Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster

I decided to have some fun this week and read out your (often hilarious) responses to last week’s video on the “MPI Guy.”

But hearing so many passionate responses made me wonder: Why do so many women waste so much time with terrible guys like this, especially when he puts in such a poor level of effort?

Well, I’ll show you.

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75 Responses to Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster

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  1. Samantha says:

    Matthew I appreciate your videos. I watch them every once and a while to get “refreshers. However, the real question is- what girls in your personal life help you gather all of your knowledge and data? (Besides the thousands of girls and guys you teach) and how can I be of help?

  2. Lena says:

    This was an eye opener actually! After a bad bad break up,I’ve been chatting with a guy for almost a month (!) every day and because he would initiate the talk. After our fist date (which by me was great BTW) the number of “talks” decrease significantly. Well, I thought “maybe this is because I didn’t kiss him after a great first date”. No biggie. But then we had a 2nd and even a 3rd acceptable date, planned by me unfortunately, but in a casual and cool way. “The-great-Matthew-advice”: “Oh, I’m going to this place now that seems great, you should step by”… And he went. But you know, same old thing. He flaked on me the next, and the next, and the next day (I did kissed him LOL He was too hot not to do it). It seemed there was a great chemistry, but literally ALL my friend said “If he flakes, don’t bother answering when he appears”. But I did. Until the last time and it actually gave me some kind of, I don’t know, satisfaction wouldn’t be the word, buuuut. Right after I met a great guy who was constantly insisting in meeting, do this, do that. Every time I went to his place, he’d always cook for me this tasty food, made great drink. In overall, it felt SOOOOO much better than the previous one.

  3. Lena says:

    LOL, more LOL Dump, not MURDER

  4. Angie says:

    Hey Matt!
    This was a huge eye opener for me!! What have I been doing with the last year of my life!?!?!

  5. Sarah says:

    Dear Matt

    To say that your video was eye opening is the biggest understatement… LIGHT – BULB. I haven’t played a computer game in well over a decade but, odd as it may seem, I couldn’t help comparing your message on MPI guys to getting stuck on a level of Rayman or Sonic – potentially for years! We need to remember the problem guy isn’t the final level.

    Very grateful and determined to finish the game ;) Thank you X

  6. Nathalie says:

    Thank you so much for the MIP video and follow up video!
    It truly made a difference in my life :)

  7. Inside.Out says:

    Hi Matthew,
    I’m at a loss….
    I am a divorced mother to one daughter who’s love life isn’t progressing IN THE SLIGHTEST! I have been divorced now for more than 4 years. I’ve spent the last 3 of those years in a part time “relationship” with a certified MPI. There really hasn’t been time for a full time relationship for either of us, so his MPI behavior wasn’t a problem, in fact it was welcomed. During our time together I have kept my options open, but just haven’t found anyone I like better. He and I are very connected when we’re together. The apart times though feel anything but. I feel like I’ve set a bad precedent with this man, and am growing tired very of not knowing where I stand with him….
    So I come to you with this question. What am I doing wrong?
    Not only with my MPI, but with men in general? I listen to you, and although I have learned a ton, I usually react to men in the very way you suggest (or close to it). I just scare them off though. Keep in mind that I’m not expecting or asking for anything from these men in the beginning, and I haven’t progressed further than the beginning with anyone. I’m not looking for marriage, I don’t want to have any more babies, but I cetainly don’t mind any he would have. I was a step parent in my marriage, and was a great one at that! I just want a partner. That’s one reason I find your advice so valuable. I need to learn to tweak my interactions, so that a man will actually value our time together.
    Please keep in mind that I live in the armpit of America. I’m not interested in a guy covered in tattoos and expensive clothing labels, who drives a jacked up truck w/mud tires. I want someone intelligent, mature, and thoughtful, who thinks I’m great. Suitable choices in my area are few and far between.
    Do men of character exist in the single world? If so where are they, and how do I find one?

  8. Sheila says:

    Hahah, I’m watching this just at the right time! MPI guy just did exactly that, with the pic lol. And it has been very hard to not respond even though I know he’s an MPI now :(

  9. Katie says:

    Matthew, you are a ROCK STAR!
    Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know.
    The world needs your unique brand of beautiful.

