I Got PUNCHED in the Face…

Ever noticed how whenever you try to break out of your comfort zone, there’s always someone who wants to criticize and tear you down?

The more you break out of your shell in life, the more people will be threatened by seeing you reach your true potential.

In this week’s video, I’m going to show that you can FIGHT BACK and choose your own identity once and for all, without having to stress about other people’s opinions.

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  1. Boyd Hedding says:

    A quick check in the bathroom mirror disabused me of the notion that I was going to be Happy Gilmore. It looked like Predator had stopped over at my place to take a whiz. My lower jaw was hanging in two different directions and most of my lower teeth looked like they were gone.

  2. Laurie says:

    Great advice, Matthew. I love that you don’t let others define you and that you encourage us to be the multifaceted individuals that all of us truly are rather than let ourselves be shoved into narrow, little boxes. I’ve gone to your retreat and it was the most wonderfully, refreshing, and re-energizing experience. Thank you for these videos which re-inspire me because it can be hard to stay on track. And we all need reminders and encouragement.

  3. Daina says:

    Hey, I just wondering, what if breaking our stereotype can get us in trouble in our profession. For example, when we are trying something outside of our box like boxing maybe, then it happens that we got that black eye ;). The next day we show up to work and your boss (or in my case,the senior doctors or our patients) have a thought in mind saying this people got themself in trouble. Thus, they send you out or our patients get scared to come again to you because they think that we got into a fight or something .

  4. Lani says:

    I liked this video! You made me miss boxing with my brother and dad. :-)
    Boxing is amazing exercise for women as well! You don’t need to do the hardcore version.

    Thank you guys!

  5. Mishan says:

    I didn’t think I could like you even more. But I was wrong.
    Thank you for being so generous and funny and brilliant.

  6. Noelie C. says:

    Different and refreshing video!

    Good for you that you didn’t let people deter you from exploring different avenues for you to express yourself within your work ! I think that most of the time when people try to stop us from doing things differently or going against the norm, it’s connected to their own fears and limitations which they are just projecting onto us.

    Interesting to hear that people thought you shouldn’t be a public speaker or write… wondering where those beliefs came from…

    I hope that your eye gets better very quickly!

  7. Maz says:

    Loved the video. How many times do people hear that said to them: ‘I didn’t think you were like that/ would say that/ are that type of person; (and a personal favourite) you’re so quiet ‘. I never underestimate anyone. :) xx

  8. Cindy Iglesias says:

    OMG! Talk about synchronicity! Thank you for what you do! Ironically enough, I’m not even searching for a man in my life anymore. No, no, it’s not b/c I already have an amazing boyfriend or husband, it’s b/c I have pressing things to deal with right and truly just cannot even make room for a guy right now. However, I still watch the videos that come to my email b/c I always seem to get something out of them because you, Matthew, don’t live inside that “box” that people want SO badly for you to stay in. You simply don’t and I’m very grateful for that and for you! I feel the same exact way right now with MANY people in my life trying to keep me in that colorful, yet oppressive rubix cube of a life…nope…not happening…no way! Going to continue marching to the beat of my own drum. So thank you a million times over for that very insightful video and for all of your videos!!!!! xxxx

  9. Jess says:

    I really love your videos and articles! I feel like they are always a breath of fresh air in a world that often worships all that woo-woo spiritual weirdness. What appeals to me is that your content is raw, real and honest – you never sugarcoat anything but promote open-mindedness and intelligent discussions. Putting others in boxes or judging someone excessively is ignorant and boring. Rather than seeing the world as black and white, we should embrace that grey bit in the middle much more. That’s what makes a person interesting – a multi-faceted and dynamic personality is a lot more interesting than a one-sided expression of your character. Thanks for the inspiration and keep on creating that amazing, funny and thought-provoking content you already do (The History of ‘The Dick Pic’ is a personal favourite by the way, haha. It’s hilarious!)
    Jess xo

  10. Melanie McCoy says:

    This happened to me growing up. It happened to me in my marriage and it happens to me in some of my friendships.
    I don’t buy into it anymore. BTW I have been boxing for 3 years and I love it! Something I wanted to to do a long time ago when I was married. but was discouraged to do it. When I was a kid I wanted to be a singer but was shut down. When I got older I took lessons and learned how to use my voice. Recently I started grappling because it looked like so much fun. A friend I had at the time was very rude to me about it. She isn’t a friend anymore. I’ve been through too much to put up with immature behavior.
    Ya know what? I’m moving forward to do some other cool stuff like Tango lessons and more!
    I like your videos. Keep on keepin’ on!
    Miss Melanie

