Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster

I decided to have some fun this week and read out your (often hilarious) responses to last week’s video on the “MPI Guy.”

But hearing so many passionate responses made me wonder: Why do so many women waste so much time with terrible guys like this, especially when he puts in such a poor level of effort?

Well, I’ll show you.

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75 Replies to “Do THIS To Get To Mr. Right 6x Faster”

  • I always think that never get my heart broken again,and from the day my ex-boyfriend cheated on me! made me more stronger and i said to myself,never involved 100% my heart in a relationship.Using my 70% of my brain and 30% my heart.I prefer being alone that waste my time in somebody that not have nothing to offer.I am human and i got feeling,but know i am in control and enjoy being treat like a Princess without get hurt again.Now its me who control the situation and i don’t let any guy use me.Every woman like me deserved a Mr.Right in their lives.

  • so I have this guy that I spend the summer he cheated on me with his ex-wife. And I stayed. then I found out and confronted him and he’s been buying her phone cards and told her she could move into the camp trailer outside of his house. I left him. I moved far away. And in two weeks time I was back because he made it sound like he wanted me by being jealous. but now all he does is text me what are you doing. So you say to ignore him. Well how do I get him to want me and not his ex-wife or is it possible at all I know he told me he was scared he did not want to be hurt like his ex-wife has hurt him please help

  • I have a feeling it needs to be said that the ‘ruthless’ part is concerning being ‘ruthless’ to oneself.
    Cause MPI isn’t gonna care as much someone severed him if he did indeed invest minimum.
    But the ones who are stuck will find it much harder to move on. When cutting out people you care about because they’re toxic, you aren’t being ruthless to them, but to yourself. Sometimes that’s needed though.

  • Matthew PLEAAAAASE write a movie and play in it! Let us enjoy your congeniality and let us roll on the cinema floor laughing.. please please please *clappinghands, Lin from switzerland

  • Love this advice! Love the Bloopers too…Thanks for that! ;) <3 Keep those videos coming Matthew! Always look forward to the next one…

  • I genuinely care very little about finding a man right now- as a bisexual woman, I do have other options, and at the moment a lovely girlfriend! But I do love these videos- me and Cate watch them together (if only to laugh at men in general).

    We both agree that we’d date YOU in a heartbeat. So feel free to feed that to your ego! Thanks for your hard work Matt, keep it up. You’re helping out a lot of women!

  • It’s just a lot of men to get through. If I become ruthless with them, I may be so bitter and ruthless by the time I get to the one in the circle.

    Any tips on just not becoming so tired and exhausted by the continual cycling through dates/relationships until you get to the right one?

    I can do it with no feeling but I don’t think that’s what you’re advising here . . .

  • When you turned to leave if you had bumped into that brick column(after giving her the smiling emoji) it would have been so funny and made your mpi guy look so vulnerable and that much more off his game.When you pointed out the stick guy I cracked up! Because I was already thinking of all the potential hilarious comments to be made about that diagram :) I am a realist and in the end…you know to deal with me you should have drawn them all different…to make this work for me… because in essence they are all the same or have shown themselves the same(in my time worn existence) Not responding to that? (picture)Passed the test? Oh my gosh myself and everyone else that responds to this…fails:) About that footnote:) I’m glad you added that since you are coming in and out of a lot of women’s lives…in boxes:)And just like your statement …it’s meant to be funny:) Thanks for making light of this all to sad situation because “Some” woman just don’t see it…or don’t want to get or believe it…

  • Hi. I love your videos, Matthew, wathed many of them :) But this one particularly has made ma really laugh :) Is simple, short, but so perfect in showing what type of guy is the MPI and why we (women) should get rid of him immediately.

    I had already sent away from my life one man like this couple of months ago.. took me a while but also thanks to your videos I understood why it was so hard for me to quit this relationship, than to successfully heal myself and get ruthlessly off of him and his impact :) (and all others like him, the MPI :)

    Simply EXCELLENT, great job again, LOVE U :)


  • I’ve been wasting so much LIFE on these type of guys and not to talk about the married or otherwise unavailable guys, Ive done it all!
    I finally QUIT them this summer, after a lot of internal work, much inspired by your programmes. I cut all my loose ends, even that special one that I refused to give up hope about, he just had to go too in the end. I was SO fed up with this pattern in myself! I actually called up or texted all the guys I was flirting loosely with (that wasn’t going anywhere). And 5 days later I met a prince! And we have been together ever since, Ive never actually been in love with an availiable guy before I came to realise. Its SO scary, but also ridiculously amazing.

    I’ve been following your blog and your programs now for 2 years, and its been such an deep journey in finding my own power and self worth. I’ve come to realise I am actually so frikking scared of trusting someone with my heart, that I have created all kinds of patterns and ways of protecting this wounded little heart of mine.

    I still follow a lot of your advice on how to communicate and most times its working wonders and I don’t think we would be a couple if I hadn’t done all the work I have done with your advice. It’s like I have a little mini Matthew on my shoulder telling me what energy to step into when I come upon challenging moments when usually my female sqooschy brain would have been stepping in, it’s an amazing change! haha! ;)

    Better to spend your time on Matthew Hussey then on MPI guys, ladies!

    Thank you for being a huge part in my healing! <3
    I hope you read this some day, I've never written to you before and just wanted to let you know what an impact you have done in my life, I am so inspired by your wisdom! So happy to have you on our side! ;)

    Sending you love! <3

  • Amazing. Lol. Loved the MPI video as well!! I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face Love it❣️

  • I have been having thoughts and I was wondering if you could ever do a video on how some guys cheat when they are in a relationship? Or as to how someone is loyal/not loyal?

    As well as to why some people in relationships decide to cope to the kind of relationship they are in when they constantly break up, make up and are in that repeated cycle non-stop?
    For instance, I’m not sure why people go into that cycle. Is it because they just cope to it and don’t feel like they can do better ?
    I’m curious on all of these things and keep wondering.

  • Thank you so much for this video. I was with this guy that I thought was all special for 3 months. This video showed me exactly what I needed to hear. I broke up with him about a week ago and I was wondering if I did the right thing and I did. He was all of the flaky signs in one and thank you so much for showing me this. Have a great day!

  • Matthew, you are a ROCK STAR!
    Forgive yourself for what you didn’t know.
    The world needs your unique brand of beautiful.

  • Hahah, I’m watching this just at the right time! MPI guy just did exactly that, with the pic lol. And it has been very hard to not respond even though I know he’s an MPI now :(

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