  10. Madison says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I was with this guy that I thought was all special for 3 months. This video showed me exactly what I needed to hear. I broke up with him about a week ago and I was wondering if I did the right thing and I did. He was all of the flaky signs in one and thank you so much for showing me this. Have a great day!

  11. Lily says:

    I have been having thoughts and I was wondering if you could ever do a video on how some guys cheat when they are in a relationship? Or as to how someone is loyal/not loyal?

    As well as to why some people in relationships decide to cope to the kind of relationship they are in when they constantly break up, make up and are in that repeated cycle non-stop?
    For instance, I’m not sure why people go into that cycle. Is it because they just cope to it and don’t feel like they can do better ?
    I’m curious on all of these things and keep wondering.

  12. Alexandrine says:

    Amazing. Lol. Loved the MPI video as well!! I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face Love it❣️

  13. Emelie Viola Vilder says:

    I’ve been wasting so much LIFE on these type of guys and not to talk about the married or otherwise unavailable guys, Ive done it all!
    I finally QUIT them this summer, after a lot of internal work, much inspired by your programmes. I cut all my loose ends, even that special one that I refused to give up hope about, he just had to go too in the end. I was SO fed up with this pattern in myself! I actually called up or texted all the guys I was flirting loosely with (that wasn’t going anywhere). And 5 days later I met a prince! And we have been together ever since, Ive never actually been in love with an availiable guy before I came to realise. Its SO scary, but also ridiculously amazing.

    I’ve been following your blog and your programs now for 2 years, and its been such an deep journey in finding my own power and self worth. I’ve come to realise I am actually so frikking scared of trusting someone with my heart, that I have created all kinds of patterns and ways of protecting this wounded little heart of mine.

    I still follow a lot of your advice on how to communicate and most times its working wonders and I don’t think we would be a couple if I hadn’t done all the work I have done with your advice. It’s like I have a little mini Matthew on my shoulder telling me what energy to step into when I come upon challenging moments when usually my female sqooschy brain would have been stepping in, it’s an amazing change! haha! ;)

    Better to spend your time on Matthew Hussey then on MPI guys, ladies!

    Thank you for being a huge part in my healing! <3
    I hope you read this some day, I've never written to you before and just wanted to let you know what an impact you have done in my life, I am so inspired by your wisdom! So happy to have you on our side! ;)

    Sending you love! <3

  14. Magdalena says:

    Hi. I love your videos, Matthew, wathed many of them :) But this one particularly has made ma really laugh :) Is simple, short, but so perfect in showing what type of guy is the MPI and why we (women) should get rid of him immediately.

    I had already sent away from my life one man like this couple of months ago.. took me a while but also thanks to your videos I understood why it was so hard for me to quit this relationship, than to successfully heal myself and get ruthlessly off of him and his impact :) (and all others like him, the MPI :)

    Simply EXCELLENT, great job again, LOVE U :)


  15. Patchouli says:

    When you turned to leave if you had bumped into that brick column(after giving her the smiling emoji) it would have been so funny and made your mpi guy look so vulnerable and that much more off his game.When you pointed out the stick guy I cracked up! Because I was already thinking of all the potential hilarious comments to be made about that diagram :) I am a realist and in the end…you know to deal with me you should have drawn them all different…to make this work for me… because in essence they are all the same or have shown themselves the same(in my time worn existence) Not responding to that? (picture)Passed the test? Oh my gosh myself and everyone else that responds to this…fails:) About that footnote:) I’m glad you added that since you are coming in and out of a lot of women’s lives…in boxes:)And just like your statement …it’s meant to be funny:) Thanks for making light of this all to sad situation because “Some” woman just don’t see it…or don’t want to get or believe it…

  16. A. says:

    It’s just a lot of men to get through. If I become ruthless with them, I may be so bitter and ruthless by the time I get to the one in the circle.

    Any tips on just not becoming so tired and exhausted by the continual cycling through dates/relationships until you get to the right one?

    I can do it with no feeling but I don’t think that’s what you’re advising here . . .

  17. Kez says:

    I genuinely care very little about finding a man right now- as a bisexual woman, I do have other options, and at the moment a lovely girlfriend! But I do love these videos- me and Cate watch them together (if only to laugh at men in general).

