This Emotion Will Destroy Your Love Life…

How’s this for scary?

I’m in the studio on The Today Show opposite Kathy Lee and Hoda. It’s not my everyday situation, and I’m trying to make sure I’m on my best game.

“So, what should a woman do here, Matthew?”

“Well, point number one is (blah blah blah).” I rattle it off with ease because I have it locked, ready to go in my mind. “…and secondly…um…”

My mind freezes. I go blank and panic inside. I can’t remember what I was going to say.

If you want to see my full torture and how this played out… watch this video.

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7 Replies to “This Emotion Will Destroy Your Love Life…”

  • I hope you can one day have the next retreat during the end of June, in July, or the beginning of August. Some of us teachers can’t take off during the school year.

  • I always say, if you’re gonna make a mistake, make a really good one! Go for it! Don’t be afraid to fail really well, because that means you tried. You learn from each attempt, like Thomas Edison. His one hundred mistakes invented incredible stuff.

  • If you are emotional that is good, but sometimes it can be dangerous. In this modern world no one will like you if you are a emotional person, because everyone look for a strong personality. I like the shared video. Keep sharing.

  • Hi Matt! I’m relatively new to watching your videos, and I’ve found them incredibly helpful. I’ve learned so much about what I’ve done wrong before, so thank you! I just have one question. In my past experiences, men I have been involved with have left me for another woman who restricted which friends the guy was allowed to hang out with, forced the guy to give up hobbies that he enjoyed when I was with him, and even monitor his social media. In one instance, the man ended up marrying the woman that he left me for who exhibited these qualities. Why is it that men choose to stay in relationships like this?

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