Don’t Give Up on Men! How to Fall in Love with Dating Again

I read a comment from a woman on my latest YouTube sketch with Anna Akana which said: “This makes me never want to date again.”

When I saw that, I sighed in disappointment.

I get it. It’s easy to decide that the opposite sex is hopeless.

But if you’re tired of stereotypes, make sure you watch this week’s video. You’ll learn how the most attractive women use their knowledge of men to their advantage…

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17 Replies to “Don’t Give Up on Men! How to Fall in Love with Dating Again”

  • Am I the only one who feels like the video completely did not address what it said it would? The title said “how to fall in love with dating again” and I don’t see how any of the video content actually discussed that… I love Matthew but this seems to have missed the mark..

  • I love your videos because they give me knowledge on understanding people better. Not just in dating, in any relationship with another human being that I have! Been watching for years!

    I do have a question for a future video maybe?
    How do you begin to repair a relationship/friendship with someone who you’ve said harsh words to in the past? I can’t take the words back, but I’ve been trying to show that I’ve changed since I said them years ago. Any tips on what to say or do?

    I tend to be brutally honest and when asked for my opinion, will generally not sugar coat it. It’s something I’ve been working on! ;) So a guy that’s been in my life for a few years asked me a question once. We were in a leadership class together and our assignment was to ask someone where we can improve, ask them to be honest, and not to offer any defense when they give their answer. Well of course you know he asked me. We were friends at the time, and because I didn’t feel like I needed to spare his feelings for any motive I had, I just told him straight up. I said “it wouldn’t hurt you to grow up a little”, with a snarky smile. And then I went on to explain seriously why his immaturity might be holding him back. I could tell when I said it that it might have hurt his feelings. But per the assignment, he didn’t say a word in defense.

    Fast forward a few years. His immaturity was what had always kept me from really liking him as boyfriend material. He’s a goofball, so it annoyed me that nothing was ever serious in his life. He’s so different now, still a clown at times, but he has grown a lot. And so have my feelings for him. And I’ve grown a lot since then in regards to shutting my big mouth and learning how to deliver words correctly with as little carnage left behind as possible.
    Just last week I said in a group setting “I don’t generally give my super honest opinion unless you ask for it.” And he said “Yeah right! I remember how you mowed me down a few years ago!” He was laughing but I knew he wouldn’t have said it if it didn’t hurt. I laughingly said “well you did ask for it!”
    But it’s been nagging at me… how can I show her m that I’ve changed in that way?

  • I believe that everything happens for a reason. Last night I finally asked my long time crush out because I’d heard that he’s no long together with his gf. But he told me that they’re still together and he won’t be dating others, which I respect of course. But I totally misred he’s signals. Early in the morning I was ready to go to sleep, but I got a notification on my phone and I thought I’ll look it up before I go to sleep. It was YouTube letting me know about THIS video. What a perfect timing! Just before falling asleep, I wasn’t as depressed as I could of been and didn’t loose all hope… Like I said, everything happens for a reason. :)

  • Hi Matthew,
    You are extremely charismatic, you have the celebrity type of charm. After saying that, (pardon my English, I’m writing you from Istanbul, hope you’d visit here too) I’d like to talk about my ex.
    We’ve dated for 3 years on and off. I was the one who loves more and cries to not to break up etc. We haven’t seen each other for the past 2 years. He’d been dating with another girl in the mean time. He even met her family, attended numerous family weddings.. He doesn’t know that I know all of this (I found out via stalking online, then stopped stalking and started living; moved on my career, started a PhD, got a dog…) Now, they broke up and he calls me. He says he was too busy with his job, hasn’t dated anyone!!! Should I say it to his face? Is he calling me until they get back together again?? I’m so mad/sad, because I loved him so much and he knew it. Calling me could have given me false hope. He is so selfish and heartless by doing that.:( But, thank God, I’m a lot better now. He wants to see me. Is this just for sexual reasons? What should I do? Should I say that I know about the relationship?
    Desperate for your advice, only you can convince me.
    (He is 34 and I’m 32. Embarressed still dealing with that stuff)

    1. Hiya hun, my advice is to leave your ex boyfriend in the past & start living your life. There’s loads of great guys out there. Just don’t rush into anything & take your time. Wishing you all the best for the future.

  • When you said you’d worn the tees and worse, thought that your “musk” would be a great get…I sighed in disappointment. Then I laughed my head off!! I mean i think that you’re all kinds of yummy…but, like…ew. lol!!