    We both agree that we’d date YOU in a heartbeat. So feel free to feed that to your ego! Thanks for your hard work Matt, keep it up. You’re helping out a lot of women!

  18. Barbara says:

    Matt! You rock!

  19. Heather says:

    Yes! Best video and follow up video advice EVER!

  20. Julie MacKenzie says:

    Love this advice! Love the Bloopers too…Thanks for that! ;) <3 Keep those videos coming Matthew! Always look forward to the next one…

  21. Lin says:

    Matthew PLEAAAAASE write a movie and play in it! Let us enjoy your congeniality and let us roll on the cinema floor laughing.. please please please *clappinghands, Lin from switzerland

  22. Allen says:

    I have a feeling it needs to be said that the ‘ruthless’ part is concerning being ‘ruthless’ to oneself.
    Cause MPI isn’t gonna care as much someone severed him if he did indeed invest minimum.
    But the ones who are stuck will find it much harder to move on. When cutting out people you care about because they’re toxic, you aren’t being ruthless to them, but to yourself. Sometimes that’s needed though.

  23. Roxanne says:

    so I have this guy that I spend the summer he cheated on me with his ex-wife. And I stayed. then I found out and confronted him and he’s been buying her phone cards and told her she could move into the camp trailer outside of his house. I left him. I moved far away. And in two weeks time I was back because he made it sound like he wanted me by being jealous. but now all he does is text me what are you doing. So you say to ignore him. Well how do I get him to want me and not his ex-wife or is it possible at all I know he told me he was scared he did not want to be hurt like his ex-wife has hurt him please help

  24. Carlie says:

    You’re the VIP guy Matthew

  25. Julie Swick says:

    I already knew this deep down….guess I had to hear it out loud….

  26. Obsessed with my life says:

    Sparky video. You give the best dating material. Thank you

  27. Marie says:

    I always think that never get my heart broken again,and from the day my ex-boyfriend cheated on me! made me more stronger and i said to myself,never involved 100% my heart in a relationship.Using my 70% of my brain and 30% my heart.I prefer being alone that waste my time in somebody that not have nothing to offer.I am human and i got feeling,but know i am in control and enjoy being treat like a Princess without get hurt again.Now its me who control the situation and i don’t let any guy use me.Every woman like me deserved a Mr.Right in their lives.

  28. Julie says:

    So. Very. Good. I needed to hear this. And it was so hilarious!

    Thanks a ton, Matt!

  29. amy says:

    Footnote and bloopers were the greatest.

  30. Rebecca says:

    Oh how I happy I am to have found your videos. I am recently divorced, only 30, and have been craving one man’s attention for a year. Every like I get on Facebook or promise to see me makes me ecstatic. Then the days following with nothing are rubbish because I let myself down again and again. Keep the videos coming! I plan to participate in each of them and lay to rest an idea of a relationship I have dreamed up with an MPI. All the best!

  31. Pamela says:

    I will be getting rid of my MPI guy of 3 years. Its well over due and just as you said I waste way too much time thinking of him but he was the only guy I’ve seen after leaving a 28 year abusive relationship. I’m not going to respond to 11pm or later text, where I always need to leave by 6am or sooner.
    Typing this makes it seem silly that i needed someone to tell me this.
    Hoping to stay strong

  32. Cassie says:

    What if I know deep down that MPI guy is a good man but just insecure, a bit immature, and refuses to confront his issues? I have been in love for seven years with one, tried to date for awhile before I got sick of wishing those men were him. I have absolutely zero interest in any guy but him. Most of them really annoy and bore me, in fact. And I have tried to force myself to be interested in other guys, but I realized it’s a stupid waste of time. I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Can you address this somehow, Matthew?

    • Janie says:

      Ummmm, that’s exactly what this entire blog post was about. Dump him. Move on. He’s wasted 7 years of our life already. He may be nice and insecure and whatever else, but he is NOT AVAILABLE and pining over him is preventing you from meeting someone else.

