How to Get Him Hooked in the First Two Weeks

You know those tricky early dates?

If you really want to know how to keep him interested so you can finally stop freaking out whenever you realize you like a guy, this is the video for you…

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21 Replies to “How to Get Him Hooked in the First Two Weeks”

  1. Hey Matt, Could you do a video on dating stoic, unaffectionate men? I’m dating a guy who’s got everything except he NEVER touches me. Help!!

  2. Hay Matt.
    Niets helpt
    Vriend is weg en ik denk erg boos
    Zegt als hij er aan toe is mij belt.
    Einde verhaal.

  3. Hi Matt, as usual it’s great to see your videos on a Sunday, it gives me strength!
    It’s funny how it looks like this video is made for someone like me whose dating life is like the Groundhog Day. It’s the same story over again. I meet someone, I have one or two good dates and then the person’s interest drops dramatically and they ghost away as if nothing happened.
    In four years living in London, the maximum number of dates I’ve had with someone is three which is ridiculous. It makes me feel like someone with no worth or interest.
    Last time just happened recently after the second date I spoke to the person (he texted me) and then the frequency of texting decreased. I told him I wanted to go to the cinema on Sunday and that he should come with me. He said he’d let me know and he never texted me back. At this point after so many bad experiences of the same kind I normally choose to accept he’s just not into me and move on, but I don’t know if maybe I should’ve somehow tried to figure out why he did that.
    This whole “it’s always the same story” has made me very insecure and I’m always waiting for someone to just vanish on me.
    Any tips to not give up altogether? x

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