Where To Go To Find Good Men

Where do you meet men??

I believe good people are everywhere. In the video I want to demonstrate that to you, firstly by telling you some of the unusual places I’ve met people, and then by asking you and conducting a little experiment

Where do you meet men? Where was the last place you met a quality guy?

Let me know in the comments below.

I want you to think of this as an experiment where the more comments we get, the better this is going to be. I’m then going to draw on all of your comments in my next video and let you know the results.

Be specific about where you were, what the location was, and what type of location it was.

Were you taking a class, doing one of your hobbies, were you grabbing a coffee, shopping…tell us!

Retweet this, get it to your friends, share it on your Facebook, pass it on to as many people as possible, and encourage them to comment too.

The more comments we get, the more effective this is going to be. So I can’t wait to read yours!

Matthew x


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  1. lynnette says:

    I met a great guy that owned the senior care home where my grandma lived! We were super good friends and then one day he just asked me to lunch, out of the blue… Everything between us got romantic from that point but we had started out as buddies first. :)

  2. Candace says:

    I met my former husband at our townhouse complex mailbox. He told me later had been watching me for months before he got up the courage to talk to me, and then had to have neighbors help him arrange several “chance” meetings before he asked me out. The marriage ran its course, but we’re still the best of friends.

    BTW, I’ve been slowly using some of your tools and changing my attitude and actions. I’m now beginning to notice guys are noticing me, even while driving me car! This last weekend while I worked as a gate guard at our local renaissance festival I met several nice guys. One brought over gelato for me, another ribs, several workers came up at the end of the day to give me hugs…I was stunned but giggling and dancing a jig inside at how much fun it all was. I’m ready for more!

  3. Melanie says:

    Hi Matt,

    Melanie, here again. Details: When I met the guy at work last Saturday, the first time I saw him, he was talking to the chef’s wife, making some joke about not having had a good date in awhile and it didn’t look like it would ever happen, Without missing a beat, I joined their conversation and impishly said something like, “You don’t know that. It could happen.” I don’t know where that comment came from but I suspect that it was Matt Hussey influenced. LOL The guy looked a bit surprised and then he smiled. I smiled back. Later the chef introduced us and embarrassed the both of us by saying, “you’re both single, you know…!” I smacked the chef and we all ended up talking about an similar interest that we all shared. The chef later gave me his stats, from a guy’s perspective, I might add, and he said, “You guys would be perfect for one another.” Um. Ok. I gave my number for him to pass on. Meanwhile I live my life… : )


  4. Melanie says:

    HI Matt,

    I’ve met men while stuffing my face at Louisiana food festivals, online, in the grocery store, and through friends. Two guys got back together with their ex-wives!! Ugh. So far, most of them do not take the action to do anything more than the occasional phone call. Double ugh. Just this past Saturday. I met a new prospect while at work at a restaurant. He is a friend of the chef. Seems very promising and the chef says that we’d be a good match. Let’s see if he calls.


  5. Colleen says:

    The only men I’ve met and dated in the past 9 years have all been from Match.com. One relationship lasted a year, another a year and a half, and the last one was 2 years. What is strange to me is that I work out doing CrossFit 5-6 days a week for the past year & have lots of male friends who never ask me out. I often end up falling into the ‘friend’ trap – story of my life actually. I attended your seminar in Atlanta & read your book and have been working on switching my vibe out of the friend zone and raising my degree of difficulty. Its been fun making small changes in my behavior and experiencing little victories along the way.
    Thanks for the work that you do!!

  6. Lynn says:

    Nicest guy I met was online, at a vegetarian dating site. He lived in another city (a 3 hour drive away). In retrospect, I should have taken him more seriously, in spite of the distance. Niche dating sites have fewer weirdos, in my opinion, because the reason for being on the site is not just to meet someone, but to meet someone with a similar lifestyle or point of view. The singles on those sites are less creepy than on the standard dating sites.

  7. netty says:

    A 6 week PMP project management training course and he was the director of training program. He was golden, so sweet and helped me through all the inane materials… It didn’t work out but he has a special place in my heart.