    • Barbara says:

      Cassie, I read sometime that the guys and every relationship we meet is just a reflection of ourselves. If he is emotionally insecure, that’s the part you should be working on yourself, and probably leaving him is the most mature and self caring thing. I relate to your story, leaving them is really tough, but there’s certainly somebody for you that will fulfill your needs :) Lots of love!

    • Patchouli says:

      Be sure the insecure…immature doesn’t translate to I…me…my…that ever present ego and always getting what one wants.Because so many men strive to always get what they want. There’s a double edged sword to that sometimes. Because they tend to get what they want…once they have it…they don’t want it anymore.Makes you wonder if they can ever be happy…this endless cycle.Missing the really good one in between because she wasn’t that perfect cookie cutter image they had ingrained in their mind. Yes I’ve been there. Stay happy through it all…OK? :)

  33. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Matt. Loved the MPI video. Gave my friend exact same advice. She had an MPI guy for 2yrs. He would only email her never txt her. She saw him on and off for 2yrs but never saw his house. When going out on a Saturday night she’d txt him she was going out(despite my advice not to) inevitably the txt messages would be the most he’d sent her in weeks. (He even turned up on a couple of occasions but would not be seen with her in public when just the two of them). He was obviously wanting him In her head so she wouldn’t be tempted to hook up with another guy. He didn’t want her but didn’t want another guy to get her either. He told her by txt that he’d started seeing someone few months back which resulted in her being upset in public. Her behaviour changed totally over the months leading up to us falling out. She became obsessive with it. Her anger/frustration turned on me then she started treating me bad as a friend. Thanks to MPI guy and her actions we’re no longer friends. Wish you had released this video last year.
    Sadly I knew if the MPI guy or player as they’re also known i.e. Likely to have a few women in the go.
    You’re right, when subjected to this behaviour a few times the red flags appear and it’s time for them to disappear off a girl’s radar.
    Love your videos. Time you had a retreat in Britain I’d be first to apply.

  34. Catherine says:

    Amazing – that’s what she said’ bahaha love it!

    And your your lack of is fine really..didn’t even notice your legs..much at all!

  35. Charlotte says:

    Matthew this is the best video by far. You are superb in this ;)

  36. Kelly says:

    Haha well that was pretty darn good! Definitely going to be thinking more on that all damn day now

  37. Angilala says:

    Excellent videos Matthew. A major problem is that many women don’t meet guys all that often and when they do, they aren’t always the kind of guy they’re interested in dating. So when they do meet a guy that they believe to have all the qualities they’re looking for and he gives them attention, they’re willing to put up with his “mpi” ways becasue they don’t think they’ll meet anyone else like him again. Whether or not that’s true or rational thinking, it becomes their reality and its very difficult to break that cycle of thinking.

  38. Lily says:

    Thanks for the vid Matt It was good, The bloopers at the end where funny
    You should do another hehe

  39. Olga says:

    Yay, bloopers :)
    It’s always helpful to have several guys in the “circuit”.
    Dumping MPIs gets easier, life is so much more fun.
    Love you ladies.
    Thank you Matt

  40. Fam Malik says:

    Lol! Thanks God! I have no experience like this but gonna ❌ All the MPIs.. (i liked ur dressing, Matthew)

  41. Nakita says:

    Love this! Thanks Matt! Amazing how it took this to open my eyes, I’ve totally been dealing with an MPI guy and didn’t realize I was investing so much time on him. Love your humor…..that’s what she said lol!

  42. Gaby says:

    I should teach English to some of my friends so they get the message! You have opened my eyes about those undeserving guys I used to waste my time with. Now, I am “not engaged”, but at least I don´t feel it´s my fault!


  43. Jami says:

    Just dumped an MPI “friend” a few weeks back. Realized I was investing all my time in trying to spend time with him, and he was avoiding me. So, I dumped him. Thanks Matt for the reminder that we need to focus on other people and not give all our attention to someone who clearly shows us we mean nothing to them.

  44. Ildiko says:

    You are such a genious.. honestly. I had an MPI guy who wanted to be exclusive and he only wanted to spend a few hours every two weeks with me. And you know what, he succeeded, and the whole time I was frustrated and unhappy. Duh!
    I so wish I can send him this video…. Ladies, learn from this and run the first sign he is showing a behaviour of an MPI.
    I am now more encouraged to go and get to that handsome stick guy in the middle… ;)
    Thank you Matt!!!!!