  11. Cynthia says:

    I LOVE the contents in this video! Why? Because I am in a similar place with myself…and Matthew, you just gave me inspiration from this video on my next step, which I feel I’ve been doing for quite sometime now, without realizing it! I HAVE BEEN and continue to move beyond my own boundaries in my life for the last couple of years…and I’ve just recently, in the last season or so, let go of all relationships that no longer resonate to me and through your video realized my commitment with myself is to consistently push myself BEYOND my own comfort zone in ALL areas of my life, ON MY TERMS, and not allow anyone to judge me, etc, unless I allow it…Thank you for sharing yourself and parts of your life! It is INSPIRATIONAL to me!

  12. Candy Kaiser says:

    Hi Matt-Candy from Omaha
    I’m really not one to post much but I can’t help myself. My goodness you look sooooooooo hot (oops, I mean handsome)in this film. Love the hair!! You kind of told my life story. I’m INFP (Meyers-Briggs) so 96% of the world doesn’t understand me and is constantly trying to change me or tell me there’s something wrong with me. I’m one of those that needs a partner that is extremely intelligent, but also needs to be funny, caring, kind and humble (among other things). There are not that many men that I’ve met that are even close to being in the race(accept for you of course). So I have decided to go about my life, improving myself, believing that there would be someone, someday that I feel is worth putting the effort into. This idea is so foreign to my friends and family but makes perfect sense to me. Can’t wait to see you in Dec. at the retreat. I’m excited but I’m also scared to death of what I’m going to have to face about myself-I’m ready though. As I told you I trust you. Martin’s a hoot and I’m jealous that he’s going to be in San Diego. Hope you can bring him to Florida in December. Can’t wait to see you there. Jamison does a fabulous job in these videos, especially this one. It really touched me.

  13. Kathryn says:

    I said the very same thing to my son the other day ” we can have many different lifetimes within this lifetime”.
    I had an enormous black eye once, I might as well had it tattooed on my forehead this was the state of my relationship. Physically was not so bad, even though I have a small pretty face and it was all you could see, but psychologically awful. Like I was being forced to carry this burden round with me, a stark reminder when I looked in the mirror.
    I’ve moved on and I am happier than ever doing lots of things I love and getting a sense of self back.
    It takes a long time but it’s worth it in the end and it can be done. Be strong everyone out there. And Matthew is a wonderful support with his amazing outlook on life and rare ability to connect with people.
    Kate xxxx

  14. Michelle says:

    Hi Matt,

    I absolutely love watching your Sunday videos. They are witty , insightful, entertaining, practical, chock full of wisdom, and helpful on so many levels. I’ve come to look so forward to waking up to them on Sunday mornings, So thank you so much for that!

    But I must admit that on this week’s video I think you were slightly off the mark.

    While I do agree with your comment:

    “Most people aren’t comfortable with seeing you make the changes necessary to achieve your dreams.”

    And I also agree that oftentimes the reason is that it robs them of their own excuses. However, I think your boxing example didn’t really tie in with that reason at all.

    As a mother, and as someone who has developed a deep gratitude (and resultant fondness and affection for you,) I hated seeing you with that black eye! I’m with you Jameson! Matt, you’re getting in a ring with someone who’s sole purpose is to bash your skull in and rattle your brain. Twenty percent of professional boxers suffer from CTBI (chronic traumatic brain injury.) In other words, getting hit in the head repetitively ain’t good for your brain. And Jameson and I really like your brain!

    Now, I do believe that a life without passion is not a life worth living, so of course you should continue to pursue your dream despite Jameson’s (or anyone else’s) discomfort with it. All I’m saying is that in this particular example the reason that people in your life who love you, such as Jameson, are trying to discourage you from this particular dream is not to avoid their own excuses. It comes from a place of caring and concern for your well-being. And I think that should be acknowledged before Jameson gets a reputation for being an evil dream crusher ;-)

    That’s about it. Heaps and heaps of thanks for helping me, and women all over the world, to live a happier life. You are a shining star!

  15. Tiffany Melillo says:

    Where is Martin from?

  16. Chantal says:

    Your best video ever… From the heart and passionate

  17. Paula says:

    Loooooove the long hair!! Man bun! <3

  18. Emily Clark says:

    That was fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Clare says:

    Really liked this. Thanks for continuing to keep it real.