  8. Nicole says:

    Hi Matthew!
    This may be a bit off topic, but I thought I’d give it a shot and hope you see my question.
    I’ve been dating this guy for two months, we’ve had a couple little blips but things have been going great and I really have confidence in our relationship.
    For the past year and a half I have been having health issues that are still in the process of being properly diagnosed. I am going for tests in the next week or two, and I am concerned that with these tests I will be properly diagnosed.. My question is, how doi bring up health secrets to him, and when is the right time to do this?

  9. Chelsea says:

    The last guy I dated I met at a CVS Pharmacy on the corner of my block. He worked there and I guess I went there enough times that we talked a little and he asked for my number. We’re not together anymore but I would LOVE to know how to make encounters like that happen more often!!

    Thanks for all you do, Matthew!! You’re a treasure!

  10. Mara says:

    I was late for church, entered quietly, walked down the main aisle and there he was, giving a speach on the pulpit, I thought he stared at me because of my lack of punctuality but it turned out it was just me.

  11. Susie says:

    At Home Depot in the paint department

    At cowboys red river a country dancehall and bar

  12. Sian says:

    At a house party of a mutual friend.

  13. andie says:

    Hi Matthew! well I am dating too men right now ..lol o.o i I am NOT committed to either one I just met them so we are dating…one of them I met at an Italian eatery / night club… we had dance together and didn’t get our numbers until a month and a half later when we ran into each other again at the same night club… the other gentleman I met online on a dating site and we’ve gone out 3 times. I can’t wait to see what you come up with… thanks for all your fantastic input on relationships.

  14. Erica says:

    I met a really nice guy at my job site. I work in retail. clothing store

  15. Charlotte says:

    The last 5 men I’ve dated, I met through mutual friends.

  16. Alicia says:

    At His music video shoot. Still dating! thanks Matthew!! :)

  17. Jacquie says:

    In Las Vegas !!!! Text on and off with him .

  18. Ruth says:

    The last guy I dated I met in a bike workshop. He helped me work on my bike.

  19. Emily says:

    The man I am currently dating and I met in a weekend Spanish class over a year ago. There were a few cuties in the class both men and women and I believe based on our Spanish dialogue in class, we were both casually dating others at the time! Still there was a bit of a twinkle then and we kept in touch loosely through emails about common interests like SPANISH and the fact that we were from the same US state! Sure enough the man very casually asked me out a few months later to practice our Espanol and have some ritas and guess what? No Spanish or Ritas happened that night!

  20. Jacqueline Kyrion says:

    The last man I dated I met at an evening event in a restaurant. It was hosted by the performer after his concert.

    The one prior to this one that I dated for 6 years I met in a bus.

  21. Cheryl says:

    I have met and dated Three men recently

    The first was a man that I was introduced to by common friends. We met in NY city where he lives at the hotel bar where I was staying. He showed up with 2dozen white roses.

    Gentleman 2 was sitting at the bar at Houstons restaurant in Montreal airport as I was preparing to go on a NY weekend.Conversation started and it ended with everyone at the bar being amused by the obvious intention of this man to see me again and all patrons and staff encouraging me to give the man a chance and give him my card. I have since been in constant contact witht his person who lives in the US and is trying to make a rendez vous weekend to explore.

    returning Monday i had a previously arranged date with a gentleman that I met on line a year and a half ago. He called me out of the blue asking if we could meet.

    all nice men

  22. Pam S. says:

    I met my ex on a scuba diving trip to Cozumel. We both signed up for the trip through our local dive shop. Since I had only broken up with my previous boyfriend two months before the trip I didn’t really notice him nor was I looking for a new relationship since I was still getting over my previous one. Then about 2 or 3 days in to a 7 day trip I saw him in a different light after a few days. It’s interesting how quickly one gets to know new people on a small boat heading to dive sites. I chatted with him but didn’t really think anything about it. As the trip went on we got closer and closer. After we returned we started dating and I found out that he only lived 5 minutes from where I lived but had never seen him before. Talk about a small world lol. Unfortunately the relationship only lasted 4 months.

  23. Shannon says:

    The last guy I dated I met on match.com. However, we apparently met two years before at a charity event. I later found out he sent me to facebook frien requests after the charity event, but I denied both of them. Still makes me laugh to think about it. Other places I’ve met quality guys in the past have included my gym, the Westin hotel bar during a major celeb golf tournament for charity, through friends at a giant birthday celebration.