  45. Kathryn says:

    Love the footnote! Your humor cracks me up! I’ve only just recently discovered your YouTube videos and your website/work and feel like saying, “Where have you been all my life?!” Thank you so much for all that you’ve done and still do. I feel like nobody teaches you this stuff, when it could save so much precious time and energy. Thank you.

  46. Kelly says:

    And agreed, once again – less important to worry about one half assed guy’s behavior and more important to focus on someone who makes an effort. And how satisfying it feels to cut off the guys who act ridiculous. I love the way that it makes me feel when I know I am in my power and I am in the driver’s seat.

  47. Kelly says:

    Amen! Women do it too. I do it, and this is a good reminder not to play with people, even unintentionally.

  48. Laurel says:

    Thank you Cassie for your reply. I appreciate your feedback. Unfortunately I am well aware of all the things you said & Matthew’s strength he instills in his clients and that is what shames me the most. Luckily he has no clue for I have kept my composure, never waiver for these 2 years. But it’s way more complicated than that After I broke it off he was diagnosed with cancer and I was a huge support for him since it is in the field I work. He continues to reach out to me because I’ve become important in his life. I have always wanted to say something in hopes he would stop contacting me, but I don’t want him to know or show any weakness. I feel I be letting down a friend. This is my problem. He really has no clue. It’s hard enough to even say it here.
    So MATTHEW, I ask you do you have any suggestions on how I can tell a friend that he is hurting me by staying in contact with me and still keep the door open for a friendship when I am ready? I feel anything you would say could help.

  49. Danielle says:

    Thank you for the follow up. These videos have been brilliant. I have an MPI of two years — yes two freaking years!!!! ….which I am doing my very best to move on.

    I.tend way too nice so….

    It’s like you just granted me.permission to be ruthless.

  50. Vie says:

    Great video. Spent years on one guy. Yep years! Finally said no more of his MPI crap. But he still calls me every few months so I need to stop responding completely. He can go MPI someone else! Those 3 letters are now in my dating dictionary checklist.

    Thanks Matt for your very clear message.

  51. Melissa says:

    Damn narcissists…my name isn’t Britney but oops I did it again lol Thank you Matt! :)

  52. Yudit says:

    You are Sooo Funny.
    I love you videos they are “bullshitless”.
    You give it straight to the face(That is how we say in in Israel).
    I am 49 years young and still learning a lot from you.

    THANK YOU :)

  53. tracey says:

    First I have to find a guy before I get a date

  54. Simone says:

    When you’re right, you’re right…
    Not to try or wait for wrong to turn to right but to actually start with Right. Time to Mr Right;deploy mission stopwatch. There should be a song for this…
    Awesome gift, thank you!

  55. Claire says:

    Fantastic video. Will help so many of us. So so true

  56. Cindy says:

    This was a great follow up to mpi guy. I like your videos as it really gets me thinking and helps me keep true to me and I know I am wasting time with my current guy but I can’t stop because I do love him :( and I know he doesn’t deserve what I give.

  57. Lucy U.K. says:

    This is great I’ve shared it with some friends. I particularly loved the crossing off of the bad buys… but Matthew what would be really useful is if some way we were able to work out is whether the guys we meet who don’t seem to be investing in us as much as we need are a) not investing enough because we are just placeholders for them until something better comes along or they are b) great guys, but we have become so high maintenance because our idea of what we want is so unobtainable that no man will be it… this is (in my opinion) the no.1 reason we keep hold of them… it’s the fear that it’s actually all in our heads and we could be losing something that’s actually quite good…. have we become our own worst. Nightmares?!

  58. Mia says:

    The bloopers! Awesome. Just say no to MPI guy ladies. They WILL take valuable time from you. I’ve learned this the hard way. :-( And this goes for girl friends too! If they’re not investing, it’s not reciprocal and that never feels good!!

  59. Meshendia says:

    Such a great video- loved the bloopers!

  60. Cami says:

    Omg, I somehow missed last week’s video. But I now saw both and the first thing I did was send the video to my MIP

  61. Alejandra says:

    I seriously wish I would have seen this a year ago, I’ve spent my time, love and concentration on an idiot and it is obvious he’s just not into me, thank you for everything Mathew!

