When a Guy Traps You in “Relationship Limbo”…

Maybe you’ve been trapped here before. In this strange and emotionally confusing place. A place we call “Relationship Limbo.”

If you’ve ever been here before (or know a friend who has), stop whatever you’re doing right this second and watch this…

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  1. Vicki says:

    OMG. I dated this guy for 3 years! We’ve been apart now for over 2 and I still can’t stop thinking of him. I want his good twin

  2. mujeres says:

    There is little left for the big day! What will be, which will be chosen … Thank you very much for sharing, all are great and beautiful letters.

  3. Kris says:

    This is great! I’m just curious that as high valued women… what can you text to a guy who has either ghosted you or doesn’t invest in you?

    I think ignoring the fact they stopped talking to you or they said that like they were interested in seeing you again but haven’t… it’s not ok and I think not saying something makes guys think that this behavior is acceptable but it isn’t.

    What’s a high value response in this case?

  4. Letty Arellano says:

    On April/ 19- 29/ 2018, my EX broke up w/ m & claimed that we both knew it was gonna end soon, that he wants to be a SINGLE DAD to his girls, and other BS STORY LIES he comes up with… But, I know NOW he was BSING me as he did the whole 6yrs together ! He’s a LIMBO, LIES ALL THE TIME, caught him time after time including now which is unnecessary for him to continue lying to me. I’m not his chick anymore.. lol ! Fast forward >>>> I wish I could take any of your AWSOME ADVICE’S, but I currently can’t due to PREGNANTCY ! It turns out that I was 2 wks pregnant pregnant before the brake- up ! BUMMER ME !
    Anywhoooo, thanks again for all those good notes tips!

  5. santana says:

    I have this guy we have been dating for 6months now. He texts me once a day intead of more like he use to. I feel a disconnect nd was wondering what to text him to make him come closer again and actually commit.

  6. Nya Smith says:

    I love this video and absolutely hate limbo. I’ve been seeing a guy that I met at a job I was temping at. We had instant chemistry and have had a few great dates! However, he gives me vibes that he is hiding something, and I can never shake the feeling.
    Recently, I let him spend the night. The next day, he was incredibly elusive. Im so disappointed. This morning, I finally got the nerve to tell him I deserve than the way he’s been playing with me. It hurt. Then, I archived the text messages.
    I know he’ll have an excuse. I know he’ll complain I’m rushing… I just feel like, if it’s not too early to fool around, it’s not too early for monogamy.
    Thanks for validating my stance with this funny, encouraging, and empowering series.

  7. Nicole says:

    Love, love this video. Every word that came out of the Limbo Loser’s mouth is how he treated me for 4.5 months. I cut it off 3 weeks ago. During the first 2 weeks I felt a little guilty for leaving. However, during this 3rd week I felt so relieved I left, he wasn’t even my type, not attractive and not the sweetest person. I settled for less because I haven’t been in a relationship in 5 years.

    It wasn’t all roses and sunshine the way I pretended. It was just a fake relationship. Please be careful with meeting guys online. I am 46 and still learning thanks to Matthew. Ladies please walk away as soon as you realize you are in limbo you are so worth a winning man!

  8. Louisa says:

    i’M so so happy I saw this video!! it condenses everything I’ve been going through !! I wish id seen it before as it hits the point so directly ! I’m glad I,]’m not the only one whose experienced this epidemic !

  9. Ruth says:

    After 10 months togueter, I know his parents, kids, friends and co-workers and the same in the other side. Am I in a limbo relationship because he is not able to say that he loves me or he is not talking about a future together yet? We spend every weekend togueter and we check daily in each other coming from both sides? Am I been ambitious or I need to ask a more direct question?

  10. Vimbai says:

    Wow! LOL That was a fun video, I love it. Loved it more when the woman finally called it quits. Great lesson thanks Coach.

  11. Bonnie says:

    Matt, OMG. Googled Daniel Radcliffe. You do look just like him. He could be your evil twin.
    That was so much fun and you have helped so many people. Thanks

  12. Laura Crosby says:

    Very creative and spot on. I love that you address relationship issues with such engaging, fun, funny, and poignant videos…. well done!

    There is only one response to the insistent “limbo guy”…. acute silence. They hate it because you aren’t feeding them anymore. And it solves YOUR problem as well.

    Put on the brave face, don’t text back, and move on to men with better behavior who treat you with the respect you deserve.

