Get Sh*t Done!

There’s something you’ve been putting off for some time now…

You don’t quite know why, but it’s been on your to-do list for a while, and it feels like an internal force is holding you back from starting.

In the next 3 minutes I’m going to help you blast through the discomfort, and get well on your way to conquering it.

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68 Replies to “Get Sh*t Done!”

  • I know I wasn’t supposed to talk about this… But couldn’t stop staring at his reflection the whole video, lol ;)

  • Its easy when people are being paid to make peoples lifes hell, easy said and done, people whos connected to matthew, he will know whos who, and he acting crazy, as he cant cope with the uk system, but acts crazys, dont be fooled by him.

    1. Jo, you sound like drunk texting. You know what? It is because of women like you that men see women as emotionally weak creatures. Shame.

  • Great motivational video, Matthew. Next week will be a very busy week for me. I hate daylight savings time change. blah. Russian scientists say it shortens the human life span up to 10 years. Not that humans need to live any longer, but it is just so unnecessary. Have a lovely week! xx

  • I needed to watch this! I do not need perfection, i just need to make a small steps towards daily tasks until i have accomplished my overall desired goal. I need to just do it and carpe diem.

  • Cheers Matthew I’m going to tackle that pile of “stuff” that I have. I’ve been telling myself that everyone has a pile of crap in their house somewhere so it’s OK but it’s been bugging me for ages. I’m now procrastinating by telling you instead of doing it! Haha at least I’m learning..right I’m going!

  • Hey Matthew, thank you for motivating us to do things like this one, I think you don’t only help us with our love lives but also with our everyday lives. In my opinion this is awesome because you make us become confident from a deeper level, just by following these easy steps.

    Once again thank you, I’m going to get my sh*t done!

  • I heard from someone “Once you start, the pressure is off”. Which really confirms what you are talking about in this video. Every time I find myself procrastinating I swirl those words around in my head a few times and then I just start. And all of a sudden I can breathe easier.

    Nice behind by the way. Sorry, just couldn’t resist ;)

    1. hahaa Nina, I thought the same about the “behind” I love men standing so straight and so strong, hahaa, but I didn´t dare to tell, muuuaaaahhhh you are so sweet Nina to tell …. hahaa love you … your sister in thoughts Claudia Maria

  • hhaaa, I have written my exlover an email, putting all in the “headline” I don´t know what the English name for the “subject” of a mail is:
    “I have done silly bullshit and that it was my fault and my responsibility”

    nothing else, and I feel relieeeeeeeeved, thank you Matthew, big kiss (don´t take this kiss personally, this was the beginning with my Exlover too hahaa)
    and of course …. you are too young to me …. have a brilliant day!!!
    Hugs to Jamison (have I spelled it right?) I really want to see this fabulous Jamison finally!!!

    Claudia Maria

  • Not exactly an exciting or glamorous task but as you were talking I brought the iPad into the bathroom and started cleaning the bathroom. But it’s now sparkling clean

  • I was looking forward to one of your sweet Sunday morning treats.

    The last thing I needed this morning was somebody barking orders at me.

    And did you really have to shoot in front of a mirror?? Come on! Get some quality back! If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Seriously. Where have your high standards gone, Matt?

  • well I have been putting this off. I have to clean my place. It looks clean but I need to clean big time. I am washing clothes right now and getting ready to wash my dishes. I work doing the week and on the weekends I can not get off the computer and quit watching TV. Thanks Mathew and love love you. I love to hear you talk and look at you and love love what you say.

  • Hi Matt:
    Thanks so much, I really needed to hear this today!!! Back from the Retreat and going through the ” teething period”. Realized the importance of being productive and organized – which will allow me to be more spontaneous ( and not hide behind the excuse of being to busy with work!)
    Plan to use this as an emotional button to get off my ass and start!!!
    You rock!
    Thanks once again.
    Warmest regards,
    Shev xx

  • Thanks for letting me find this in my inbox this morning ! I did get my sh*t done. You’re amazing Matt! And tell the guy that helps you that he’s amazing too! Thanks!

  • Aaah! Matthew! Omg! (I never write omg but in this case I needed to).

    I called to a KBT theraupist Yesterday beacuse Im sick with me procastinating and having real troubles getting *shit* done. Problem is, he dont have time for new appointments before January(!) and I need to fix this now.

    And today, I see This. Its amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!

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