Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster

I decided to have some fun this week and read out your (often hilarious) responses to last week’s video on the “MPI Guy.”

But hearing so many passionate responses made me wonder: Why do so many women waste so much time with terrible guys like this, especially when he puts in such a poor level of effort?

Well, I’ll show you.

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75 Replies to “Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster”

  1. Hey Matthew
    You’re so right! Everything you said.I’m in that situation right now. I will stop texting him and don’t answer his text after a day or two. Thanks much! I bet you know how to treat a woman right and you know when the right comes along.

  2. That made my day. So funny. Yep, seeing a few MPI’s right now. Hard to move on when they’re the only thing happening in your world right now tho.

  3. Glad you did a follow up. I am doing as you suggested, I walked away a long time ago with the reality he could offer me nothing within just a few months, but the chemistry that still holds strong is a challenge to get past. I date actively knowing it is the one way to get past him, but so far no chemistry can compare. It’s been over 2 yrs. I feel stuck & I know better. Unfortunately, this rooted from a high school crush from more than 30 yrs back. I would never take a step back, but I fear this one will never go away. Can people have a chemistry so strong it connects them for what seems an eternity?

    1. Think Gone With the Wind- Scarlet moons over Ashley cos she can’t have him. When he’s free, she realises he’s really a drip. That’s what happened to me- idealised a guy (who’d dumped me) and ignored the reality. Didn’t give new men a proper chance as a result.
      If only Matthew had been around then to tell me: if he ain’t with you now, he’s NOT your dream guy.

    2. Hey Laurel,

      I know how it feels but you gotta just take that guy and the chemistry off the pedestal you put him on. I had insane chemistry with my ex who was Mr On/off guy (another version of MPI), he still talks about it now and how the chemistry with his new gf is not the same BUT I have to move on. Drawing comparisons between the new dates and our exes just keeps us stuck in the past. Chemistry without a good relationship is just chemistry and is pretty useless on its own. You will get over him but give the new guys a proper chance. Don’t compare them to the guy from your past but judge them on HOW they treat you. That’s a start and sooner or later you’ll meet a great guy who treats you well AND with whom you have chemistry. Good luck!

    3. Laurel, yes, people can have a chemistry so strong it connects them for what seems an eternity. I was in such a relationship. The chemistry was like romance novel/movie phenomenal. However, I knew I was more invested in the relationship, which would mean more pain/suffering for me when things ended. I also realized that as much as I wanted to be a friend/be there for him, sometimes people have to sort things out on their own so that they can grow. I had to first be completely honest with myself. Then, after an honest conversation with him, I ended things. You will have different chemistry with different people. Now, I’m in a happy, healthy relationship- no crazy fireworks but a comfort/security, the kind where people grow old walking hand-in-hand together into the sunset, and it feels pretty sweet. Simply put, if it’s not a fuck yes from both people, then it’s a no. (I encourage you to read “Fuck yes or no” by Mark Manson).

      1. Thank you. In the beginning he was a PMI no doubt. I was on the mend from him until he got sick then my affection and emotional connection grew stronger I felt selfish not being able to be just a friend and never have the guts to say anything knowing he appreciated my support. Our friendship goes back almost 40 years. It’s been tough but I continue to move forward so not to miss out on meeting a more suitable man. I’m proud to say I do not follow him on any social media and I never initiate any contact. Unfortunately it still feels like he’s always with me. Crushes are the worst. But as we all know, you can’t understand love without knowing heart break and feeling something is better than feeling nothing because that is what it means to be alive. Thank you again Mary

  4. That was exactly what I needed to hear because that is exactly what he does. There is key element that is there but it is all that remains and yet I think about him anyway. Pathetic but I’ll get over it. You guys are awesome to watch. Always enjoyable but I think Brittany Murphy didn’t do much writing anymore and Pamela Anderson is to busy. Brady l best and thank you

  5. You’re that teacher whose section I have to switch out of because I not good at paying attention to the matter of the subject.

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