    Thanks, Matt!

  13. Cathy says:

    Awesome video! Extremely enjoyable! I’ve definitely been in this kind of relationship before. I was thinking about the fire emoji, and got to thinking about how vulnerable I was after the end of my marriage, when the last few years were completely lacking in any sense that he truly admired and desired me. Matt, it left me vulnerable to guys who treated me like I was attractive, as I was getting older, and my ex head gone to great lengths to show me how unattractive I had become to him. I’d love to see a video addressing this topic about women struggling with wanting to feel attractive, but not letting that leave them vulnerable to sticking with a guy in relationship limbo. Thanks again for all you do to Enlighten, Inspire, encourage, and entertain us!!! Because of the work I’ve done with you, I am now at the two-and-a-half-year mark with a wonderful man, and we have begun the discussion about possibly living together, which is very exciting for me! I truly don’t believe I would have got to this point without your guidance and mentorship. Thank you!

  14. Oona says:

    I’m married now, but I was in relationship limbo for nearly five years with a different man who I was sure was the love of my life. He had everything you’d want in a man and I was head over heels. I put up with so much crap from him, and he never gave me a straight answer about “where we were headed.” I was 23 at the time and didn’t necessarily want to get married right then– I was just starting my career — and he wasn’t settled either because he wanted to go to law school. I figured we had time to work out all the loose ends, and after he finished law school and I was anchored in my career, we’d get married.

    Well, it never did get to be the right time. He spent 2-3 years wanting to go to law school, applying to law school, getting accepted to law school, and then being in law school. His first year in law school was Year #4 of our relationship and we saw even less of each other. THEN … I started to hear the name of another law student, his study partner, a young woman. More and more he was unavailable because he had to “study.”

    Also, by then money was tight for him. He could no longer afford to take me out — anywhere, not even to McDonalds, I had to pay for my own meal. Which was why, when I saw the invoices that he’d wired Ms. Study Partner flowers in Denver (DENVER???) and taken her out for a $100 dinner upon her return East, I went ballistic, punched him and screamed at him until I was hoarse.

    It’s 30 years later now, and he never did marry — not her, not the next one, or the next one. He’s gone grey now, has a thriving law practice and I suppose he’s put lots of women in relationship limbo since then. I’ve been married 24 years and I learned from that experience that if you don’t walk away at the first sign of limbo (and be honest, you saw the signs fairly early … I did) you can very well waste years of your life on promises that somehow never make it to the front door.

    SO, DON’T STAY THERE!!! In fact, don’t sleep with a guy unless you are engaged. It separates the men from the boys, the serious ones from those who want to keep things casual forever while you get old waiting for them to get their s—t together. They never do. Deferring sex until you have a firm commitment in the form of a wedding or engagement ring is your only assurance that he means business. It worked in our grandmother’s day and it works today.

  15. DuMa says:

    The relationship limbo with the future faking partner lasted 7.5 months and ended 5 months ago. Everything was SO perfect, and at same time I felt as if empty containers were being placed in my hands to keep them busy and, to give me the impression that I was actually holding something.
    Glorious full Moon hikes, love bombing under the stars… Wake ups to Empty containers, empty words, empty calories, empty days, emptiness…
    I am still cleaning up and trying to clear myself and heart from the confusion.
    Big confusion!!!!
    I even got a text once at 6 am: “Mom, I LOVE you (emoji)!!!”
    To which I replied- “Delivered to the wrong woman; I AM NOT YOUR MOM!”
    The response was even more scary: “I am so sorry! It is just that you and my mom are the only women I send texts; I messed the numbers; sorry!”
    My number is from Colorado; his mom’s number is from Illinois.

  16. Lynn says:

    Wow! I’ve watched this thing at least 6 times in the last 24 hours! Been with “that guy” for over two years!!! I finally lost my eternal patience around 3 months ago & but texts just stopped . Just when I was feeling sorry for myself “losing” him—TA DA! this amazing video made me laugh Matthew, did you ever think you’ld be teaching this to women who are YOUR MAMA’s age and older?! After A long marriage, this is new info for me & I’ve kind of ignored some things because I thought men were different when older. NOT SO! Blows me away to see the guy dancing around and singing the exact words I’ve been hearing. If I ever hear it again, I’M OUT a whole lot sooner, thanks to you.
    Young, handsome Matthew…Your Mom HAS to be proud!!!

