Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster

I decided to have some fun this week and read out your (often hilarious) responses to last week’s video on the “MPI Guy.”

But hearing so many passionate responses made me wonder: Why do so many women waste so much time with terrible guys like this, especially when he puts in such a poor level of effort?

Well, I’ll show you.

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75 Replies to “Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster”

  • And agreed, once again – less important to worry about one half assed guy’s behavior and more important to focus on someone who makes an effort. And how satisfying it feels to cut off the guys who act ridiculous. I love the way that it makes me feel when I know I am in my power and I am in the driver’s seat.

  • Love the footnote! Your humor cracks me up! I’ve only just recently discovered your YouTube videos and your website/work and feel like saying, “Where have you been all my life?!” Thank you so much for all that you’ve done and still do. I feel like nobody teaches you this stuff, when it could save so much precious time and energy. Thank you.

  • You are such a genious.. honestly. I had an MPI guy who wanted to be exclusive and he only wanted to spend a few hours every two weeks with me. And you know what, he succeeded, and the whole time I was frustrated and unhappy. Duh!
    I so wish I can send him this video…. Ladies, learn from this and run the first sign he is showing a behaviour of an MPI.
    I am now more encouraged to go and get to that handsome stick guy in the middle… ;)
    Thank you Matt!!!!!

  • Just dumped an MPI “friend” a few weeks back. Realized I was investing all my time in trying to spend time with him, and he was avoiding me. So, I dumped him. Thanks Matt for the reminder that we need to focus on other people and not give all our attention to someone who clearly shows us we mean nothing to them.

  • I should teach English to some of my friends so they get the message! You have opened my eyes about those undeserving guys I used to waste my time with. Now, I am “not engaged”, but at least I don´t feel it´s my fault!


  • Love this! Thanks Matt! Amazing how it took this to open my eyes, I’ve totally been dealing with an MPI guy and didn’t realize I was investing so much time on him. Love your humor…..that’s what she said lol!

  • Yay, bloopers :)
    It’s always helpful to have several guys in the “circuit”.
    Dumping MPIs gets easier, life is so much more fun.
    Love you ladies.
    Thank you Matt

  • Excellent videos Matthew. A major problem is that many women don’t meet guys all that often and when they do, they aren’t always the kind of guy they’re interested in dating. So when they do meet a guy that they believe to have all the qualities they’re looking for and he gives them attention, they’re willing to put up with his “mpi” ways becasue they don’t think they’ll meet anyone else like him again. Whether or not that’s true or rational thinking, it becomes their reality and its very difficult to break that cycle of thinking.

  • Amazing – that’s what she said’ bahaha love it!

    And your your lack of is fine really..didn’t even notice your legs..much at all!

  • Thanks Matt. Loved the MPI video. Gave my friend exact same advice. She had an MPI guy for 2yrs. He would only email her never txt her. She saw him on and off for 2yrs but never saw his house. When going out on a Saturday night she’d txt him she was going out(despite my advice not to) inevitably the txt messages would be the most he’d sent her in weeks. (He even turned up on a couple of occasions but would not be seen with her in public when just the two of them). He was obviously wanting him In her head so she wouldn’t be tempted to hook up with another guy. He didn’t want her but didn’t want another guy to get her either. He told her by txt that he’d started seeing someone few months back which resulted in her being upset in public. Her behaviour changed totally over the months leading up to us falling out. She became obsessive with it. Her anger/frustration turned on me then she started treating me bad as a friend. Thanks to MPI guy and her actions we’re no longer friends. Wish you had released this video last year.
    Sadly I knew if the MPI guy or player as they’re also known i.e. Likely to have a few women in the go.
    You’re right, when subjected to this behaviour a few times the red flags appear and it’s time for them to disappear off a girl’s radar.
    Love your videos. Time you had a retreat in Britain I’d be first to apply.

  • What if I know deep down that MPI guy is a good man but just insecure, a bit immature, and refuses to confront his issues? I have been in love for seven years with one, tried to date for awhile before I got sick of wishing those men were him. I have absolutely zero interest in any guy but him. Most of them really annoy and bore me, in fact. And I have tried to force myself to be interested in other guys, but I realized it’s a stupid waste of time. I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. Can you address this somehow, Matthew?

    1. Ummmm, that’s exactly what this entire blog post was about. Dump him. Move on. He’s wasted 7 years of our life already. He may be nice and insecure and whatever else, but he is NOT AVAILABLE and pining over him is preventing you from meeting someone else.

    2. Cassie, I read sometime that the guys and every relationship we meet is just a reflection of ourselves. If he is emotionally insecure, that’s the part you should be working on yourself, and probably leaving him is the most mature and self caring thing. I relate to your story, leaving them is really tough, but there’s certainly somebody for you that will fulfill your needs :) Lots of love!

    3. Be sure the insecure…immature doesn’t translate to I…me…my…that ever present ego and always getting what one wants.Because so many men strive to always get what they want. There’s a double edged sword to that sometimes. Because they tend to get what they want…once they have it…they don’t want it anymore.Makes you wonder if they can ever be happy…this endless cycle.Missing the really good one in between because she wasn’t that perfect cookie cutter image they had ingrained in their mind. Yes I’ve been there. Stay happy through it all…OK? :)

  • I will be getting rid of my MPI guy of 3 years. Its well over due and just as you said I waste way too much time thinking of him but he was the only guy I’ve seen after leaving a 28 year abusive relationship. I’m not going to respond to 11pm or later text, where I always need to leave by 6am or sooner.
    Typing this makes it seem silly that i needed someone to tell me this.
    Hoping to stay strong

  • Oh how I happy I am to have found your videos. I am recently divorced, only 30, and have been craving one man’s attention for a year. Every like I get on Facebook or promise to see me makes me ecstatic. Then the days following with nothing are rubbish because I let myself down again and again. Keep the videos coming! I plan to participate in each of them and lay to rest an idea of a relationship I have dreamed up with an MPI. All the best!

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