  24. Carmen says:

    The last guy I met was from the Eharmony site. We dated for a year.Then soon after he asked me to move in with him and it lasted another 2yrs.I work in a hospital so I do meet a lot of men.I have not dated since. The “Off Button” is on.

  25. Antoinette says:

    Recently met a guy in March this year and we both realized we actually live in the same neighborhood, just didn’t have the courage to talk to him. As he would occasionally say hi to me when heading in opposite directions. One evening were both waiting for the bus at the stop going the same direction As I was going to work, and he was heading out somewhere, he asked me for the time of the bus, and we started talking on the bus, and met him again on the same train in the city I called him over to sit with me, and we talked all the way home and he asked that we exchange numbers and meet and talk, and since then we have been meeting and hanging out, and seeing each other..

  26. Marion says:

    The last guy a met was on my trip in australia, we met in a hostel. And i met my exboyfriend through a good freind, we where on the way to a bar that evening and then we met him and his his friends on the way, 2 weeks later he was my boyfriend, the wierd thing is that i told my friend 2 hours
    before we met the guys, that i knew i will meet a guy today.

  27. Michelle says:

    The last guy I met was at a new friend’s fundraiser party for their theater company. The party was in the company’s theater space. I noticed him notice me, so I struck up a conversation and we bonded over our taste for unusual food.

    Before that I met a guy at the bar associated with my University’s alumni club in my city. I decided to go by myself to watch our first football game, even though I didn’t have anyone to go with. We started talking while waiting to order a drink, and I spent the rest of the night talking to him and his friends.

  28. Single n' fabulous says:

    last boyfriend: Art opening & drawing session at Maitland Art Center. FL. We were both drawing a model at the opening.
    second to last boyfriend: Art opening: City Arts Factory gallery, while volunteering. He liked my pants.

  29. Kay says:

    The last attractive man I met was in the classified ad of the local newspaper. He was advertising an apartment that he had for rent. He’s my current landlord. We never dated because of the several reasons. One the legalities of being the landlord and that I’m renting but mostly because he was living with someone already and lastly I’m an older woman and he’s only 6 years older than my son. I learned visual chemistry is not enough. Although he told me I was his best tenant that as far as it went. Not very romantic is it.

  30. Jennie Walker says:

    The last quality man I met was at charity fundraising event he was hosting in the West Village of Manhattan. Prior to that on an airplane ride to Miami from New York City.

  31. Addie says:

    The last guy I dated, I met while he was taking all my vitals at a work health fair. He was weighing me, taking my blood pressure, etc. He was my nurse

  32. Marissa says:

    I met the last two guys I dated on a free dating site called pof. I guess I should have realized the type of men but on the pay sites it’s no different. Booo

  33. Lex says:

    The last guy I dated I met when I was out for my birthday at a themed bar, and my sister dragged me outside so she could have a smoke and a guy came up and started talking to us. We sat down with him and his friends, and one of his friends who was taller than me I gave my number to. We dated for 8 months.

  34. Carol says:

    I met the last guy I dated on Eharmony dating site.

  35. T says:

    The last guy of interest I met was when I met up with a coworker to head to one of my friend’s Tupperware parties together. We work at a department store and were headed to the bathroom so she could change, she spotted this man she knew shopping for swim trunks and headed over to say hello. I was instantly interested but had a lot going on, so any time I saw him I said a polite hello and didn’t dwell on it. This past fall he walked by with the usually hello and I said “you can stop and chat sometimes if you want you know.” (He owns a business in the same mall we work at that runs seasonally). For the rest of the season he stopped to chat nearly daily. We’ve kept in contact and every couple weeks talk for a few hours each time. While the conversations are deepening he has not yet asked me out, and I’d really prefer the guy to do some pursuing!

  36. kay says:

    the last guy i dated, i met him at a theme park where we both worked part time

  37. Becky says:

    I met my last two guys at bars through mutual friends.

  38. Betti says:

    Hi Matt!