  20. victoria says:

    I think we all have a multi-faceted personality, and things that we enjoyed more and things we would like to do on a regular basis, but sometimes either Financial or family situations keep us from being what we want to . and sometimes fear

  21. Ronda says:

    So are we just not going to talk about that ponytail? Teasing! Nice to finally see that boxing coach you’ve talked so much about. He is indeed a character!

    I think most everyone is multi-faceted with multiple interest. I’ve never thought people should only be or interested in one kind of thing. (I recall getting incredulous looks from people for liking both NKOTB and Red Hot Chili Peppers!)From actors singing to singers acting -it’s all good. Don’t be afraid (and I don’t think you are, Matt) to explore and share all the different things that make you you.

  22. Marta says:

    Thanks for allowing us to have a peek into your real life.

  23. Regena says:

    Matt, Thanks for doing what you do! What a perfect time to receive this:) I find that the more real i am, the more “uncomfortable” others initially feel. Then they realize, just as I do when I experience full authenticity from others, being vulnerable allows us to be real with one another! Right on…. !!!!!

  24. Lana says:

    Yes, Yes and Yes !!! Authenticity looks great on you!!! Strong work, Matt!!!

  25. Cate says:

    Matthew I am humbled & touched by this video. I am seeing an eye surgeon tomorrow for an injury caused by boxing & Muay Thai…I also got clocked by a right cross. I continue to train because I’m blessed with health, i love it, and BJJ is next with modifications. I’m also a single mom, trying to forge a career, all the while figuring out what drives me. The critics have been challenging and this video really resonates with me right now. Thank you, merci, salamat

  26. Kiara says:

    Amazing to show the depth of your character and interests. Really love your insight and the fact that you’re not afraid to be yourself and do things differently. Lots of people will feel threatened by that but MORE people will flock to it and want that for their own lives too. Well done.

  27. Likil says:

    Even I think all these advises are perfect and suit every guy I’ve ever met. I have a big trust issue in my current relationship that I cannot seem to overcome.
    Simple words, he doesn’t trust me!!! And I don’t know what else to do to gain back that trust. I broke it a year ago. And we have growth and overcome many things since then, we have many plans and dreams together, I even have heard from him that I changed his world and make him feel things and want many things with me, but he doesn’t trust me, he feels I will hurt him, that maybe I’m confused and he is not what I want, even when I completely change my ruteen, I don’t have friends, I don’t go to the gym anymore, every day is work, by the way we work together, so it’s wake up and text each other, work together, lunch together, chatting and typing at work all day, after work we do something, like movies, drinks, play pool, go shopping, do excercise, have fun…. All my world has become him and by one side I love it but that also makes him feel that our relationship is unreal because he doesn’t trust I can be faithful or true to him outside of our ruteen. I love him, I even don’t look to the eyes anyone else, I’ve tried to create in him trust but he feels as soon he leave work we cannot be together anymore because he won’t trust me. Please help, I don’t know what to do anymore. There are more details behind but he is a jealous guy, which I like, but he has also double standards for what he can do and what I can do, or both did…

  28. Kelly says:

    I love this, Matthew. Love what you do, and this is one of your best. Martin is awesome. You are SO right that his education absolutely serves him. What a beautiful surprise to meet someone who loves boxing and Latin!! So impressive.

  29. Pamela says:

    Best video you’ve ever done. Thanks

  30. Marilyn says:

    I am in dire need of your retreat but cant go in August would love to know the next one,love your honesty,integrity and above all compassion.I love the way you go for it,black eye all.Your humour is great asset and would have loved to have met your boxing coach…what a guy..would have laughed all day long!!
    An inspirational video for me. I live not far away from you..Rayleigh,Essex…love the Essex twang… home from home!!!

  31. Julie MacKenzie says:

    This is such an awesome video! Love Martin! He is a real character…and so genuine…
    Honestly Matthew…That was so hot…watching you box…OMGoodness! If I were only 20 years younger…You are one of the sexiest men alive! Sigh! ;)<3 Hugs! Can hardly wait for the next video! ;)

    • Lucy says:

      Hi Julie, I read your comment and totally agree with you. Matthew is sooo hot and sooo sexy!! Have you been on a retreat?

      • Julie MacKenzie says:

        Yes…I just came back from The Retreat that was in Florida…the end of May…If you have the opportunity to go…think about it! It was the best gift I ever gave myself…Plus, I met the most wonderful group of women…Awesome! Not to mention…how much fun it was to “hang out” with Matthew…and his support team…Great experience…;)

        • Lucy says:

          Hi Julia thanks for responding to my comment, I appreciate that. It’s great that you went on a Retreat and had a great time, it sounds amazing! Are you from the UK? What made you decide to go on a retreat?