  • Hi, Matthew! :)

    I absolutely agree with you. Everything you said, we can take as a „ohhh, man are so hopeless” But, will it change anything? Does that kind of thinking make our lifes easier? Of course no! So we’d better use this knowledge for just being more aware of who do we deal with and separating the wheal from the chaff. :)

    And actually, Matthew, I’m writting, cause I must confuse you something… I started watching your videos few months ago and now I have a problem…. And yes, that’s exactly your fault ;) that too many guys want to date with me now! :-) Now I’m funny, relaxed and self-confident woman and and life became so much easier. I love it! But I totally dont know how should I talk to guys and show them that I’m not interested in a relationship with most of them.. I thnik that they often misunderstand me and take my smile and being nice, funny girl as a incentive for something more…

    So, the point is I dont wanna give them hope but I also dont wanna loose my new attitude to life <3 . Especially if we're in a group of people I really dont wanna embarrass or humiliate anyone… What do you think about it, Matthew? What could you advice me?

    PS. Please, dont mind my mistakes ;) I'm doing my best, but I'm not a native english speaker and I know I must learn a lot yet ;)

    PS. 2 Thank you so much for everything you've ever done for women. You're great! :)

    Greetings, Kate! <3

  • Matthew,

    First let me say, i love your videos. The Manslation video you made the week before had me dying of laughter. Usually, your videos are enough for me to reference them when I need it. However, this time around i find myself a little puzzled.

    I’ve been talking to this guy for a few months. We’ve been out on a few dates. All of which went really well. He seems really genuine. But I’m a little shocked and taken aback by is lack of action/compassion. Here’s what happened…

    We went out Wednesday night. We left off saying we should try to reach out to one another this weekend since its a holiday weekend and we would be nearby. Unfortunately, i had a death in my family the next day and had to fly cross country. He reached out to me to see how my weekend was going. I told him i had a death in the family and no response. Im not looking for him to call or coddle me but at least a simple “my condolences” would have been suffice. That fact that he hasnt said anything makes me wonder if hes a douche in disguise? Should I cut him off?

  • Hi Matt! Hey, there is no reason for you to make excuses, although nothing bad about it, as well. Good comment.
    What you are doing – is absolutely perfect. Yeah.. this at the same creates a big challenge for the future, as it’s difficult to be always perfect and on the top, better and better. Whatever :)
    I especially adore your visible investment into your mentioned studies of the humans behavior, public speaking and evidently others, also your unique actor abilities.
    The more so passionated people in the world like you – the more world will be better. Move on, thank you and all the best wishes!

  • What I take from most of your videos is that men are men. And that it is up to women to psychoanalyze them, play mind games with them, train them how we want em, or whatever the outcome is. How about looking at this a little differently? How about looking at this as what men do for the most part is wrong when it comes to how they interact with women. How about raising boys so that they don’t use women for immediate gratification. How about raising boys so that they won’t lie to or cheat on women. It seems to me that as a young man, it is socially acceptable for men to “sew their oats”, and to run amok. But in doing so they destroy women. A broken heart does more damage than you apparently know. I mean why is it up to women to handle or be able to understand men? Why are men allowed to disappear, to cheat, to lie, to break hearts? Why don’t you address nipping this sort of behavior in the bud, when men are still boys? Teach them that hurting, lying, cheating, ignoring, being unavailable emotionally, not communicating with women is just not acceptable behavior. I guess that is what bothers me, is that it is all up to us when in actuality we shouldn’t have to do anything if they just didn’t do these things. If they don’t want a girlfriend and want to play the field, then say so. Make sure the girl that you like or likes you understands that is where you are at. If in a relationship (assuming here that he thought about it long and hard first) and someone they like better comes along, fine go for it but not until you break up with the first girl and after you have thought about THAT long and hard also. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. See what I am talking about….why should it be up to us to expect honesty from men? Why should we have to understand them at all? If they were taught that playing games with women’s hearts, lives and minds wasn’t acceptable behavior then you my friend… would be out of a job.

  • Hello! I love your words!
    AND I would love more of them like the links to free texts and chapters but don’t seem to get anywhere when I enter in my details….I have tried different browsers and different devices so HELP!
    Cheers in anticipation of more goodies

  • Hi Matt!!

    Its an amazing thing that you are doing and without a doubt you have and is helping a lot of women out there who is struggling in their relationships, struggling to find there life partner and struggling to understand men.

    As an inexperienced or amateur in regards to relationships, I struggle to understand men. Often times I push guys away and end up wondering if I did the right thing.

    I ask myself the question, can two people be so broken that they can not complete each other? There’s this guy I really like but he always has his guard up. We have a great intimate connection but our communication needs a lot of work. I am often misunderstood and I often misinterpret things he says.

    My question to you is how do I avoid pushing good guys away but instead understand them better? Also, what can I do to get him to open up?

    Please help me to better understand guys and how this relationship thing works Matt!!

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