    I have two stories to share. :)
    One of the guys was a WWF recruiter (if that’s the right word) and we met on the street. We talked for at least 10 minutes, but unfortunately, he never asked for my contacts…
    The other guy is American and I met him during the dragon boat world championship where I worked as a volunteer. We’ve been chatting on facebook for a while, so who knows? :)

  39. Marilyn says:

    The last guy I met was on the street by LA Fitness (gym), I wasn’t going to the gym I was just waiting near the gym for my girlfriends so we can meet-up & go out. He commented on my high heels, “Are you going to the gym with those nice high heels.”

  40. susan says:

    We met at a thai restaurant at the birthday party of friends in common, a year and a half ago. last week we broke up,he’s got anxieties to deal with & is finally addressing them. i think guys should come with a warning signal like “hello i’m normal, but i got anxiety issues!” despite that we are still keeping our commitment to go away for the weekend with the same friends up the mountains. i’m expecting it to be at least normal awkward!!! Wish me luck for trying.

  41. Catherine Whitaker says:

    Hello Matthew before I answer your latest question, I just wanted to let you know this, I really enjoyed your latest video blog about men and there lack of chivalry. I agree with you 100%. Anyhow, I met my guy friend from an online dating site. We got to know each other over a period of 5 months, hooked up and it didn’t work out but we still keep in contact…you know the once every three months check in to make sure you’re still alive call. Anyway, please keep the awesome video blogs coming and thank you for
    showing us we still matter and there is a special person out there just for us. Nothing but hugs and kisses for you.

  42. Arlene Hills says:

    The last great guy I met was while volunteering at a Community Soup Kitchen. I am a volunteer chef there and he came in to volunteer for the first time. We spent the evening carving up turkeys (it was Easter) and had amazing conversation. We both still volunteer there and have become great friends.

  43. Mali says:

    Most recent was at work, but it got too complicated with a past relationship on his side. Before that it was a guy I knew from uni who I met 7 years later at a community function.

  44. Victoria says:

    Hey Matt :)
    The last two great guys I dated were both total sweethearts and even though it didnt work out, we are still friends.
    I met guy number one at work. I used to work late at night and we ended up talking and then I asked him out. We went out and had a great time but just sort of drifted apart.
    Guy number two was my locker neighbor at college. We went out a few times and really hit it off but he was still confused over his ex so didnt want to start setting with me while he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted.

  45. Mh says:

    Hey Matt
    I agree with all those who met net guys- Luckily I met one or two really good professionls I wont say good otherwise my experience would be different.
    Internet guys- Are they real stuff- I mean Boyfriend material or Husband material- I doubt- :)

    Lets contact!

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  47. Katty says:

    Through a friend at a block party.

  48. Renee says:

    Hi Matt, the last three from new to oldest….
    1. Through a friend at her wedding – he’s a great guy but I’m not interested in him. :(
    2. Another guy through that same friend at her wedding (there were a lot of single guys) – he and I dated, didn’t work out. :(
    3. On a beach in SC while we were both vacationing. Dated for 2 1/2 years. Didn’t work out. :(
    …..and now it’s been over a year since I’ve met someone new who I thought was potentially a good guy for me. There are lots of great men out there, but I’m having difficulty finding the right one.
    PS: I have also met some guys hiking who seem nice, but never make a move so who knows…

  49. Agostinha Jacinto says:

    Hello Matty!
    I havent met new men…because i really have the same problem, they are gay or unavaible, or simply not a goodperson…but i have to share what i found on google….how to find love…!
    what do you think?some valid points, right?Kiss*

  50. Nala says:

    I met the last guy I dated in a weekend seminar in my university where I am working. We spent our breaks together and began to talk. After the seminar we drank a beer, the next day we hab ice cream after the seminar. It was I nice fling that lastet about 6 weeks. However, the guy was a jerk!

  51. LC says:

    A friend’s wedding!

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  53. Emily says:

    Hey there,
    I know I’m probably a little late with this, but anyway.
    I got to know my last guy over a dear friend of mine. We just spent a relaxed evening at her house with a few people and he’s been there, too. So it came out we were both studying at the same university, we just had a great time and afterwards he asked me if I came home well. We chatted a bit, met a few times just us two and yeah, that was the way it went.