          • Julie MacKenzie says:

            Hi Lucy! No…I’m not from the UK…but, I met plenty of girls from the UK. A lot of them are talking about visiting me in Canada…I am looking forward to it…as a lot of them tell to come visit them…That would be so exciting! As the UK is definitely on my bucket list of places to go..What made me go to a Retreat was…I was ready to go to one. I had become divorced after 25 years of marriage..I managed to get myself off my financial ass…that my ex put me on..I was a stay-at-home Mom for 16 years…My girls were 19 & 16 at the time…Thank goodness they were a little older..and understood what was going on…That didn’t make it any easier..but, they understood. It took me 8 years to get my financial, personal, emotional self together. It was a lot of hard work…It is way harder to get your life in order when you come through adversity…It’s all good when your life is “peachy-keen” & everything is going right…Try struggling with money, emotions, adversity..when your *ss is on the ground…Way harder! So, fast forward 8 years…I am at my job…that I first started at…after I graduated from college…Funny, how that came full circle…I have my financial house in order…I got rid of the emotional baggage (divorced an alcoholic man..who became just like his father after 23 years…he was no longer the man I married…he became verbally nasty, just like dear old Dad..I was surprised..because he hated it so much..when he was growing up..I guess the “apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree”)& I am single & ready to mingle! So, low & behold…I saw a show where they were interviewing Matthew Hussey & they were talking about his book…”Get the Guy”…Well, that was just up my alley! I was in that position now…being single after 25 years of marriage…I was scared to death…about getting back into dating again…& it was like the “holy grail”…I didn’t even know where to start…Although, dating really doesn’t change that much! (The social interaction) But, social media has changed it a lot! So, I got some wonderful advice after reading the book! I just wish I would of found him earlier…But, I think the timing was just right! I found him when I was ready to venture out…and my mindset was ready too! So, as soon as I found out about The Retreat…I thought I would “gift” that to myself…As you can see…I’ve said it is the best gift I could’ve ever given myself…And it is! I would recommend to anyone..It has been the best “journey” I have ever taken. I was already doing a lot of the things he suggests…but, I have made so many new, wonderful, Hi-Value women from that Retreat…Women from the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, the U.S., Italy, Belgium.. They are all talented, awesome ladies from all age groups…It has been awesome getting to know them..& they all have the same values…they come from all different walks of life…but, we all have a lot in common…& That is getting our lives in order…& persuing goals, dreams…& getting motivated to to it! So, that is how I got myself to a Matthew Hussey Retreat! Not to mention he is an awesome guy! His family & support team are the best…& they really do care about the women that come to The Retreat…& are so sincere in helping us…reach our goals! Maybe, you should “gift” yourself…if you can! I would advise anyone to do it! I loved it! ;) <3

        • Lucy says:

          Hi Julie I just wanted to say thank you so much for your reply to me on 8 August (8.42am). There was no space and no option for me to reply under that message so I have put this reply under your earlier message 24 July (5.38pm). Hope that makes sense! I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to you sooner, it was on my mind to reply, but then I thought I had let too much time pass. So at last I’m replying to you!! Thank you for telling me your story and for giving me the reasons why you went on a retreat. I’m pleased that it has worked out well for you and that it has proved beneficial. I’m sorry for all the pain you have been through in your life. It must have been very hard but it’s great that you are sorting things out. For myself I’m not sure, I just don’t think the retreat is right for me, can’t quite explain it. Take care Lucy

  32. tigress866 says:

    Hey Matt,
    My ponytail is longer than yours!! Ahahaaa!

  33. Shelley Kowaluk says:

    I really appreciated how when he tried to say that his education wasn’t useful in what he does, you stopped him and built him up and said “no, that’s why you attract intelligent people, because you’re able to hold court with them”. It was great of you to point out, and also a cool example of how people are multi-faceted.

  34. inez says:

    Watch The Naked Civil servant a v inspiring film about Quinten Crisp.

  35. Julia says:

    I feel put in a box right now, lol. I don’t know if I can ask this, but, I was wondering what happened to get the sexy shiner? What, Exactly, did you say? Why did the person then feel the NEED to hit you. And, what, after that, was your response to that person?

  36. Wendy says:

    Hmmm…interesting use of a real-life event to get your point across.

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