAO!
    You have a wonderful sense of humour Matthew! So sexy!

  27. Lani says:

    Hi Matt & Jameson,

    Awesome stuff! Just the confirmation I needed. ;-)

    Thank you for the beautiful video.


  28. Soniya says:

    Thanks Matt, I like ur coaching but honestly speaking I’m not in a situation where I need guidance I follow u cos I like u… u doing a great job …. keep me posting..

  29. Zari says:

    The bloopers are always fun. It’s 3am and I can’t stop laughing at this one!! I guess I can consider myself one of the lucky ones for not getting that midnight call/text.

    Not to sound conceited but I’m asking just to get some honest feedback/help because I mostly get guys wanting to propose after only a few exchanges and it’s strange because I don’t even know if they are being serious or just having fun to see my reaction. I usually just go silent and try to figure out what’s happened. Two things I end up doing is

    1.I pretend I didn’t hear them and change the subject if we’re sitting near eachother or
    2. if it’s an email or text I do not respond until a month later.

    How do I maneuver through something like this without feeling socially awkward or making the guy feel weird for asking if the timing is just way off?

  30. Samx says:

    Thanks Matt, good one, right on the spot, you are the best :D

  31. M Lee says:

    no one wants to wait for me, at my pace :(

  32. Wendy says:

    Great advice and GREAT hair.

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