  54. Sarah says:

    I met my ex through a game night out with new friends I had just made. We all went over to his house and played different role playing games.


  55. Sauli says:

    I met my ex boyfriend at hanging out with some friends we had in common it was just a small gathering and all of us were just talking in a park inside the university.
    The person I am kind of dating now, actually he add me on Facebook and started to chat with weeks after he had added me and actually invited me to join him for a walk at a field where he exercised.

  56. may says:

    the last two guys i have dated i met both at work. one from a company summer bbq.

  57. Sue says:

    I have met my last boyfriend through yahoo singles, we married but it only lasted three years. Two boyfriends prior to that I meet at work

  58. Diana says:

    I met the last two wonderful guys at things related to my job. I work in accessibility, so I do different electronic things that help people with disabilities.
    I had hoped that they would be like me and would care more than the average person in tech trying to make money.
    I think I got that. I would like more ideas on how to find men like this though.

  59. Annabelle says:

    The last place I met a man was at my work. He was new there and i went up to say hi. He greeted me and shook my hand and he smiled at me. It was on a weekend, and it was in the afternoon.

  60. janettejane says:

    I meet my last boyfriend in dancing club/bar.

  61. Cristina says:

    Hi Matthew!

    I met my ex-boyfriend at a bar in Philadelphia named Monk’s. Its a Belgium beer cafe with the best beer selection on mussels. He offered me his seat at the bar. Ive also recently joined a bowling league at one of our swanky bowling alley’s and I met a couple of nice guys through.


  62. Christine says:

    I met my last long-term boyfriend on a trip to Six Flags that was organized by my new co-worker/friend. I had only been in DC for about 2 months so my coworker thought it’d be a fun way for me to meet some people. He had just moved to the city and met my co-worker through a friend. He offered to be our designated driver even though he didn’t know any of us.

  63. Nicole says:

    I just met a new guy recently but we were introduced to one another by my moms boyfriend. this new guy works with him. He thought we might hit it off and via text on his phone exchanged pics and then new guy have me his # through my moms boyfriend. I called him and we met up a couple of days later. This was last week so it’s all new but I think we really hit it off. Hope to see him soon! Before him I met a guy online-that scene is not for me. Before that it was a year ago I lived in Georgia and I was doing a lot of TV movie extra work and I met a few guys on set. When you are in holding to go on set for a scene sometimes there are long waits and it’s a great time to get to know people. A few of the guys I didn’t like the same way and one we did. We met up for drinks and hung out once and then we had a lot of mid communication so I stopped seeing him for many reasons. So there are a couple of examples :-)

  64. Andrea says:

    A wedding – a destination wedding at that. My good friend and coworker was getting married, in Sun Valley – who could resist -Beautiful resort awesome skiing. I didn’t want to go alone, so i bullied a guy friend into coming with me. (seriously who passes up a paid trip to sun valley) so here we are at this wedding, and i’m dancing on the dance floor with some of the younger kids. swinging them around, making them feel like little diva’s, and a guy asks me to dance. Just comes up and says, lets show them how it’s done. From there we just clicked, when we both came back to seattle he asked me out on date. i said, yes, we had fun, always had “adventure” dates. Didn’t sleep together for awhile…lasted for awhile before we decided to move on because we were looking for different things.

  65. Carol says:

    After being married for 24 years, I have now been single for 4 years. I have not meet anyone that I have had a date with (or maybe more) other than via on-line dating sight.

    What does that say about me…. Hmmm

  66. Judy says:

    I met him during springbreak in panama city beach. Literally inside the club, he asked me for a dance, and that was it. yeah, not a good place to meet guys, but trust me i met one of the greatest guys i’ve ever known there. So don’t judge based on the location.

  67. Lilian says:

    I met him at a poolside barbecue organized by a group in my university to sort of meet new people, kinda like a meet and great.

  68. Loulou says:

    I met my exboyfriend at a meeting being held by an organization on campus at college. We spoke a few days after and realized we had some friends in common. We dated for 5yrs, we grew apart in so many ways.