  62. Marie says:

    Matt, I love this post and it’s my personal approach to dating. But the problem I’ve encountered is that the majority of guys are MPI so nowadays they are ALL wasting my time. Are there any single men who will actually put forth effort and pursue a woman!

  63. Marla says:

    Hey Matthew
    You’re so right! Everything you said.I’m in that situation right now. I will stop texting him and don’t answer his text after a day or two. Thanks much! I bet you know how to treat a woman right and you know when the right comes along.

  64. Debs says:

    That made my day. So funny. Yep, seeing a few MPI’s right now. Hard to move on when they’re the only thing happening in your world right now tho.

  65. Laurel says:

    Glad you did a follow up. I am doing as you suggested, I walked away a long time ago with the reality he could offer me nothing within just a few months, but the chemistry that still holds strong is a challenge to get past. I date actively knowing it is the one way to get past him, but so far no chemistry can compare. It’s been over 2 yrs. I feel stuck & I know better. Unfortunately, this rooted from a high school crush from more than 30 yrs back. I would never take a step back, but I fear this one will never go away. Can people have a chemistry so strong it connects them for what seems an eternity?

    • Cassie says:

      Think Gone With the Wind- Scarlet moons over Ashley cos she can’t have him. When he’s free, she realises he’s really a drip. That’s what happened to me- idealised a guy (who’d dumped me) and ignored the reality. Didn’t give new men a proper chance as a result.
      If only Matthew had been around then to tell me: if he ain’t with you now, he’s NOT your dream guy.

    • Luisa says:

      Hey Laurel,

      I know how it feels but you gotta just take that guy and the chemistry off the pedestal you put him on. I had insane chemistry with my ex who was Mr On/off guy (another version of MPI), he still talks about it now and how the chemistry with his new gf is not the same BUT I have to move on. Drawing comparisons between the new dates and our exes just keeps us stuck in the past. Chemistry without a good relationship is just chemistry and is pretty useless on its own. You will get over him but give the new guys a proper chance. Don’t compare them to the guy from your past but judge them on HOW they treat you. That’s a start and sooner or later you’ll meet a great guy who treats you well AND with whom you have chemistry. Good luck!

    • Mary says:

      Laurel, yes, people can have a chemistry so strong it connects them for what seems an eternity. I was in such a relationship. The chemistry was like romance novel/movie phenomenal. However, I knew I was more invested in the relationship, which would mean more pain/suffering for me when things ended. I also realized that as much as I wanted to be a friend/be there for him, sometimes people have to sort things out on their own so that they can grow. I had to first be completely honest with myself. Then, after an honest conversation with him, I ended things. You will have different chemistry with different people. Now, I’m in a happy, healthy relationship- no crazy fireworks but a comfort/security, the kind where people grow old walking hand-in-hand together into the sunset, and it feels pretty sweet. Simply put, if it’s not a fuck yes from both people, then it’s a no. (I encourage you to read “Fuck yes or no” by Mark Manson).

      • Laurel says:

        Thank you. In the beginning he was a PMI no doubt. I was on the mend from him until he got sick then my affection and emotional connection grew stronger I felt selfish not being able to be just a friend and never have the guts to say anything knowing he appreciated my support. Our friendship goes back almost 40 years. It’s been tough but I continue to move forward so not to miss out on meeting a more suitable man. I’m proud to say I do not follow him on any social media and I never initiate any contact. Unfortunately it still feels like he’s always with me. Crushes are the worst. But as we all know, you can’t understand love without knowing heart break and feeling something is better than feeling nothing because that is what it means to be alive. Thank you again Mary

  66. Sherry perez says:

    That was exactly what I needed to hear because that is exactly what he does. There is key element that is there but it is all that remains and yet I think about him anyway. Pathetic but I’ll get over it. You guys are awesome to watch. Always enjoyable but I think Brittany Murphy didn’t do much writing anymore and Pamela Anderson is to busy. Brady l best and thank you

  67. Syd says:

    You’re that teacher whose section I have to switch out of because I not good at paying attention to the matter of the subject.

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