An Interview With Ernesto Arguello From Ready For Love On Sociability

Recently I interviewed a friend of mine who is by far and away the most sociable guy I know.

This is someone who is completely clued-in to building a network of people in a new place, making new friends in an instant, and getting ingratiated into the right parties and social circles (all of which are things that should help massively with the December challenge).

For those of you who followed Ready For Love, you’re in for a nice treat, as the person I’m talking about is Ernesto – one of the bachelors from the show.

Follow the principles Ernesto talks about here and you’ll have even more of an edge of making things happen this December. Enjoy!

To find out more about Snap2Live, head on over to Ernesto’s website


From The Video

Here are Ernesto’s mindsets to having a great time and meeting new people.

1) Enjoy life

‘My focus is on wanting to enjoy life. I want to make sure that something good comes out of everything I do and everywhere I go. Whether it’s having a good time or having an impact and helping someone – I want to make the best of my time.

When I go to places and put myself out there, I’m doing things that I enjoy doing so that at the very least the people I meet there will have something in common with me.’

2) ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

You don’t need a support system of friends everywhere you go. You can take the risk and go alone. If you’re scared of being by yourself, guess what, if you stay at home you’re going to be by yourself as well!

There’s a mental barrier that people put in their lives. The truth is, you shouldn’t. Just strike up conversation and say something fun. (You can find suggestions here in my December Challenge Guide if stuck for ideas).

Why assume the person you want to speak to isn’t a nice person and won’t speak with you? Take the chance.

3) Be your BEST self

If you remove agendas and intent and all you have is two people trying to have a good time, then you’re liberated to being the fun, cool version of you.

Socialising and networking is a skill like any other. It’s something that you get better at and that becomes more natural the more you do it.

4) Say Yes

This is one of the rules in the guide. The only time you’re allowed to say ‘No’ is if you’re double booked. Start taking chances and trying new things.

Question Of The Day:

What one thing has this interview inspired you to go out and do? Use this as leverage for getting out there and doing something you wouldn’t normally. Commit to it right now and let me know what it is you’re going to be doing in the comments below!


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36 Replies to “An Interview With Ernesto Arguello From Ready For Love On Sociability”

  • Was waiting in bed for Mr Day to ask me out
    Watched your video…
    Decided to buckle down with my proactive self
    Seems like you are my switch ;)

    M. x

  • My December is pretty much booked with events, at least one every week, plus I started taking ballet classes. Ballet class is sparse on the guys to talk to, but it’s been fun connecting with the women who are taking the class and it’s fun to have stuff to talk about at parties. I do need at least one recharge day, so booking my weekend up is going to end completely would me too exhausted at an event to be my best self.

    But at this last party a few days ago, it wasn’t something I was expecting, much smaller and with dancing I wasn’t used to. But I just went in with the idea of talking to people, I even asked a guy to teach me how to do some of the dances. And while I won’t say sparks flew with him (or anyone else for that matter), I made a lot of connections and even reconnected with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while!

    I know the goal is to have someone to kiss by New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure I could achieve that in a few weeks (and I’m not sure I want it. Probably the real thing holding me back). Ernesto is right though, if you go in with the idea of “what’s the worst that can happen?” it’s a lot less pressure on yourself. I do enjoy the feeling of ease and making connections now, I have no goals but to talk to someone and make them smile, laugh or think. This is coming from someone who’s introverted. Yes! I am! After every party, no matter how late I come home, I need several hours just to calm down because I’m so overwhelmed.

    So far so good!

  • Thank you for posting this, Matt. I really enjoyed the content of this video! Would love if you did a follow up video hitting on the same subject!

  • I loved this video Matthew! I hope there will be a sequel for it! The things I’ll be working on are being my best self and going in that mentality “What’s the worst that can happen?”, I think they will change things more for me.

  • Matthew, This was not as inspiring as your videos. I found Ernesto’s way of talking and moving his mouth distracting. He also used the one phrase you did a video on about being yourself. I did not find his story very helpful. Maybe next video

  • cracking video, but dont like it when people say just be yourself, glad you clarified it, I think also try and be relaxed is a better way to put it, good positive thoughts to networking x

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