  69. Janice says:

    I met my last boyfriend at a friend’s house party in 2000. My wallet was stolen at the party and he offered me money to get home. We had spoken briefly during the party and dance once or twice if I remember. We were together for 3 years and are still friends but he wasn’t right for me so I broke it off.

  70. Anika says:

    Hi matthew

    I met him at my job at the vision center of a superstore. He works in a different department in the store. It didnt work with him because all he want is to be physical, which we have, under the influence, but nothing serious. Im really attracted to him, but i dont want to end up with a guy like him. My problem is i am attracted to the guys like him, and the guys who are actually nice to me and wants me for more than physical, I am not attracted to them. So i am waiting for your next video to learn where i can find great guys


  71. Lisa says:

    I met him at a wedding I was attending. He was managing the reception, and I had to give him my number in the event he found any lost items to return to attendees. He called and asked if he could continue to call.

  72. Tuma says:

    Hey Mat,
    I meet him in Amika Club in Dubai, I foud him so gentleman..we have so many things in common and i like it..we been friends for more then 4 month now. i likes him and he sound the same..

  73. Mona says:

    Hey Matthew,

    I met the last very special guy about 4 years ago on my 1 year trip in Australia. We lived in the same backyard in tents for about 2 months. We both knew there was something in the air but as I was traveling with my former boyfriend, there was no chance at that time. We met again in Bangkok a few months later but still, I was with my boyfriend.
    We stayed in touch via Facebook and 2 years later he came to visit me on his Europe trip. I was single at that time and the time we spent here was magical. Even so many years after we first met we had that very special connection.
    Today, again 2 years later, we are still in touch and visit each other from time to time. If we wouldn’t live on different continents, I guess I would have found my true soulmate.
    This story tells me, that you meet the good guys when you expect it the least. Good guys are everywhere, you just need to believe in it!

  74. J says:

    I met my last bf at a friends’ wedding. He sat at my friends’ table and as we left, I gave him my contact info (even though we never spoke) because he wanted to go to a swing dancing festival with my friends.

    I also chatted with someone at a church picnic because we were both looking for hamburger buns but didn’t go out with him because we had different priorities in life.

  75. Alena says:

    Hi Matthew!
    I think a person can find amazing guys anywhere if one is open to it. However, I have met my favorite men through activities that my children are involved in:: hockey, tae Kwon do, soccer (football) etc. My latest Mr. Wonderful I met through mutual friends while I was already sort of dating someone else. I started setting up Mr. W with a number of my single girlfriends when I realized what a complete idiot I was and decided I wanted to keep him. We get along famously and are somewhere between friends and almost more than friends and I’m quite happy with it. Not only do I get to practice ditching the friend zone with him, which is super fun, but I also I get to practice meeting guys like at Starbucks or my gym. Although I’m not the casual hookup type, I’m also not ready for a serious long term relationship. I always laugh at the section in your book where you ask the reader to think of where your ideal man is on a Saturday night, like a sports bar, and go there, because my ideal guy would be at home watching a movie or playing video games with his kids. I always imagine myself peering in these single dad’s windows enticing them with a bag of freshly popped popcorn… :)
    All in all, I’m having a tremendously fun time everywhere I go.
    Thank you for your book, advice and fabulous videos.
    Much love from a Canadian fan xo

  76. Paula says:

    met him in a meetup.com group. I’m not in that group anymore or with that boyfriend so I’m not mentioning the group name since I do not want to promote them. the group is in Toronto and is a general social group.

  77. Sarah says:

    The last guy I dated I met at a mutual friend’s going away party. It turned out that we had about 10+ friends in common and went to the same college and had the same major. That’s been a fairly common trend for all the guys I meet: through mutual friends and at parties.

  78. Emma says:

    I met a great guy on Pukkelpop, that’s a festival in Belgium.
    My last boyfriend was a friend of my stepbrother, I met him on my stepbrohters 18th birthdayparty.

  79. Paige says:

    The last few guys I met were online. Not good results in general. The last guy I met in person was through college classes. We had a few classes together and a relationship just evolved through friendship.

  80. NancyH says:

    I’ve met them at the golf course and/or hitting the driving range. Fundraisers, cultural events and/or conferences. And believe it or not, even received a marriage proposal after one day working as an extra for a tv show. Who knew…and no I didn’t accept. An yes to online, but not really for me. And of course various social media venues, as well.