  17. Laura says:

    I have always thought you looked like DR!!! LOL! Great video

  18. Kelsie says:

    Ohmygosh. “hey isnt that Daniel Radcliff?” Literally I laughed out loud. You and your team are awesome. Thank you for making my day!

  19. fina says:

    “No other person will know we exist”… “but you won’t invest in me…” :`(
    Hit the nail on the head… sigh…

  20. Karryanna says:

    Hi Matt, I am sitting here stunned as I have just watched your brilliant video which summarised my 22 month relationship that I ended last weekend via a text… yes a text – I know not great but I had a week of another silence and as we have 37 miles of M25 between us I had enough and text it was … the relief was immense but….
    Please Natt Please can you do a video and explain why when a relationship starts so well what makes the guy plonk you in Limbo Land land and please can you advise how can we prevent it or spot the early signs …. thank you Matt .

  21. Tracy says:

    Very clever vid, but AHHHH, why did she have to leave for another guy??? Why couldn’t she just leave for herself???

  22. Amanda Collins says:

    Loved it!! Thank you for making it really clear that it is okay to say -ENOUGH AND GOODBYE-! We get trapped in the “I don’t wanna be lonely or its bad but not that bad.. when letting go and waiting for the man that will treat you right is the best thing to do it you value yourself! THANK YOU HUSSEY!!! GREAT VIDEO!

  23. Lori says:

    OMG…absolutely LOVED this video and can completely relate!! You go Stacy saying ‘no’ to limbo…what a fun reminder that we need to value ourselves more!! Thank you for creating something so fun to watch with such a great message! :)

  24. Ingrid says:

    We fall in love emotionally faster. Brain chemicals just shut us right down!

  25. Rox says:

    Hi Matt, this is a great video! It really made my day! I might be in a limbo relationship myself, but I will give it another couple of weeks to see how it plays out. So thanks a lot for this!

  26. Jacqueline says:

    Hilarious! Love it and yes, it feels soooo good to walk away….when you know your worth you don’t need to put up with that crap! :)

  27. Maxine says:

    Brilliant!!! Loved this vid… so funny but so painfully true…

  28. Sandra says:

    I was in limbo for 7,5 months. And now realising how every minute is too precious to start something like that again ;) the video helped define it, thank you for that (btw I think you look more like Patrick Dempsey ^o^)

  29. Saida says:

    Hii!! It’s exactly how I feel, and yes it is really confusing and kind of annoying. Because I don’t know why I feel it is difficult to just leave this guy. Thanks for sharing the video, I’m working on getting off “the relationship limbo”. Take care.

  30. Lili says:

    hahahahhahhah! Daniel Radcliff!

  31. Emily says:

    Yeah that’s my situation, but how can I get out the limbo zone with the same guy??

  32. Emsy says:

    Lolz lotion and Kleenex for the lose

  33. jennise says:

    Loved the musical. the video was informative. its hard to just let go when you’re in limbo :(

  34. Carol B. says:

    I found this video very empowering. I am in this situation and needed to see it for what it was. I still like the guy but now I have a handle on what he is good for and what he isn’t.

  35. Kata says:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Great stuff! Watched it three times in one go, and still smiling :). Well done to the guys who acted it out so beautifully! I mean what a good idea all over! Not likely that I will ever get trapped in a ‘limbo’ again, (thanks to you Matt, btw :), but great reminder. Soo funny! Yeah, thanks for everything so far ;)

  36. Michelle says:

    I love this!! I have so dated this guy!! You are right it’s lame! Finally had enough and gave him the boot for good a couple of months ago. It’s been a turning point for me. Thanks for the affirmation, Matt and crew!!

  37. Caroline says:

    Yup. Just been through that. My story. In a relationship for just over 5 years. The last year was mostly crap. His father died and he pushed me away picking fights. He’s also been divorced twice. Last marriage lasted 5 years and ended bad. I think the 5 year point also affected him. I’m tired of being the weekend girlfriend. We’re both 53. I wanted to move into together. He ran. I don’t want to start a new mortgage when we’re 60. I’m not a priority. Friends and quading, sledding before me. Every weekend is at the cabin which I love. But occasionally I have family stuff for us. 2-3 weekends a year. Always an argument and I get a maybe from him. No compromise. We’ve been apart now for almost 8 months. I caught him in a lie when he tried to bail on my family dinner. Big fight we ended it. I love him and want him back but only if we move forward and I’m a priority. Got a video for that?

