What Does It Mean When A Guy Just Wants To Be Friends?

So you’ve found yourself in the dreaded friend zone with a guy you feel attracted to, this is a place where no one wants to be – man or woman. However you don’t need to worry because it doesn’t have to stay like this, but it definitely means something NEEDS to change!

When a guy starts seeing you as a friend, it simply means he isn’t seeing you in a sexual way, than he would otherwise see another woman. Here’s how to get into his mind and give him a reason to start liking you more than just a friend.

1. Stop acting like one of his “guy” friends

This is probably the most common reason for a guy not fancying you when you’re friends, if you’re similar to his mates then chances are he’s not going to feel that spark.

2. Stale mate!

You need to break out of your shell, what’s happening is he’s seeing you as a little boring – maybe even like a sister which is obviously a bad thing. So you need to show him that you’re not boring and you can let your hair down.

So over the upcoming weeks, start changing your old patterns of behaviour slightly here and there. He will notice this and providing you follow the advice above he will start seeing you in a different light.

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