  81. Kathy says:

    The first (and last so far) guy I met after my 19 1/2 year marriage ended actually came to my house to give me an estimate on a roof repair. Needless to say that did not last very long. I’m trying to get up the courage to start getting involved in different groups in my area. They vary from singles to fitness and anywhere in between. I’m just not good at meeting new people.

  82. nora says:

    The last guy I met was on the bus! We started a conversation, and became really great friends!

  83. Linda says:

    I met the last 3 guys I dated at a Food & Wine Festival (I ran into mutual friends and he happened to be with them), a drive through In&Out (he was in a taxi at the drive through and I was walking by the taxi), and at a bar in another city (he was standing by the bar and came up and said hi to me).

  84. Denisse says:

    I met my last boyfriend in the school cafeteria. My friends brought him and he introduced himself, so I did the same and we ended up talking for the whole lunch period.

  85. Christel Rohrs says:

    I met my ex husband in my local gym I went to, after I had just returned from being overseas for a year. I met my last boyfriend, in our local pub/restaurant here in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and we had just finished watching the Rugby World cup and a live band had started to play. I was sitting on my own at the table, while my friends were greeting other friends, when this man approached me and asked me to dance. We danced (and I had so much fun because we danced so well together), that when he asked for my number, I gave it to him and hoped he would call. He did, and we made arrangements to see each other a week later and then we continued to date from then. It was the dancing and having fun that got me.

  86. Jen says:

    I meet my last boyfriend at a my church camp when we were teenagers. started off as friends.

  87. watch bangros teen porn ok now says:

    Typically I do not read document upon information sites, on the other hand wish to claim that this specific write-up very obligated us to try and do it! Ones way with words have been surprised us. Cheers, very nice post.

  88. Mary says:

    Okay, I’m not going to say where I met my last boyfriend because he was not a good man to me. But I will say where I met the current guy I’m talking with. I met him in San Marcos at Texas State University in a class. It was political science. I met him through my friend Kaitlin, and we sat next to each other throughout the whole semester. We became good friends, and he kept in contact with me since I left. I came back home in Houston due to health reasons. I later found out I have a gluten intolerance, and other food allergies I was unaware of that was making me so ill. This past March, he sent me a letter on Facebook. The letter was a confession that he had feelings for me. After reading the letter, I was upset because he told me this on Facebook of all things. I also had no clue that he was interested in me, until he brought it to my attention. I told him, “Will, I wish you would have told me sooner because you could of saved me from dating all these douches”. We worked through the confusion over the phone, and we’ve been talking since. After talking with him for awhile, I found out that he’s a romantic. He thinks of little ways to show his affection for me. One day, he asks me what do I eat for meals. I told him a long list of things, and he says, “Tomorrow I’m going to live my day how you live yours. I’ll text you everything right before I eat it to clear it with you so that I don’t accidently cheat”. I was surprised and asked him if he is really going to do it. His response was, “Of course. I mean, I have no excuse not to. For just one day, I’ll be doing what you do everyday. If I can’t last one day, there’s something very wrong with me”.

    This guy is amazing! I can’t believe I found someone who is supportive and loving, and many things I’ve been looking for. Things have been great and I can’t wait to see where this relationship will take us!

  89. Anita says:

    In Facebook

  90. Erja says:

    I met my current boyfriend at a cadets’ student party.

    I sat on a sofa at this night club this party was held and my cadet was leaning on a sofa next to it. Then one of his cadet friend put an empty glass on the sofa. I asked him if I should move the glass to the table next to the sofa and then I moved it. After that he sat next to me and we started talking and he talked to me the whole night and called me the next day exactly the time he had promised (I told him he could have my number if he was going to use it).

    I met him wearing a t-shirt and my baggy university overalls as pants(student thing in Finland) and we have been a couple now for 6 months and I couldn’t be happier. He admitted noticing me before that but he is a bit shy with women so he may have never talked to me without me giving an easy starting point. So sometimes it’s really worth giving a hint/opportunity to a guy you would like to get to know better.