  38. Cody says:

    Wow – I didn’t expect this!!! What a crack up!!!! Great performances by everyone and great scripted video – and Matthew you were totally hilarious as the server!!!!

  39. Bianca says:

    I loved the dog
    The message is crystal clear ☺️

  40. Barbie says:

    Thanks for the timely video. Validated my walking away from a limbo relationship yesterday after six weeks. Still getting texts to try to change my mind, but this video is helping me stay strong, and soon I’ll be ready to give other interested prospects a chance.

  41. Elviliera says:

    This is really CUTE…and so SWEET. Thank you Matthew.

  42. Dee says:

    Brilliant! I’ve definitely encountered these types of guys and am not too bad now at calling them out/ walking away.
    What I’m finding more difficult is guys who want you to commit after a couple of dates. It feels a bit controlling and am unsure how to handle it. Is this always red flag behaviour?

  43. Sweet Seattle says:

    Yeah. It’s called “romantic Gaslighting” and like all Gaslighting, it can be SUPER confusing. Closely related to “goodguy Gaslighting”. Experienced this in spades. And the thing is, there is no way to change it as you have no control over it. Only THEY can make a different choice.

  44. Jillian says:

    Very true & funny! Keep up the good work/videos.

  45. Chloe says:

    Omg this is freaking excellent ❤️

  46. Alice says:

    I think I’m keeping my man in a limbo
    So it can be the other way round too

  47. Susan says:

    Extremely relevant and funny vid, Matt and Co.
    Limbo the dog has no problem with a commitment, but Man the dog does. Good grief.

    Come on guys…grow some commitment balls.

  48. Rebecca says:

    Dear Matthew:

    This is the all-time best video ever!

    I went one step further than sharing this video with a friend.

    I forwarded it to the relationship-limbo-guy I’ve been “watching movies” with for nearly eighteen months.

    Thank you for your always perfect timing!


  49. Alli says:

    there’s this guy that has been talking to me for months. And we both really like eachother.. But I’m a virgin, and he doesn’t wanna date me. Because he knows that one thing will lead to another, and it’ll end up happening. And he doesn’t wanna hurt me.. But little does he know, he’s hurting me more by doing this whole not dating yet kind of dating thing. I don’t fully understand it.. I kinda just think it’s dumb. But at the same time I get what he’s trying to do.

  50. Stacey says:

    Loved it. Now I have the song stuck in my head.

  51. Tammy Cherry says:

    That was great. Just what I needed to hear. I have been talking to a guy for 3 months. One date, he’s always busy. Out of the country for a few weeks and hadn’t contacted me in 5 days. No investment there. As hard as it always is, time to back off.

  52. Annia says:

    It’s just genius!

  53. Lubna says:

    Looooooooooooved it

  54. Jackie says:

    Great vid. Simple and straight to the point! Luved it!

  55. Monica GL says:

    Dead on ! I had HAD to share the video with the girls !!!

  56. ale says:

    A video FULL of creativity ! GREAT quality, bravo ! I can’t stop singing it ahahah

  57. Nancy Irvine says:

    Great video! Right on point!

  58. Wenn says:

    When it hits Broadway, ‘Limbo the Musical’ will blow Hamilton out of the water! Thanks for starting off my morning with funny, meaningful content.

  59. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, great message for romantic relationships in limbo however it’s also a great message for professional relationships. I work in sales and I can see the lesson in this fun video apply to my relationship with my team leader. My team leader will blow up my phone when he has ideas on how to prospect for new clients creating a great deal of hype. Full of promise and hope I buy into them! After his idea has been executed the end result usually concludes in failure! Oddly enough, I find myself co-dependent on his prospecting ideas and sales strategies so when I don’t hear from him I get annoyed
    I think it’s time to cut the cord and do my own thing.
    Do you have any programs that can help win people over in sales, in the professional arena?

  60. Mary O'Toole says:

    Debs – a Woman of Value doesn’t allow herself to think that …”anything is better than nothing…”.

  61. Selene says:

    Waaaaahaha hahah!Yes, girls keep it simple: stop investment on a guy who is “just having fun” I wonder if Matt has some mini guide to before sleep with a guy.