  91. RARA says:

    I met my soon to be ex of 16 years in the MOA at his job at Macy’s

    I believe the best place to find someone, is threw the places you go in your own life. If you go out searching then you could end up with nothing in common. At least if it’s a place you usually go, then the chances are higher you have something in common.

  92. Yvonne says:

    Not sure if this is really helpful, but I found an ‘old friend’ on Facebook after not speaking or seeing him for approx. 20 years. He only lived two hours by car away from me. Sure enough he came to visit and we hit it off.

    Still two years into the relationship it was a harsh awakening, since he turned out to be very judgmental of others, had trust issues with people being honest, and then he actually tried to fit me into his frame of mind-set of that category too (all that after he was so very smitten about me and the relationship for the first part) … As you can imagine it ended in heart-break and emotional turmoil.

    My take on this …. There is no guarantee in relationships to turn out to be everlasting in joy and happiness….
    If you ask me, love yourself more and refrain from placing all your heart-energy into another human being. If you feel you must be in a relationship take good care of yourself and NEVER open your heart fully, always keep a bit of a distance so you won’t that the rug gets pulled under you when shit hits the fence.

    I stopped to engage, because I can’t withhold as I would like to be engaged fully and being able to show up as my true and authentic self by opening my heart. Yet with the odds of “Nothing lasts forever” I have lost trust to not being hurt eventually.

    I decided to not have a relationship at all, because it hurts too much when the guy changes his mind, doesn’t feel it anymore, or simply turns into a cheater because one woman never is enough when it comes to the sexual department, or him being insecure whether he should be with you or his ex! Most of them simply like diversity (no matter how good looking you are for him as it creates chemistry, no matter how kind and loving you are, no matter how great you all get along at the beginning due to mutual interests, no matter how much value you are creating for him since that will be taken for granted at some point and time etc.)

    For all the people who are looking to be in a relationship, I do agree with Matt, one can meet guys everywhere, at best hang out at places that pertain to your Likes if you look for a mutual interest relationship (Art-Galleries, Study-Groups, Cooking-Classes, Swimming-Pools, Golf-and Tennis Clubs, you name it! Whatever your heart’s desire.

    Girls, just please be aware that you probably won’t find a guy in a club if you look for a serious relationship. 99% of guys in there only look for a quick pick-up. ( … and NEVER date the DJ!!! – he is well sought after by hundreds or thousands of other women, so he will have his pick of choice very night to take home someone else!)

    Take good care of yourselves ;-)

  93. Shoane says:

    Gym. I was minding my own business then he decided to come up and mind it for me. (extra info – me 39, him 24)

  94. Joanna says:

    My friend took me to the opening of his friend who is a photographer. He was doing an exhibition of his work. I really liked him, and we got on really well, talking and laughing for most of the night, as we went altogether to a pub after words. I invited him to my birthday party, and after my birthday party we started to date each other. It was all great at the beginning but he’s a kind of party animal, with an idea of less-stress life, so commitment isn’t his thing I guess. Though if I would read “get the guy” at the same time as I was dating him, we would be still together.

  95. Val says:

    I met my 2 ex BF’s at work…one turned out to be a mutual break up and the other a playboy jerk….and the next guy i turned my gaze upon seems to be a play boy too….wat a waste…!!!!

  96. April Adkins says:

    I meet men from Online dating sites, or Facebook. I am not normally approached in public and if I am, It’s not from quality men, they are usually creepy and gross, meaning over weight, stink, say foul things. I have men look at me in public all the time, and I give a friendly smile, most the time they snap their head the other way. Which always tells me that they were not looking because they were interested, mostly because I stand out because I am so tall. It destroys your self esteem over the years for sure.

  97. Peggy L. Miller says:

    I met my last friend at one of my rentals, he was visting his sister. We dated 6 years. He turned out to be a jerk. I stayed in the relationship to long.

  98. Donna says:

    Online … first meeting at a winery. It seems these days that online is the only safe place to see and be seen.

  99. fozia says:


    the last guy i met was through a single muslim marriage web site

  100. juliana says:

    i met my exboyfriend to a bdayparty, because a friend introduced us. most of the guys I met trough some common friends, wether we met on an gelateria or to a cafe bar in downtown.

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