  62. Mary O'Toole says:

    Oh. My. Gosh! That has to be the funniest video I’ve seen in,like, forever!

    Daniel…er…Matt, you are hysterica!

    You managed to describe relationship limbo perfectly in a vew frames. I love it! Thank you!

  63. Debs says:

    If only it was that easy to do. We know we should be it gets to the point in a dry spell when anything is better than nothing, sometimes.

  64. Arlene says:

    That was AWESOME!!!!!
    Thanks for the giggles this AM and the great advice as always Matt!

  65. Luisana says:

    I loooooveeeeeddddd it!!! Where was this four months ago when I needed it?? However, I’m lucky enough to have great friends who helped #escapelimbo as it was starting. Sometimes sharing with your relationship wiser friends what you go through is key to avoid this situations.

  66. Stoica Ioana says:

    Thank you for the clarity that you talk about different situations Matthew.You’re the only one that i have pacience to listen to.Honestly you always let me thinking where does he learn all this stuff …i love the pasion in your voice when you talk.

  67. Teresa says:

    That was really great and funny! Great messaging… will really have to share!

  68. Uchenna says:

    This is cool. So funny but it passed a cool message. It’s not only men that knows how to play the game women too can. Smiles

  69. Brenda says:

    Simply brilliant! I love ❤️ this! Of course, wish I had been tuned in to this during the last limbo I was in that damaged me, but since attending Retreat and following these videos, no danger of that ever happening again! Love your organization and your work! Keep up the amazing content!

  70. Sallie Brown says:

    Loved this video!! Amazing!!! This is so so good!!!

  71. Julie MacKenzie says:

    Loved the video!

  72. Sheetal says:

    This is amazing! Thanks Matt

  73. Helen Grace says:

    Haha! Great message and video!

  74. Debbie says:

    Wow great video Matt
    Gets the point across!!!

  75. Ashley says:

    Actually just went through that

  76. Cybill says:

    I loved it!

  77. Lin Dee says:

    Hahahahahah!!!! Excellent stuff Matt!!!!

  78. Fatima zahra says:

    Thank you so much. this video is what i needed to take a decision ! LOVE YOU 1

  79. Janice says:


    Daniel Radcliffe?


    Great singing, dancing and acting, kudos to all, definitely a fun way to get the message across!

  80. Cindy says:

    Complimenti, eccellent job! The words of the song hit the nail on the head, as did the portrayal of how we react (with a smile, and an open heart) to the text messages and other lame attempts to butter us up after going MIA. Some guys are capable of stringing along 2-3 women contemporaneously, exactly in this manner and, know why? Because we want to be “cool”, not make waves, not put them under “pressure” with too many demands on their space, their precious time… and because we wait to long to call them on it.
    Loved the video, excellent job!

  81. Anonymous says:

    This video is lovely and fun to watch but I wish that she’d gotten out of the limbo relationship without having a new guy. It takes real strength to walk away to singleness

  82. Rupali says:

    This is sooooooo accurate!!!!

  83. Faizah says:

    Limbo relationships are the worst! because it makes you feel stuck and confused… and it takes time to actually realize that you are in a limbo relationship.

    The idea of this video is awesome and it addresses the issue in a beautiful, funny way, but right to the point.

    Thank you Matt. That was so creative!

  84. Cathy says:

    Classic video and SO very accurate!

  85. April says:

    Laugh out loud funny. Well done x

  86. Emily says:


  87. Estelle says:

    great video! good message sent to me at the right time, to get out of the limbo ! good job Matthew

  88. Poppy says:

    Hey thank you for giving me the light it’s like the green and red. Push and pull factor but I don’t wanna be in a limbo. Life is too fast nowadays we need to invest in what’s really matter love the pop music btw

  89. Shara says:

    Well done and great message! I have been stuck in limbo for the last 4 months and this inspired me to put an end to that. I dumped the limbo guy and am now dating a much higher quality guy. Love you vids Matthew.

  90. Heidi Greenfield says:

    Yep best video so far Matt serious message delivered in a fun way .

  91. Candy says:

    OMG. So professional. I know Jesse, he is extremely talented. The girl I don’t know but she is great also. This is so fun, full of energy. I love this. Probably my favorite of all time. Jesse has a great voice (besides being gorgeous). Really high quality, so impressed.

  92. Mira says:

    Hahaha yep ..been there…good one Matthew!

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